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    Looking for an RPG that doesn't use a battle map, but isn't Theater of the Mind, either

    13th Age uses a system that cares about how close people are to each-other, rather than where they are in absolute space. When I played in a (short lived) game a few years back, the GM was able to represent the battlefield pretty easily with a bunch of bottle-caps. How does Diaspora's space...
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    [ISTKOTRO] Good System for a Forbidden Siren Game?

    For anyone who is unfamiliar with Forbidden Siren, it's a (short) series of Japanese horror games. The most appropriate system I can think of would be some kind of zombie survival game with troupe gameplay - but I'm unfamiliar enough with that kind of game that I want to pick the brains of the...
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    🎨 Creative Developing fictional magic systems during play

    There is Grell Alchemy by Nick Wedig - the game is built around learning "alchemy" to solve problems. It's pretty clever, but I'm not sure it's what you're looking for.
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    Sand Dogs life path testing

    6967 Detective: Endure d8, Locate d8 Stalker: Locate d10 Detective: Locate d12 Academic: Fabricate d8, Know d8, a Bond? ------ I kinda like the idea, but I have some misgivings. 1) What would have happened if I had denied LOCATE when I entered Stalker? Would it just mean that I'd specialize...
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    A Conundrum About Stat-Rolling

    I'd say that they should share the "good" dice. That way everyone's on the level, and everyone gets the luxury of higher stats.
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    Favorite Urban Horror Locations

    In the building where I had my training, our offices were on the 29th and 31st floors. We were the highest-up business there. The building has 37 floors. Heck, there's elevator (for the people too lazy to use the stairs) that goes from the 29th floor to the 37th floor. So a few of us decided...
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    Any systems that focus on highly realistic, one-on-one dueling?

    Would you happen to have a link to somewhere that people could pick it up? It's kinda hard to google.
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    🎨 Creative Creating Dune-esque Ancient Schools

    On the subject of Amrit production... you know, we have a chemistry-based Enemy of Man just kinda sitting there. So why not make this messy? --- The ancestors of the Lotus Eaters of Bamalip were the first humans to discover the processes necessary to produce Amrit. For them, it was a curiosity...
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    Please do not make your RPG book covers just people posing

    "Yes Jim, telling me that we were going out clubbing tonight was hilarious. I hate you forever." In related news, I kinda want to see a parody cover for something like Exalted where you have a woman in a cheesecake outfit... with a sword or whatever splintering on her bare abs.
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    It's my birthday: Give me creative magic systems!

    Mirror magic is a good one - there's quite a lot of mythical resonance there. My personal take: A mirror mage is anyone who can fiddle with reflections and shadows - normally, you can only mess with the actions that those images are taking, which doesn't really do much - sure, you can...
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    Sources on werewolves? Werewolf powers?

    If you look a bit further afield... werewolves can totally turn into vampires when they die. You know, for when you want to mix your wolfmen with your Draculas.
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    What direction would you take the World of Darkness?

    I'd shoot the whole thing through the head. A nice clean kill, and then peace.
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    Skill tree system

    My guess for Suunnistaminen is Orienteering.
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    🎨 Creative The "chosen one" as a geezer

    I mean, if you do want your standard fight-y Chosen One, being in your 70s doesn't mean that you're decrepit by any stretch of the imagination. Jeanne Calment was fencing in her hundreds.
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    🎨 Creative Creating Dune-esque Ancient Schools

    Consider this a wayfinding bump. I get that. I was thinking that the grand Geigeresque nonsense was restricted almost entirely to the Machine Gods making a direct appearance "in state". The rest of the time it's all Metropolis in my head. Or, to pull from a completely different old movie...
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    [PSA] On Showing Off Your System

    About that... I'm actually incapable of taking notes - part of my issues with hearing is slow processing. I had to hire another student to take my notes for me during college. That is amazingly useful to know about. Thank you.
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    [PSA] On Showing Off Your System

    Alright, this might seem a bit petty, but... I've noticed a lot of games will have a Youtube video (or twelve) that show off systems and gameplay. This is pretty good, because some people work best off of audiovisual. I've also seen some games (usually on Kickstarter) where the pitch is in the...
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    💀 Necro Most creative and cool super powers and hero concepts you can come up with!

    El Matador: A Spanish superhero who fights crime in a domino mask and full-on bullfighter gear. His actual power? He's got the whole Slasher villain power-set: short-range teleportation when no-one's paying attention, superhuman stamina and toughness, the whole "really good at killing things"...
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    💀 Necro Let's Pitch Terrible Character Concepts!

    Our heroine is a descendant of one of the muses - she has inherited her ancestor's supreme ability in a particular artistic skill, the ability to inspire people to great heights in said skill, and has instinctive and encyclopedic knowledge of every single work in that "medium" (which includes...
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    Resident Evil for the Tabletop?

    I'll see if I can scrape up some AFMBE - that's Unisystem, right? I remember skimming one of the books a while back, and the zombie creation rules seemed comprehensive (if a little finicky). 4 and Revelations 1/2, mostly. Shamblers shouldn't be a terribly massive threat unless they're...
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