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  1. mpswaim

    Mordhau caters to the toxic.

    Mordhou's a multiplayer medieval hack n slash game for the PC. Currently, your character choice is white guys. There are plans to add models for women, and men of other ethnicities. However the developers were talking about adding a "white guys only" toggle to the client, so regardless of how...
  2. mpswaim

    Yellow (Supers horror)

    This is sort of a spin off of the BrightBurn discussion. There are a number of "evil" alternate takes on superheroes (Besides BB, there's DC's Crime Syndicate, the Plutonian, and others.), but in the main DC universe, there's the Sinestro Corps, who's thing is inspiring great fear. So, take a...
  3. mpswaim

    Supernatural Moriah: the end is upon us (spoilers)

    Well, it's the ultimate episode of the penultimate season. spoiler space . . . . . . Finally, the characters get to yell at the writers (or at least Chuck) for all of the shit they put them through. And it looks like God's the bad guy for the final season. After Michael, there's not much more...
  4. mpswaim

    Starting over

    Our last campaign petered out last year, and we're starting a new one in the same setting (bronze age Europe, with our own pantheon) using Scion rules. At the end of our last game, we had characters who could run across the Mediterranean, and a couple who could also fly. Last session, my...
  5. mpswaim

    Your favorite task resolution system

    So, in thread https://forum.rpg.net/index.php?threads/mansplaining.842624/page-2#post-22442700, HDImagination (dunno how to link names) mentioned asking people about their favorite task resolution systems on Facebook, and it going south. I didn't see an equivalent post here, so I decided to...
  6. mpswaim

    Links in bans

    In the infractions forum, the actual infraction is now a link. What are those links to? Whenever I click on one, I get redirected to a "you can't see this" page. And what's a "Warhammer 40K dark heresy" infraction...
  7. mpswaim

    Yipes! Error 500

    https://www.rpg.net/ gives a 500 error message. forum.rpg.net works just fine, however.
  8. mpswaim

     Another thread lock, please

    I noticed that there's a new XCOM2 thread, while the first one's still open. https://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?771925-XCOM-2-General-Thread-Possible-Spoilers
  9. mpswaim

     Lock me, Lock me Amadeus

    Could I get a thread lock on Star Trek Online thread 5? https://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?719393-Star-Trek-Online-Thread-5-The-Voyage-Somewhere-to-the-Left I've started thread 6.
  10. mpswaim

    [Star Trek Online] Thread 6: Discovering new worlds and new grinds

    This is the ongoing Star Trek Online Discussion. Here's the previous thread; https://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?719393-Star-Trek-Online-Thread-5-The-Voyage-Somewhere-to-the-Left Copying from previous threads; This is the ongoing Star Trek Online Discussion Thread for the RPGnet Fleets...
  11. mpswaim

    Hannah Gadsby's Nanette

    This show's part of Netflix's "original" series of comedy shows. It doesn't really fit that mold, however. While there are some jokes, it's more of a monologue about the nature of humor, growing up as a lesbian, anger, and I think some wisdom as she's come to terms with her life. I considered...
  12. mpswaim

    Too much fire & fury?

    Noticed this thread was locked without an explanation. https://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?821855-More-US-Politics-Fire-and-Fury Is one on the way, or was it an accident?
  13. mpswaim

    Getting a lot of SQL Errors this morning (2018-1-24)

    I saw the thread on "ask a policeman" was locked, so I clicked on it, and got a SQL error. I figured that was a good reason to lock a thread, and continued on my merry way. I've continued randomly getting them, though. The server's complaining about too many connections. SQLSTATE[HY000] [1040]...
  14. mpswaim

    RIP Julian May (1931-2017)

    Julian May's died. She sold her first SF story in 1951, and chaired Worldcon in 1952. She sold one other story in '53 and then dropped out of SF for the next couple of decades. She's probably best known for her Saga of Pliocene Exile and Galactic Milieu series in the 80s. She continued writing...
  15. mpswaim

    RIP Richard Anderson a.k.a. Oscar Goldman

    Richard Anderson died at age 91. He played Oscar Goldman on the Six Million Dollar Man and Bionic Woman. (One of the few people to be a regular on 2 series at the same time.) He was also in Forbidden Planet among other shows and movies...
  16. mpswaim

    Supernatural Season 12 finale, and looking towards season 13 [spoilers]

    Spoiler space . . . . . . . . . . . . Well, that pretty much cleaned the slate. Every major character other than the boys is either dead, unreachable, or both. Jody and her daughters are still around (which was a bit of a surprise), and they still have the bunker, but other than that, it was...
  17. mpswaim

    Database errors?

    I've been getting database errors last night and this morning. Is something up?
  18. mpswaim

    A tale of 2 cooking contest shows

    My wife got tired of watching reruns of Top Chef, so she decided to try some other cooking shows. First was The Next Great Baker, with the Cake Boss dude as the host/judge. The first episode, the contestants had to bake something, race across New York, and he'd only taste the item of the first...
  19. mpswaim

    Supernatural 2-16 Stuck in the Middle (With You)

    Well, that was a lot longer than it needed to be. Also, it was nice to see one group of powerful supernatural beings had decided to just retire and concentrate on their hobbies.
  20. mpswaim

    Supernatural - "Rock never dies"

    Spoiler space Spoiler space Well, that was nihilistic. And once again, the British Men of Letters are nowhere to be found. I hope that at some point the two subplots intersect, and Lucy kicks their butts.
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