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  1. Unka Josh

    (Webcomics) Anyone still reading Misfile?

    I guess when "rewrite reality" is the move you've got, solutions take on a very different look. And this is certainly a solution, but I think we need an explanation... EDIT: Like, are they both dating Molly, or what?
  2. Unka Josh

    IC Seven Years After: The Question

    "I wouldn't mind tea," said Hazel. "I don't know that I'd trust it, though."
  3. Unka Josh

    IC Seven Years After: The Question

    Hazel sighed, but went for the path. If there was a real on-rushing train, well, she'd deal with that when it came.
  4. Unka Josh

    IC [D&D5] Adventuring for Fun and Profit!

    "We need to rest," said Xandra. "I've drained myself of healing from being too hasty; let's not make it worse. But yes, the water is a worry."
  5. Unka Josh

    IC Save Game: Fight the Zeroes!

    Maddie desperately attempted to avoid the attack, trying to jump clear! Her speed was hard for her to keep up with herself, but at times like this, it came in handy! 4dF+3: 4 [4dF=0, +1, +1, -1] I'll spend 1 Coin on Too Fast! to make that a 6.
  6. Unka Josh

    OOC Save Game: Fight the Zeroes!

    Whoops! Delays, sorry!
  7. Unka Josh

    Grand Central Absences Station

    Very busy day-- no time for posts. Not even time for that lovely image thread, alas!
  8. Unka Josh

    IC Masks: Sanguine Squad

    "Is that destruction simply a matter of a historical destruction? I doubt that," said Ehri. "Tell us why this matters. Otherwise, you'll just wind up causing worse historical ripples than the ones you're trying to prevent! Can't you sense the potential damage to causality as it is?"
  9. Unka Josh

    IC [M&M3] For The Spirit Of Creation: Sengoku Jidai

    "Then let's hurry," said Miki. "Whatever we're doing, let's DO IT." And she literally flew through the air, looking for Lady Katakure.
  10. Unka Josh

    IC [D&D5] Adventuring for Fun and Profit!

    Xandra joined in the attack on the same shark, hoping that overwhelming the beast with numbers would make up for the inferior weaponry she was using. Dagger attacks: 1d20+7: 16 [1d20=9]1d20+7: 26 [1d20=19] Looks like a pair of hits for 2d4+12: 15 [2d4=1, 2] damage
  11. Unka Josh

    IC [FAE] Hope City Heroes

    Dr. Doll "Just as smart as I remember, aren't you, professor?" said Dr. Doll. "I don't need to ask if you remember me, do I?"
  12. Unka Josh

    OOC Masks: The Spiderweb

    Isn't that the premise of this version of Masks, anyway...? ;)
  13. Unka Josh

    OOC Masks: Sanguine Squad

    Hey, it's been awesome, and I understand. And thanks for letting us know, because some of us have active Moments of Truth that we need to get used up.... ;)
  14. Unka Josh

    IC Masks: The Spiderweb

    The Knight "Be careful," said the Knight. "I'm told that their defenses include unusually vicious dogs; let's keep an eye out." At the moment, the Knight was more K; there wasn't an immediate threat or memory, after all. He kept his sword-- well, a baseball bat-- loosely held in one hand...
  15. Unka Josh

    IC Masks: Sanguine Squad

    "Why do you have the right to dictate our behavior?" asked Ehri. "We are the natives of this timeline; if anyone is meddling with history at this stage, it is you." Provoke! 2d6+3: 9 [2d6=1, 5]
  16. Unka Josh

    IC Seven Years After: The Question

    "I can approach openly," said Hazel. "They should know me; we've been colleagues. They might listen, and besides, I'm well-protected if they try something."
  17. Unka Josh

    OOC [MHRP] Voyage of the Star Witch

    That's fair. I've been spread thin and having issues; this game being on hold will make me better able to focus.
  18. Unka Josh

    OOC [FAE] Hope City Heroes

    I don't have one. "Dr. Doll" and "Doctor Dahl" are pronounced the same, anyway.
  19. Unka Josh

    OOC City of Mist: Victorian London

    I'm sorry, but this game just hasn't been grabbing me for a while now. I'm spread thin, dealing with other things, and a game that isn't grabbing me isn't going to work for me. I think I'd better drop it.
  20. Unka Josh

    [Interest/Recruitment] BESM 3rd Fairy Tail/Black Clover Super Mages!

    I'm realizing that I'm spread too thin and having focus issues, so I think I'd better drop this one. Sorry!
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