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  1. HDimagination

    [wiw] Neon Genesis Evangelion

    Been a while, hasn't it folks? So, it's been about two years since my WIW of Rebels went on hiatus after my divorce, and I suddenly found myself with far less time to write than I wanted. My plan, although I never let on, that after finishing Rebels, I was going to move on to the most critically...
  2. HDimagination

    Dungeons and Dragons Cartoon in Live action (no, really)

    From a Brazilian Car Commercial no less... From here: Teaser on you tube here: Full thing on Next week. I have no words...
  3. HDimagination

    Disney film Release Schedule (no more Star Wars till 2022)

    Found on twitter: Well, Frozen 2 and Rise off... in December 2019 is going to give cinema owners a bit of a double Christmas Bonus. I think that it is right and proper to give Star Wars a bit of a break in cinemas for a few years (I know the'll be plenty of it on Disney Streaming platforms...
  4. HDimagination

    (Merged) Sonic the Hedgehog movie trailer....

    If I have to have this all burned into my Psyche then so do you. Will the indignities this hedgehog has to suffer never end? Can we call animal protective services on Sega's Licencing office?
  5. HDimagination

    Star Wars Episode IX threads

    Just wondering to the Mods, would it be possible to have some kind of guideline or warning asking people to keep 'The Last Jedi' bashing out of threads about episode 9? I feel like it's been done to death, and Constantly having people coming into threads about the new movie bitching about the...
  6. HDimagination

    [For Fun]Casting for a Gender Swapped Remake of Flash Gordon

    Ok, so Spun off from this post in the Star Trek Discovery thread, Fan casting for a Shot for Shot Remake of the 1983 Flash Gordon Movie, with all the rolls Gender Swapped. So far nominated: Michelle Yeoh as Ming the Merciless (She pretty much already doing this roll in Trek, and she's shown...
  7. HDimagination

    [Music] The Prodigy's Keith Flint dead at 49

    Details here At least one report states Suicide. Keith was a staple of the UK music scene in the 90s, instantly recognisable and Iconic to that time period in a way that can't be easily faked. One of the few Acid House bands that really blew up outside the UK as well. I hope he finds peace.
  8. HDimagination

    5 Player Board Game Recomendations

    Ok, so money is doing ok at the moment, so I fancy splashing out on a new board game, but my normal Board game group is five people, and we struggle to find good new games for a group of that size, so I'm looking for some recomendations, and I hate using Boardgamegeek (especially seeing as the...
  9. HDimagination

    [Star Trek] Further Picard Details

    More details for the setup for the Picard spin off in THR (......Spoiler Space.......) . . . . . . . . So dealing with the fall out from the destruction of Romulus? You know what? I'm totally here for that. There was a lot of build up for conflict between Romulans and the Federation in Next...
  10. HDimagination

    [My Hero Academia] Crazy theory

    Ok, so, I have been re-watching MHA over the Christmas break, and thought has occurred to me. I'll preface the spoiler break by stating that I'm up to date on the anime, and haven't read the manga. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ok, so, I've seen a lot of speculation online regarding the identity...
  11. HDimagination

    [WIR] Spelljammer Monstrous Compendium

    So, a couple of the threads here recently have gotten me all nostalgic for Spelljammer and as I've not done any writing in a while (sorry my poor abandoned Rebels WIW thread… casualty of having a divorce I'm afraid…) I thought this might help me get back into the grove somewhat. So, what am I...
  12. HDimagination

    Al Quadim, How has it aged?

    So, back in the day when I was getting into D&D (early 90s) Al Quadim was a very big deal, and it was widely held to be the best written TSR campaign world before Planescape came along (at least in my experience). But looking back with modern eyes, there is of course one glaring issue: It was...
  13. HDimagination

    [Snow Crash] Who is the original trench-coat with a Katana?

    So, for my monthly Sci Fi and Fantasy Book Club I am reading 'Snow Crash' by Neal Stephenson, and god help me, It reads almost like a parody, but given when it was published, I'm not sure if it is or whether it has morphed into that over time with age. I mean Hiro Protaganist surely no one can...
  14. HDimagination

     [5th Edition] School me on the basics

    Ok, so I'm planning a D&D game after a Year off running other things, and I've kinda decided that it looks like 5th Edition is going to be the best fit for this particular game, but it's only been a couple of months since I picked up the PHB cheap, and I don't even have the DMG and MM yet, so...
  15. HDimagination

    [Me Too] Extra Credits and why we can't have nice things

    So the fromer Media Director of Extra Credits has gone public will allegations of Harassment by James Portnow. thread is on her twitter here Official response here This seemed like the sort of thing that people should know. I'm still processing right now, so again, I'm not sure what my...
  16. HDimagination

    Isekai in Forgotten Realms

    So, I have a plan for my next long term D&D campaign, Have the players create a group of characters from the modern world and then teleport them to Faerun with no warning or preparation. I really love running games like this, where the players start out with no class levels, and then discover...
  17. HDimagination

    Star Wars: Resistance

    New Animated Star Wars show starting in autumn. Rebels is going to be a tough act to follow, but this seems interesting
  18. HDimagination

    It Came from the Depths of Netflix

    So... Back in the mists of time, I used to do occasional WiW threads her on RPG.net. Then Life went to hell and I ended up separated from my wife and raising my two kids all by myself. Needless to say, this put any writing projects on the back burner. I hope to return to my WiW rebels soon, but...
  19. HDimagination

    [Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home] Theory about the probe builders

    So, I've been on a bit of a Trek kick recently (can't imagine why...) and I've been watching SF debris' videos on the Star Trek Movies when I came to Part IV: the voyage home (Videos here) and I got to thinking about the motivation of the Probe aliens, after Chuck's deconstruction of their place...
  20. HDimagination

    [Star Wars D6] House Rules

    Ok, so I'm going to be starting a D6 star wars game for the first time in about 15 years, and I'm looking to give it a once over and try to modernize it a bit. I'd like to give the changes that I'm going to make a pass through the rpg.net Hivemind. I'd also welcome suggestions for house rules...
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