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    D&D with angels, demons, and Nephilim

    Or just Malakim of Dominic. I mean, the In Nomine faction material is being used for inspiration, why not just use it wholesale?
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    D&D with angels, demons, and Nephilim

    As far as appearance goes, if you're truly being inspired by In Nomine, there's certainly a lot of variety there already in terms of true angelic and demonic appearances, as well in the appearances of the vessels they can inhabit to interact with the mortal world. And there's already D&D support...
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    D&D with angels, demons, and Nephilim

    Not sure it's too big a problem in RPG land - I mean, it's nowhere near the Gnosticism of Kult.
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    The wisdom of Jesus if he played D&D

    Just to clarify - are we talking about Jesus playing a D&D game, or about someone playing Jesus as their character? Because the two things are entirely different varieties of mind-twisting weirdness. If we have Jesus as a player - or DM for that matter - there's the question of what kind of...
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    D&D with angels, demons, and Nephilim

    It occurs to me you could have a lot of fun by taking the Superiors, i.e., the Archangels and Demon Princes, right from In Nomine, maybe change some of the names or have each of them known by multiple names across different cultures, and have them actually be the basis for the different...
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    Advice on a Cloud Giant BBEG

    Look up the Cloud Giant Smiling One from Volo's, then read some of the classic Norse myths with trickster illusionist giants like Utgard-Loki (at least nominally distinct from the honorary Aesir Loki), then take those as inspiration to make your cloud giant BBEG a crafty schemer not averse to...
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    [Lore] Greyhawk

    I'm thinking of doing my own 'retro' version of Greyhawk where locations are placed on a slightly altered map of North America with Greyhawk and Dyvers on the shore of a Nyr Dyv shaped like our Lake Michigan (no, this has nothing to do with being a recent transplant to Milwaukee, why do you...
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    Currently what are the various magic systems of 5e (incl. 3rd party)?

    Well, the current iteration of spell slots isn't really very Vancian, even for wizards - it's really more of a very granular spell point system, which becomes an actual spell point system for sorcerers due to their class features and for everyone if you use the optional rule in the DMG. Spells...
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    [D&D 5e] Implications of Explicit Rules.

    Where in the PHB does it say that? In the only section concerning foci I have in my copy, it says the the hand holding the focus handles or subs for both material and somatic components, and does not specify at all that if there's only a somatic component but no material one that you can't still...
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    [Lore] Greyhawk

    So St. Cuthbert could show up and lay waste to all of Iuz's mortal and fiendish minions, and Iuz would be unable to attack him? Or since St. Cuthbert doesn't make his home there, Iuz could attack him and self-defense would be disallowed?
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    [D&D 5e] Implications of Explicit Rules.

    I always rule that a hand holding a spellcasting focus counts as a 'free hand' for somatic components, whether there are material components involved as well or not. And I don't even agree that that is a house rule, necessarily. Sure, the rule for letting a hand holding a focus act that way is...
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    [Lore] Greyhawk

    I assume that you're talking about intelligent races other than demihumans, since those were always included in the population statistics? I suppose all those humanoid hordes need to be living somewhere, and it's not always off the edges of the defined countries. Of course, there's a sense in...
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    [5E] Mapping a Beholder's 150 foot Antimagic Cone

    Also has the advantage of being how RAW has it, with the width of the cone at any point equal to the distance from the origin point.
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    It wouldn't take too much work for a DM who wanted things to run that way to adapt the existing Inspiration mechanic for the purpose.
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    (5e) What do we know about the new adventure? Balders Gate: Descent into Avernus?

    Just need an adventure explicitly set in Neverwinter now to match up with all the classic computer games (which are apparently being revived for console soon). Right now all we really have is the description in SCAG and the suggested party formation hook at the beginning of LMoP.
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    [Let’s Read] Volo’s Guide to Monsters

    Have to look up the entry again to see if, besides the uses for the shell and the trail, there are any notes about how delicious flail snail in drawn butter and garlic is...
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    Leveling Up Dragon Heist

    Honestly, you might be able to make it tough enough (or even tough enough for Tier 3 and up) largely by making more of the boss characters willing to actually try to do the PCs in.
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    On the problem of killing orcs, etc.

    It could also be that the point of including such monsters isn't in order that the PCs have something to kill guilt free, but just because monsters that are inherently antithetical to human existence are a thing that fits well into many fictional worlds, including those developed for RPG play...
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    "Decolonizing D&D"

    The concept of genius loci and similar deities/powers of locations, families, institutions, and even individuals was actually a big part of Roman religion, and yet they didn't have any great difficulty in being imperialist enough to provide the root words for the terminology. Much the same for...
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