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    [WIW][Wrestlepack] The Real History of World Championship Wrestling

    Everyone who encouraged this, you have only yourselves to blame. I’m Sark and I’ll be your guide for this trip down antiquity lane where we will highlight the Very Best of the true World Championship Wrestling. Wait. This doesn’t look like the Carolinas. Where the bloody hell are we...
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    [WIW] [Wrestlepack] The incomplete history of Smoky Mountain Wrestling

    For anyone who doesn't remember (or, like me, was on the wrong side of the world to be receiving any footage of it) Smoky Mountain Wrestling was the brainchild of everyone's favourite angry man of the business, Jim Cornette, after he left WCW in a fit of being Jim Cornette and hit upon the idea...
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    Looking for a game in Melbourne, Australia

    So after the hassle of moving interstate is now all dealt with and I'm set up comfortably over here, I'd like to get back into TT gaming. Not fussed about system too much (for reference, I've played and run D20/Dark Heresy +offshoots/L5R/Iron Kingdoms, though I wouldn't mind trying out some...
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    The Savage Tide adventure path?

    How good is it overall? I'm gonna be running a naval campaign in the near future and I could do with some pregen adventures to cut down on my workload. For reference, the party will be 3-4 3rd level characters built from the corebook + complete X books and the Stormwrack setting book.
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    Suggest an alternate system for a Planescape/Sigil campaign

    As the title suggests, my groups GM has hit upon the idea of running a Planescape campaign set predominately in Sigil, with the intent of shaking the group out of its current L5R/Dark Heresy rut. There's just a couple of issues with this: 1. Half the group has emphatically stated that while...
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    [Pseudo-NWOD] Help with a campaign idea

    So, I've recently volunteered to run a modern campaign for my gaming group. The usual GM wants to take a long-ish break from running and since, aside from a short DH campaign, no-one else has stepped up with an offer. Which gives me a chance to put together an idea I've had buzzing in my head...
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    Sentai using Mutants and Masterminds?

    After a marathon session of watching Boukenger, I've come to the conclusion that I really want to run a sentai-themed campaign, probably minus the giant robots to start with. Which leaves a question: What system can do a decent job of emulating that style without me having to shoehorn in too...
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