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  1. Monkey-x

    Changeling 20th. Sidhe numbers

    Skathatch too right? I’m just telling reading the houses and they are mentioned as exiles too
  2. Monkey-x

    Changeling 20th. Sidhe numbers

    I’m planning on running a Victorian age Changeling game as was wondering if anyone knew how many sidhe stayed behind to make them a possible pc option? Are they all old or were they still able to inhabit new bodies if they died?
  3. Monkey-x

    [OSR] How vital is gold-as-xp to the OSR "feel?"

    Good as xp I think is there to balance up the relatively small rewards for kills as well as incentivising exploration. The above system would help alleviate this or even something similar to computer games where you’d get an experience reward for discovering locations or puzzle solving.
  4. Monkey-x

    [Let's Read] Acquisitions Inc: An Outsider's Perspective

    I think the details so far have confirmed that this is not my kind of D&D book, for Paranoia or something similar ok but not my kind of D&D games.
  5. Monkey-x

    [Old School Essentials] Who's playing it?

    The advanced genre book is great giving even more options to B/X games.
  6. Monkey-x

    Resources for making B/X style classes?

    Also look to d20 modern or similar titles for inspiration ongranted abilities.
  7. Monkey-x

    Any Demand for a "Complete" OD&D Clone?

    Old School Essentials is a well presented version of B/X D&D with additions mostly in the genre supplement. That had an incredibly successful kickstarter so a version of OD&D may also have the same appeal. If it’s something you’d want to undertake I’d say run a Kickstarter and go for it. I’d say...
  8. Monkey-x

    Notable BECMI adventures?

    B4 needs a little work if you want the PCs to confront the big bad as a lot of it is fairly open. X1 isle of dread holds a special place in my heart. B10 night dark terror is almost a mini campaign and well worth a look.
  9. Monkey-x

    Eclipse Phase 2nd Edition PDF out to backers - TODAY!

    I have a hard copy of 1st expand am very interested in what 2nd ed is like.
  10. Monkey-x

    [Let's Read] Acquisitions Inc: An Outsider's Perspective

    Very interested to see exactly what’s in this. At first glance it looked to be too comedy based to be useful in more serious campaigns but there may be some hidden gems inside.
  11. Monkey-x

    How does D&D 5e handle crafting?

    I’d really love to se some monster hunter parts gathering for crafting g rules for 5e. I’ve considered doing them myself but it’s a little daunting.
  12. Monkey-x

    How does one go about self-publishing an RPG?

    Also find someone that can do a good layout job, enough to make it look like effort has been put in and it’s not just a pdf of a docx file.
  13. Monkey-x

    Did you know that THIS game is based on the rules/SRD of THAT game?

    Ahh must have been a WFB offshoot. I didn’t know this until a few years ago and brought Dredd the year it came out.
  14. Monkey-x

    Did you know that THIS game is based on the rules/SRD of THAT game?

    Games Workshops Judge Dredd game uses Warhammer as it’s framework.
  15. Monkey-x

    Cyberpunk RED discussion thread - latest OFFICIAL news (including release date)

    BTM reduces damage. A high BTM can reduce any range taken by up to 5 points.
  16. Monkey-x

    Pulp Sci fi 5e kickstarters.

    You wait ages for some pulp Sci fi rules to be 5e-an-ized and two come along at once. The only thing to do is back both. First is Amazing Adventures 5e from Troll Lord Games https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/676918054/amazing-adventures-5e-rpg And the next is the 5e conversion of Rocket Age...
  17. Monkey-x

    [ST:A] Need a scenario for Deep Space 9

    My first thought is malfunctioning holodecks. Kira and worf in one, Bashir and Garak in another. Some black market dohicky Quark buys causes them to fail and he is brought in when the other complain over minor faults. As well as keeping themselves safe there could be other patrons in danger too.
  18. Monkey-x

    Sea of Thieves game from Mongoose

    The forum for it says a preview will be on mongooses site soon
  19. Monkey-x

    [5E] Mapping a Beholder's 150 foot Antimagic Cone

    And that’s what I get for not just looking in the book. The beholders Ray is as wide as it is long. 150ft and a 45 degree cone exactly as @vitruvian said.
  20. Monkey-x

    [5E] Mapping a Beholder's 150 foot Antimagic Cone

    Thought this seemed narrow. I’d say 45 degrees too for ease of play.
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