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  1. lorddaftwager

    Best Mods for Morrowind?

    The time has come for me to once again forsake all other videogames in favor of Morrowind for the next month - this time with the added twist of making it a goal to complete the main quests of both the base game and expansions. Does anyone have any mods they'd recommend? I'm looking to play a...
  2. lorddaftwager

    The Greatest Campaign You Never Played?

    What's the best campaign/campaign premise that you've wanted to play, but weren't able to? It can be because of not having the right group, issues with finding the right system/mechanics for the campaign, or you ended up putting so much thought and work into it that it became your baby and...
  3. lorddaftwager

    Edgy Character Background Generator

    This has been floating around on twitter and I thought someone here might get a kick out of it. It seems like it could be useful for goofier campaigns. My favorite background I've rolled so far is "The DM massacred my side-squeeze and now I seek to uncover the truth about what happened."
  4. lorddaftwager

    🎨 Creative Punk Rock Campaign Ideas?

    Preferably for D&D, but if you have another system that would work better I would love to hear it. So my regular group has expressed interest in their next campaign being, and I am not making this up, one where they play as a group of Giff bards in a punk rock band. While I am all for this on...
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