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  1. enoto

    [13th Age] Catch me up on the line!

    I haven't followed 13th Age for several years - I've got the core, Bestiary, 13 True Ways plus Stone Thief, but really haven't followed it since I've been running other things. But now that I'm almost done with my 5e campaign, I'm looking at this line again... there's so much stuff now! And it...
  2. enoto

    [B/X, OSE, LL, BECMI etc.] Favorite tweaks and house rules?

    I backed Old-School Essentials and I could not be more excited to get a game going with it. I'm always on the lookout for fun house rules to spice things up without adding much complexity. What do people like for old-school sets? I've been reading the expanded domain rules from An Echo...
  3. enoto

    What's your favorite system for Name-level play? (domain management/hirelings)

    In old-school D&D, Name-level is the level (generally 9ish) where characters start getting followers and thinking about what they're going to DO with all that loot they've been scraping out of dungeons. Domain management, in other words; getting followers, building strongholds. In years of...
  4. enoto

    [Sell Me On] Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition

    I'm really interested in this game, and I'd love to hear people's thoughts on it -- either from people that played the original, or the new Definitive Edition. If I pick it up, it'll be for Switch. The art style kinda reminds me of Skies of Arcadia, which I dearly loved. In addition to general...
  5. enoto

    eBay Nobilis 2nd ed, Exalted 3rd ed deluxe, Chuubo's, Dark Heresy/Rogue Trader, Anima Beyond Fantasy, LotR LCG, Kingdom Death

    Time to clear shelf space and pay some bills, so I've put a lot of the good stuff from my shelf on eBay. Everything is in great shape, with exceptions listed on the pages. For the most part, these have been on the shelf and barely read. Big lot of Dark Heresy books (Black Industries printings...
  6. enoto

    For Sale Chuubo's and Exalted 3rd ed

    I've got a copy of Chuubo's Magic Wish Granting Engine taking up space on my shelf needing a better home. This is the standard heavyweight edition that goes for $54.99 POD. I'd let it go for $25 plus shipping - any takers? Similarly, I've got a Deluxe edition of Exalted 3rd ed with the cute li'l...
  7. enoto

    Return of the Obra Dinn

    This is the new game by the guy that did Papers, Please - it's basically CSI at sea! I stayed up wayyy too late two nights in a row playing through it. It's gorgeous, reminiscent of an old black & white Mac game, but in a way that had to be somewhat expensive and time consuming to produce. :)...
  8. enoto

    5e hexcrawl rules

    What rules do people use for hexcrawls in 5th ed? Mostly I mean just the mechanics of getting around, not stocking the hexes and such (I've seen some great threads about those). I'm running a converted Night's Dark Terror, and my players are about to get to the sandbox bits. This is an...
  9. enoto

    Opposed attack and defense rolls in 5th ed

    Anyone thought about this? I adore the Hackmaster combat system, but it was too complicated for my group especially considering how often we play (once a month, if we're lucky). The opposed attack vs defense roll mechanic was one of my favorite parts and seems relativelyportable though. Anyone...
  10. enoto

    D&D 5th ed encounter builders?

    I recently switched my campaign to 5th ed. Are there any encounter builders out there? Like something where you pick, say, 8 bandits and a captain and then can print out their stats? It seems like Beyond SHOULD do that but doesn't? Unless I'm missing something?
  11. enoto

    [Rogue Trader RPG] What are the best books in the line?

    Pretty straightforward question -- I have more or less every Rogue Trader book, but am perilously close on shelf space, and my RPG time for at least the next year is booked to other systems. So... I'd like to get rid of some of these books. What's absolutely essential to the line besides the...
  12. enoto

    [Warmahordes] Low-sodium discussion thread

    Most Warmachine/Hordes threads lately have been specific, and/or highly salty, so I thought I'd start a general-purpose, "low-salt" thread. Please, try to keep the negativity to a minimum here (myself not excepted). I haven't been able to play much Mk III at all, but I'm excited to be getting...
  13. enoto

    Judges' Guild stuff - how is it?

    Goodman Games' massive Judges' Guild reprints seem really interesting. They're a bit before my time, though, so I'm not all that familiar with them. Is anyone familiar with their stuff? Is it cool? What makes it stand out from TSR modules of the era?
  14. enoto

    Miniatures games with extremely low model counts

    What options are out there for games that involve, say, 1-3 models per side? I mean games where that's the default, regularly pointed mode of play, not weird skew lists like a warcaster with 2 colossals in Warmachine or 2 MegaZordMcBeefTitans in 40k (I'm not that familiar with 40k).
  15. enoto

    [necro]Unknown Armies 2nd ed vs 3rd ed?

    Lately I've been thinking it'd be fun to run an Unknown Armies game for the first time. I've got 2nd edition Unknown Armies, haven't read it in years but remember thinking how intriguing it was. On the other hand, I know that 3rd edition is pretty close to release, although I'm not exactly sure...
  16. enoto

    Bundle of Holding stuff

    I'm interested in both of the current Bundles of Holding, and thought it might be a good idea to have a general thread where we can discuss the various bundles, give yea or nay opinions on the contents, etc. Right now there's the (slightly Valentine's-themed) Bundle for Two, which consists of...
  17. enoto

    Warhammer Quest: The Silver Tower

    For the last couple months there have been rumors about a new version of the Warhammer Quest board game (in the AoS world) called Silver Tower. Looks like the rumors were true! In typical GW style, they're announcing it right when it's around the corner (May 21st). No other details yet really...
  18. enoto

    Short, not too vanilla dungeon crawls for low levels?

    I'm kicking off a Hackmaster campaign pretty soon and am looking for a short dungeon crawl to get things started. Something like Frandor's Keep or Hommlet where I do a bunch of prep by reading NPC descriptions is right out. (I love that kind of adventure, that's just not what I'm looking for in...
  19. enoto

    Dark Age and Wrath of Kings

    After a long, long run as a Warmachine player, I'm looking to branch out into a different fantasy skirmish game. These two grabbed my eye at the Cool Mini or Not booth -- really liked the weird aesthetic both had. Has anyone tried either or both? Did you like em, dislike em? I have a slight...
  20. enoto

    Music videos that get you pumped for gaming

    So I just saw this video by Mastodon, and I thought it was awesome. (Give it a minute -- it looks like it's going to be a cheesy babe video, but it isn't.) Thought I'd post it here, but also thought I'd ask for opinions on music videos that are inspirational for gaming -- not necessarily ones...
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