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  1. Evil Doctor

    My changing my views on RPGs and my collecting habits...

    Just thought I'd scribble down a few musings about my views on RPGs and my collecting habits - I wonder what you guys do? I used to collect RPGs and boardgames. I'd buy them, read them, and keep them whatever. But recently, I've changed my thoughts on this for a variety of reasons. Let me...
  2. Evil Doctor

    *Kickstarter* Golgotha, sci fi exploration based on the Black Hack

    Hi there, My game of Sci Fi exploration and discovery based on the Black Hack rules system is live! Golgotha is a game of exploration and danger in mysterious dead planets at the edges of an interstellar sphere. The players take on the roles of a crew of explorers and scavengers who seek out...
  3. Evil Doctor

    Lancer RPG - awesome looking Mech game, free beta

    Hi all, Just to point you in the direction of this: https://massif-press.itch.io/ It's the Lancer mech RPG from the chap who did Kill 6 Billion Demons. It's coming to KS soon, and the free download is the entire game - all 500+ pages! I have to say looking at that my first thought was...
  4. Evil Doctor

    BEINGS from BEYOND: Demons, Devils and Angels for 5th Ed. Kickstarter

    Hi all, Nothing to do with me, but this project looks awesome - just look at the art! BEINGS from BEYOND About Beyond the veil that lies between worlds, are beings of unimaginable power. Some are creatures of blazing beauty and transcendent revelation. Others are stains upon the fabric of...
  5. Evil Doctor

     Epilogues of the North sea

    Hi all, I've seen no chat for this game, so I'll thought I'd start one. It's a Viking themed rpg from Graphill games, the people behind the North sea trilogy of Viking themed board games (which are excellent by the way). Originally up on KS, digital rewards have been delivered. It's narrative...
  6. Evil Doctor

    Degenesis - opinions?

    Now then, I've just come across this RPG, and I must say it is extremely pretty. Seems to be a post-apoc game with a 'primal punk' (their words) vibe... Anyone know anything about it? What's the system like? Cheers!
  7. Evil Doctor

     New year's gaming resolution

    Happy new year! What's your one gaming resolution for 2019? Mine is to finish tatters of the king with my group of players...
  8. Evil Doctor

    Secretum Mundi - the book of the Secret World

    Hi all, My new kickstarter for Secretum Mundi, the book of the Secret World is live! This is a community project to fund the creation of a book of plot hooks and occult entries for Esoterica or any game with a modern occult theme. Check it out and add your own knowledge to the Secret World...
  9. Evil Doctor

    Kult Black Madonna - what's it like?

    Anyone out there care to ask the beans on Black Madonna? What's it like? Is it a good story and plot?
  10. Evil Doctor

    What is Santa bringing you?

    It's the festive season, so what RPG or related stuff is Santa forcing into a stocking for you? 😁 For me it's Kult - not very festive, but I'm looking forward to it!
  11. Evil Doctor

    Secretum Mundi book of occult plot hooks up on KS in the new year!

    Coming in the new year, a Kickstarter campaign for Secretum Mundi, an encyclopedic book of plot hooks based on occult people, places, things and events for any modern occult roleplaying game, such as Esoterica. If you pledge, you get to add your own entries, making the project truly collaborative!
  12. Evil Doctor

     RPGs that are just a blast to read.

    I, like many of you I suspect, buy far more RPGs and associated books than I can ever hope to play. So I obviously enjoy reading them. However many are written specifically to be played, i.e. just not that fun to read. What I mean is the book does a great job of describing a game to play, but as...
  13. Evil Doctor

    🎨 Creative 101 Occult people, places, things..

    Now then, I summon the creative powers of the interweb! I'm writing an encyclopedia style book of occult people, places, things and events through history for my game esoterica. I need some inspiration! Tell me if your weird organisations, activities and paraphernalia! The stranger the better!
  14. Evil Doctor

    Need some skill names

    Hi collective hive brain, I'm in need of your assistance. I'm writing a game that has four core classes, each of which has fives skills, areas of expertise or situations where they have the advantage. Now I'm trying to come up with names for those skills/situations... It's a sci fi game with a...
  15. Evil Doctor

    *Kickstarter* Esoterica RPG of occult myster and the quest for power up on Kickstarter!

    Hi all, My new game, Esoterica, is up on kickstarter. Welcome to the Secret World... Esoterica is a game about conflicts between mystics, magicians and occultists in the modern day world. Called Adepts, these people have come to understand that the mundane world is just a facet of the true...
  16. Evil Doctor

    *Kickstarter* Summerland second edition in full colour!

    Hi all, Summerland Tabletop RPG Second Edition By Greg Saunders A new full-colour second edition of the table top role-playing game of desolation and redemption beneath the Sea of Leaves. "Summerland is a game about redemption is a post-apocalyptic world destroyed by a vast forest. The game...
  17. Evil Doctor

    Uplifts and Chimera - two supplements for In Flames released

    Hi All, Just a note to say that two supplements for In Flames have been released, both available on drivethrurpg: http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product_info.php?products_id=94828&filters=0_0_0_0 http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product_info.php?products_id=95863&filters=0_0_0_0 These will be...
  18. Evil Doctor

    [In Flames] Uplifts supplement on Indigogo

    Hi All, Jyust to let you know I've listed my next project on Indiegogo - a supplement for In Flames (which came out at Gencon) called Uplifts. I'm fundraising to pay for the art. Details below: http://www.indiegogo.com/project/widget/38046?a=191255 Click on the link to go to the project...
  19. Evil Doctor

    [In Flames] coming for Gencon

    Hi All, I'm please to announce my new game, In Flames, which will be available at GenCon from the good guys over at Cubicle 7. Details below... I've attached the cover to this, which is beautiful and by the very talented Paul Bourne. In Flames Game Line: In Flames Category: Rulebook Retail...
  20. Evil Doctor

    [Sci Fi Art] looking for some concept sketches...

    Hi All, I'm gearing up to publish an indy rpg. Small scale, nothing too fancy. It's a sci fi game, and what I am after is some pencil/ink sketch art of character and creature figures approx 4 inches tall in size. I'm after the look of a concept piece, i.e. very sketchy with perhaps an inked in...
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