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    New Frog God statement — new thread? No thread?

    It appears there has been a new joint statement released by Frog God Games and Bill Webb’s PaizoCon victim (whom I believe we are still not naming). Is that the sort of thing that calls for yet another thread, as the closed thread suggested a new development might? If so, where ought it to go...
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    [ISTTROKO] Mythic Medieval Russia

    I'm starting an Ars Magica saga set in the Novgorod Tribunal (Russia-to-be plus the Kingdom of Poland ca. 1220). I'm doing the recommended reading (the previous edition's sourcebook on the Tribunal plus a few basic books and online resources about Russian history and folklore). It occurred to...
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    Sooo ... Far West might drop today

    "Before the end of the year," said GMS in his last communique Dec. 21. With part in manuscript form if it's still not 100% finished. I want to believe. I want to be reading Far West on my tablet when the ball drops tonight. But do I dare? The book has supposedly been 7-10 days from release for...
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    [Sell Me On/Off] Interface Zero, Either/Both Versions

    Gun Metal Games' anniversary sale has lowered the prices on Interface Zero enough that I am tempted to pick it up in PDF. For those who already own it, what are the high and low points? How well does it function as a cyberpunk setting created in the modern day rather than the 80s? Of the two...
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    Wanted FFG Star Wars core books

    If anyone has gently used FFG Star Wars core books (Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, and/or Force & Destiny Beta) that they would like to unload for less than cover price, please let me know. I would be interested in buying. I've read accounts of people who both love and hate the system...
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    Death of the Kids' Adventure Movie -- Is it True?

    This article from io9 popped up in my Facebook feed yesterday: http://io9.com/why-the-age-of-the-kids-adventure-movie-is-over-1681195670 As you might expect, the comments break down into folks blaming current society for expecting kids to be constantly supervised and folks blaming modern kids...
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    Armchair Gamer's ban (slightly different addition of context)

    I've never directly addressed the mods before, and I very much don't want to get in trouble myself, but there's an aspect of the post for which Armchair Gamer was banned that I think is being missed, and even Geezer's earlier (now closed) thread didn't mention it. The phrase "the gates of Hell...
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    So, is (American) furniture just huge now?

    I visited the Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola yesterday and particularly enjoyed a "WWII Homefront" exhibit that recreated several buildings from 1940s Pensacola. There was an example family home you could walk into that included an appropriately furnished living room and kitchen. To my...
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    Seeking ID of some written works from my childhood

    Like all of us, I have various things I remember vaguely having read or watched as a kid, but cannot find now even with the resources of the Global Infobrain. And so I appeal to you, Other Media. Anyone know what I'm talking about when I mention the following? 1) Novel for kids, about kids...
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    Wanted Smallville RPG: The Watchtower Report

    Yes, I know it was only ever available in PDF. No, I'm not trying to suborn piracy. If there is someone out there who no longer plays the game and would like to (literally) sell the PDF, I will pay you money.
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    Is "Carmilla" REALLY all about the Patriarchy?

    Okay, I've always been terrible at non-obvious literary interpretation, ever since freshman year of college. And I understand that nobody cares much about authorial intent, and that there are entire schools of interpretation that read everything through the lens of feminism or post-colonialism...
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    "activ8" RPG?

    Does anyone know what became of the "activ8" RPG? It was a Global Frequency-type thing with relatively ordinary folks "activated" for vigilante actions based on their particular skills. I owned it in PDF from RPGNow for awhile, around two years ago. I think it came in one of the disaster relief...
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    [Whatever Happened To] Warlords of the Apocalypse

    You know, the Pathfinder-based post-apoc game that was supposed to be going up against WotC's Gamma World? Adamant was publishing it. It was delayed a couple times and then seemingly disappeared from their future releases. GMS, anything you can tell? Anyone else know anything? I was looking...
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    Crimson: Steam Pirates

    Has anyone else snagged this new iPad game from the creator of Crimson Skies? I have played through most of the first part and it is quite fun. Nice synchronicity, too, since I noticed it right after buying a copy of the Airship Pirates RPG at Dragon*Con. The two aren't directly connected, but...
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    Should there be a banning thread for HPHatecraft?

    While reading HPHatecraft's "Minions" thread in the d20 forum, I noticed he was listed as "Banned." I popped over to TT to see what he'd done, but I do not see a banning thread. I don't particularly have a comment one way or another about his banning, so perhaps I am not really the person who...
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    [Question for Bruce Baugh] SotC Supplement

    Bruce, Long ago you were at work on a SotC supplement dealing directly with the often-ignored situation of minority groups in the pulp era, with an eye to making sure they have cool adventures while addressing the social situations in which they found themselves. Did that just never happen? Is...
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    [DWAITAS] TARDIS-styled character sheet?

    Back before DWAITAS came out, one of the playtesters mentioned that he'd designed a character sheet that folded up to look like the TARDIS and unfolded (thus making it "bigger on the inside") to display the character info. He/she said that he/she would make it generally available once NDAs were...
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    Leverage RPG is out in PDF!

    I just saw it on the front page of RPGNow, though I have not made the purchase at this time. Has anyone else? Anything cool to report from an early skim? Cam or someone else with knowledge, does this mean we can expect the print version sometime soon?
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    IPR down?

    Is anyone else having trouble getting to Indie Press Revolution, or is it just me? I played in a fun game of Serial Homicide Unit at Origins, but they didn't have any copies at the IPR booth, so I'm eager to buy the PDF now, but the site seems inaccessible. Snif.
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    [Danger Patrol] Any news on the beta?

    I know John Harper pops up here sometimes, so, reminded by the other DP thread, I ask: Any further updates on the availability of the beta release? Thanks!
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