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    Alternatives to Necromunda?

    Today I had my first ever game of Necromunda (the new version). It was a three way game with 1000 point teams. I was playing Goliath against Delaque and Van Saar. We were playing on a Sector Mechanicus board (3D terrain, so to speak). And I didn't care for it. It didn't help that I had rotten...
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    Would D&D 5e work well for a West Marches styled game?

    I've long been interested in running a West Marches/open table type game but haven't been able to decide on a system. When reading up on the subject I often see various OSR systems mentioned. Yet the original West Marches game was apparently run on D&D 3.5. Since D&D 5e seems to have been...
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    How does D&D 5e handle crafting?

    My players often enjoy building their own equipment. It could be something as simple as crafting their own armour or smithing a sword, or as advanced as creating some kind of unique piece of gear for a specific purpose. Or even just slapping together something temporary to handle some situation...
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    [GURPS] Looking for some help from GURP experts

    I've long been interested in GURPS. It seems incredibly flexible and can be adjusted to work for all kinds of ideas. And even its complexity can be tuned from highly detailed/granular to almost rules-lite. And I'm making this thread because I think GURPS could be the system in which I could run...
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    Non-fiction, non-RPG books that have improved your GM:ing?

    I'm currently making my way through Sapiens: A brief history of humankind and as I've been reading it I've found that various worldbuilding ideas have popped into my head. As the book explores the evolution of Homo Sapiens as well as the various revolutions our species has experienced it also...
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    Lessons you've learnt that made you a better GM and/or player

    I was recently thinking about things I've picked up from different systems and that I've been able to apply more generally to my GM:ing and roleplaying in general. While I may never actually play Burning Wheel I found that it was full of ideas that I've since gone on to use elsewhere. Let it...
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    Has anybody used Wonderdraft?

    A while back I discovered Wonderdraft, which is "an intuitive yet powerful fantasy map creation tool". It looks pretty spiffy and decently easy to use. I've been thinking about picking up. Has anybody on here used it? Is it any good in actual practice?
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     Any recommendations for sci-fi and/or post apocalyptic adventure modules?

    What it says on the tin, really! Over in the Best. Modules. Ever thread I saw Legions of Gold for Gamma World and the Sky Raider trilogy for Traveller mentioned, so I added them to my DriveThruRPG wishlist.
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     Any recommendations for podcasts that aren't just a bunch of people sitting around and chatting?

    I enjoy listening to podcasts while I'm doing other things. However, when I've looked up lists of the most recommended podcasts in the past I've found that many of those are just... people sitting around and chatting. Maybe they're chatting about something specific but I find myself turned away...
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    Adventures that are ripe for mining?

    I recently read this article about taking bits out of published adventures and using them elsewhere. I've long been against using published/pre-written adventures ever since a series of bad experiences with that kind of stuff. However, every time I've brought it up people have pointed out that...
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    Blades in the Dark at an "open table"?

    I've recently been reading a lot of the GM:ing advice from the Alexandrian blog and a series of articles there discuss the idea of an "open table". It's basically the West Marches idea where you have a large pool of players to draw from for every session. And this got me thinking about running...
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    Tell me about Changeling: The Lost 2E and/or Vampire: The Requiem 2E

    One of my longest running games ever was a 62 session campaign of Changeling: The Lost. Because of this that game has a special place in the hearts of my group, myself included. And now a second edition of the rules has been released! What's new? How has it changed? Improvement? Made worse? A...
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    Anybody played Divinity: Original Sin 2 before and after the Definitive Edition?

    I'm gearing up to replay Divinity: Original Sin 2 and I'm curious if anybody here has played the game before and after it was updated to the Definitive edition. I understand that the changes made between the two versions are quite significant. What are your experiences of this update? Huge...
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    How to recognize GM burnout?

    What are the "symptoms" of GM burnout? I'm asking because I think I may be starting to experience the edges of it. I find myself feeling slightly relieved when a game session has to be cancelled. "Now I can do something else, like play videogames." And then I feel guilty about feeling like...
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    What do I need to know about D&D 5e?

    A while back I made a [Tell me about] thread about D&D 5e. My conclusion in the end was that the game was probably not for me. However, things have changed and having written up a few different game ideas for my group they're leaning towards a high fantasy game using the D&D 5e system. Now I'm...
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    Is it possible to buy .pdfs of D&D 5e books?

    I've looked around a bit, but haven't found anything. It seems that the only way to get digital "copies" of the D&D 5e books is to get them on DnD Beyond? Am I missing something?
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    [Tell me about] Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire

    I really wanted to love Pillars of Eternity. A party-based roleplaying adventure through a recognizable-but-still-unique fantasy setting? Made by some of the people behind such classics as the Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale series? Sign me up! And yet... it never fully clicked with me. I liked...
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    🔐 Closed Seeking clarification about a moderator comment

    In this thread the user CoreyHaim8myDog (jokingly I assume) wonders if the blatantly racist GM described in the opening post is Jordan Peterson. I wondered what Jordan Peterson had done to deserve that comparison, but was recommended not to ask such questions. I assume that my asking of this...
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    Would it be alright to discuss the Subverse Kickstarter?(No. Inappropriate subject matter even with NSFW tags)

    I recently came across this Kickstarter for a game called Subverse. At first it just looked like a joke. But it honestly looks pretty decent! I think it could be interesting to discuss the project as a whole. However, both this game and the studio's past efforts are very much NSFW and "lewd"...
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    Anybody played Kenshi?

    I recently saw a very funny video review about Kenshi and I was reminded about a game that seems to have been in development for years. I have either missed or forgotten that it actually got released at some point. It looks really interesting, but it seems to be one of those "diamond in the...
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