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  1. Pteryx

    Must-Have Adventuring Gear?

    Backpack, bedroll, rope (with accessories if strong enough), belt pouch, class-specific tool (holy symbol, component pouch, thieves' tools, instrument, etc.), rations, waterskin, a second set of clothes, and usually something to write with.
  2. Pteryx

    What was like being part of or running a separated party?

    In my own experience, you need a group that: Understands how to exchange information and discuss it if the characters cross paths Is willing to play long enough and/or frequent enough sessions that you can have more than a single scene a week Otherwise the entire experience becomes maddening...
  3. Pteryx

    100 things to use in a semi-serious D&D campaign

    A druid summons vipers to plague wagon trains passing through his territory. Halfway through the adventure, someone declares their frustration with their situation in a foul-mouthed way.
  4. Pteryx

    How much player collusion?

    Given my GMing history, I have a rule about backstory surprises. If you leave a blank in your character history, specify if it's for me to write on or for you to write on, and if it's for you to write on share what you write with me. Sometimes blanks exist because a player wants to be...
  5. Pteryx

    Any new universal/generic systems coming out?

    To me, hearing that new universal systems exist isn't enough. Universal systems unfortunately have a strong tendency to have identical sales pitches, making it very difficult to judge whether one might better suit one's tastes than another. Thus, it would be very nice to hear what makes one...
  6. Pteryx

    Looking Back at D&D 3.0 Core

    I didn't know that approach had a name. I'm glad it does, because honestly that's my favorite type of optimization and part of what I enjoy the sprawling, unbalanced mess that is the 3.x editions for. More directly on topic, I personally get the sense that back in 3.0, WotC expected people to...
  7. Pteryx

    Looking Back at D&D 3.0 Core

    3.0 struck me as in part designed to specifically compete with the range of options other RPGs offered. Complaints of the "cookie-cutter fighter" were an issue as 2e wore on, if Dragon is to be believed. Racial class restrictions felt extremely limiting, even discriminatory. People wanted to...
  8. Pteryx

    Looking Back at D&D 3.0 Core

    One often-forgotten aspect of the 3.0 launch is that WotC was very confident about the balance of 3.0, despite how limited the playtesting was. Dragon sidebars shortly after launch time basically dared players to break the system, pointing out interesting combinations like halfling barbarians...
  9. Pteryx

    I try to learn how to play rpg. Can u help me?

    There are two things to consider here. One, saying that you have interest in an RPG is very vague. It's like saying you want to play cards. "RPG" is a very wide category, so broad that this forum doesn't even cover the full range of possibilities. It would help if you were more specific. If...
  10. Pteryx

    #28: Post Length

    Post length is one of the issues that drove me away from PbP as a medium, and to me the most baffling. There seems to be a common and very irritating assumption in the vast majority of PbP circles that equates quantity with quality. I've even seem a PbP forum with multiple boards that separate...
  11. Pteryx

    EABA is on the Bundle of Holding! Tell me about it!

    Not sure how I missed that; oh well, thank you!
  12. Pteryx

    EABA is on the Bundle of Holding! Tell me about it!

    Ah, hello! I just don't recall needing an actual account with a payment processor when I bought from you before, and this time around both options appear to demand that I have one and neither are companies I trust enough to have accounts with (especially not PayPal). I don't have any...
  13. Pteryx

    EABA is on the Bundle of Holding! Tell me about it!

    Looks like something I'd be interested in examining, but apparently the Bundle of Holding has changed payment method to "have an account with one of two bad companies" since I last bought from them. :(
  14. Pteryx

    Is it possible to buy .pdfs of D&D 5e books?

    As far as legal options go, in addition to the already-linked Basic D&D, there's also the 5e SRD. While they do have a significant amount of overlap, between the two you get more content. It's not as much as the books give you, but it's free. As for why you can't buy the rest in PDF form...
  15. Pteryx

    Things you hate that GMs do in RPGs (pet peeves)

    GMs letting PCs mind-control, steal from, initiate sex with, etc. other PCs without the appropriate player's permission (and in the case of stealing, without the appropriate player's knowledge!). GMs who go so far with the all-powerful GMPC thing that they actually switch systems or rewrite...
  16. Pteryx

    How much should players know?

    Players need to know enough to know if they'd like the campaign and to be able to make coherent characters. I've been on the wrong end of a double-decker bait and switch that was handled very, very poorly by the GM. All we knew was that the GM had advertised it as JRPG-style, but the world had...
  17. Pteryx

    Underused RPG Genres/Settings

    In general? Games with a mechanical focus that isn't violence. We have lots of games with lovingly detailed combat subsystems, and lots of games with generic "all-encompassing" systems that allegedly put violence and nonviolence on equal footing, but nothing I know of that lavishly details...
  18. Pteryx

    On the topic of dwarf women and beards

    While I can't really contribute to the original historical question, my own personal preference as a woman myself is that male dwarves have the classic thick, curly beards, while female dwarves have straight, soft, willowy beards. That way you get beards for everyone and sexual dimorphism...
  19. Pteryx

    Things you hate that players do in RPGs (pet peeves)

    I agree with some of these. Some of mine that haven't been mentioned directly: 1) The player who, by virtue of playing a scholar or detective or the like, expects to be treated as always smart and right no matter what s/he says or how bad a conclusion the player has drawn from the in-game...
  20. Pteryx

    D&D 5e ability checks

    My own feeling is that while skill points may be too fiddly, a simple on/off for skill progression is too simplistic. In 3.5, I often found myself going for either a fully capped or a half-capped skill in practice, to reflect strong points and weaker-but-still competent points in my characters'...
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