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  1. Wil

    Tell Me of Statless NPCs

    I'm wondering what games out there have statless NPCs, and how they are handled/represented. By "statless" I mean they don't have writeups like the PCs at all, and are minimally represented, I'm already familiar with how Blades in the Dark handles NPCs and how this could possibly be done in...
  2. Wil

    Tribe 8 Mailing List archive?

    Does anybody who might have a long time email account, who was on the old Tribe 8 mailing list (pre crash when it reset), happen to have the list messages? Or happened to save them in some format? @Cloud Divider ? Somebody?
  3. Wil

    Tribe 8 Reboot Survey

    Ok so this is a thing. Trying to gauge how well a reboot of the Tribe 8 rpg would do. This is serious business that could become reality. Please fill out if you're so inclined; signal boosts are appreciated as well. #Tribe8rpg https://goo.gl/forms/MyC2jj7ymAz53KYg2
  4. Wil

     Question about licensing an existing company's IP

    So, I think this is a situation that has happened often enough: company X has a game that has been dead for a decade or two or three. The company is still around, they're just not doing anything with the property and it's nearly or long OOP. You really liked this game and have some harebrained...
  5. Wil

    [Tribe 8] What did you find fun about it?

    At it's heart, Tribe 8 is pretty grimdark: * Set after a spiritual apocalypse, with likely a good old fashioned technological apocalypse at the same time. * Humanity basically can't do shit. They basically haven't advanced beyond scrounging for basic substinence. There's mining, no industry, no...
  6. Wil

    Possibility for a new blog-post related forum?

    With G+'s impending shutdown, there's a dearth of other platforms that could provide the same visibility into blog posts as G+ has. G+ both intentionally positioned itself in the blogosphere by pushing G+ integration, and then became a way for readers and bloggers to find each other through...
  7. Wil

    For Sale Blue Planet V2 Collection and Ingress Dice

    I've decided to thin out my RPG collection a bit. As much as I really like the setting for Blue Planet, I'm likely to never actually run it. I have the following books for sale, I'll entertain any reasonable offer for single books or the whole collection. All books are for V2 and are hardcover...
  8. Wil

    Review edit

    My Fate Core review has some minor edits that need to be made, I went over it before I submitted it but I guess I missed a few things. Is there a process for revising reviews?
  9. Wil

    Cthulhu: Mysteries in Darkness

    I have abstained from posting about any of Dark Phoenix Publishing's other material they've made available, partly out of respect for an admonishment not to post anything unless it was gaming related and partly because none was the least bit interesting or noteworthy. Today they released a...
  10. Wil

    [Tribe 8] Getting rid of Synthesis Aspects?

    How heretical would it be to drop Aspects (as in, predefined Synthesis uses) from my Fate Core adaptation? Like not at all or Circle of the Fallen time? I'm thinking we have this this fluffy, ethereal dream magic system and then a bunch of bolted on, "Oh look, spells!" I know they're supposed to...
  11. Wil

    Dark Phoenix Thread IV

    She be in need of locking. http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?674695-Dark-Phoenix-Thread-IV-The-Torso-in-the-Trunk-has-no-Nads
  12. Wil

    [Setting Riff] Fangs for the Memories

    I'm typically not a vampire kind of guy. I enjoy a few vampire books or movies - the Sonja Blue books, Underworld. I thought the vampire in the novel Blindsight was very well done (nutshell: they were a human-like sapient species that died out due to a bad evolutionary hand, which included a...
  13. Wil

    [Vampire: The Undeath] Preliminary thoughts

    Yes, I purchased it. I will be trying to write a more formal review. But here's my first impression: Completely and totally unplayable. It appears that there are skills and resolution mechanics, and that it is a LARP vs. a tabletop game (this was expected - but the game never states that's what...
  14. Wil

    [Blue Planet] Rebellion?

    Has anyone done any thinking about how a campaign chronicling a rebellion on Poseidon against Earth/GEO would go? How the events leading up to it would play out, as well as the actual war? I started rereading it over the weekend, and while I was mulling over what kind of campaign would work best...
  15. Wil

    [FATE] Triangle tables for random post-apocalypse city exploration.

    I just got done hammering out some random exploration tables for my Tribe 8 game, using the awesome Fate triangle tables. The tables are geared towards randomly generating the area and then a general building type of a typical modern city, for use while a group is exploring. The exact nature of...
  16. Wil

    Generic lists of locations in modern areas

    I'm working up some tables for post-apocalyptic exploration of pre-apocalypse locations. These are meant to drill down to the types of resources or locations that might be found while exploring; the GM either picks (if it's known already) or rolls randomly. The tables are intended for at least...
  17. Wil

    [Strands of Fate] Some Location goodness

    I was playing around with different implementations for locations in FATE, and I think I came up with something very, very interesting (at least from my perspective). LOCATIONS Defining Aspect - The Aspect that defines the overall theme, tone, purpose or some other fact about the location. For...
  18. Wil

    [Strands of Fate] Bartering

    I thought that someone might find what I came up with for bartering and resources in a setting with no currency useful.
  19. Wil

    [SoF] Using the FATE fractal for Tribe 8

    I've been reading more about mechanics and concepts for various incarnations of FATE, and I think I've hit on one that I'd like to make more prominent in my Tribe 8 adaptation: social/cultural groups. Essentially, I'm thinking about making the social group much more prominent (which is to say...
  20. Wil

    [SoF] What Weaknesses would model this best?

    I'm creating a GMPC that is basically an evil witch-type who is masquerading as an elderly Shaman (for more info, check the blog link below). I have her Powers pretty much done and am working on her weaknesses. The idea is that her body deteriorates pretty much constantly and she cannot heal...
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