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    Chaosium thread

    Can we have the Great Old Ones thread put back in TRO? Yes, Greg posted it himself so it's technically promotional, but the bulk of the thread is people discussing the news, and it's a major shakeup of one of the industry's oldest and most respected companies.
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    [C7]Looking for writers - Laundry Files

    Cubicle 7 Open Call - The Laundry Files RPG Cubicle 7 is looking to expand our stable of freelance writers for the Laundry Files roleplaying game. We're looking for talented writers who mix humour, horror, tradecraft and Lovecraft in just the right ratio. What we want from you is the following...
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    [Milkyfish Press]A vision of the future

    Milkyfish Press will be producing pdf Traveller supplements later this year. We intend to produce campaign toolkits - not quite setting sourcebooks, not quite adventures, but a mix of the two designed to get an exciting campaign up and running. Over at Milkyfish.com, there's a poll to decide...
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    [FRUP]Strange stirrings from the heart of Clapham

    I speak, of course, of the nigh-legendary FRUP by James Wallis, originally scheduled for 1995, which means it's been promised for longer than Duke Nukem Forever. Anyway, recently the website http://www.whatisfrup.com/ showed up, where James is either a) exorcising the ghost of the Great Failed...
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    New Doctor Who Companion announced

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    Origins Awards Nominations

    Hmm, I'm not seeing a thread on this yet. Anyway, Ogrecave has them up:
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    [COH]Patch mirrors

    I just picked up City of Heroes, and gave the 15 day trial disc to a friend. However, he's on dialup, so downloading the patches and issues will take him twenty hours or more. Is there any place where you can download the patches so I can burn them to a CD for him?
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    RPG/MMORPG crossovers

    With Eden doing City of Heroes, and the sucess of World of Warcraft, I'm wondering if there's a big crossover in terms of sales between rpgs and MMORPGs. For example, has the Warcraft rpg seen a boost in sales since WoW started up?
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    The best training for Halo 1 is Halo 2

    Wow. It's true. I just threw on Halo 1 there to blow off some steam, and I was, like, a million times better than I used to be. Learning to survive without health makes you a much more agressive player.
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    [HALO2 Live] I'm online right now...

    Stephenls suggested that we post when we're online, in the hopes of getting more rpg.net players meeting up on Halo2. So, I'm online right now...will be for an hour or so, tops.
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    Thoroughly Sleep-Depped Halo2 Thoughts & Spoilers

    Went to a midnight opening (Europe got Halo2 on the 11th) and played co-op for two hours then solo for another eight. I'm on the second-last level (I think - Master Chief is chasing after the Prophet of Truth). Thoughts: Woo! It's Halo! I think I preferred the 'Earth-is-doomed' vibe from the...
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    [Exalted] 29xp - what do I spend it on?

    Me: Immarron the Golden, Eclipse Caste Sorcerer and 'Demon Ambassador' in his original concept. Plagued by bad luck and impulsiveness (I just crashed my second flying ship last night). Anyway, I've just been captured by the Wyld Hunt and am being dragged back to the Blessed Isle for...
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    New York City game stores

    A friend of mine is heading over to New York for a few days. Anyone recommend good game stores there?
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    [Exalted]Large Games

    (Smeg it, maybe we should create a separate rpg.net exalted board...anyway...) Has anybody any tips on running an Exalted game with lots of players (8 or more)? I've got a lot of people potentially interested in a game, but the complexity and scope for chaos of having that many Exalted PCs...
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    Pixie Pirate Plot Help

    Right. I suddenly find myself running a campaign set in a rather low-fantasy (well, human-centric anyway) D&D world where the PCs are a gang of four Pixie Privateers. They've just been teleported into Freeport with a pouch of ship-shrinking dust, and intend to steal a ship, shrink it to...
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    Unknown Armies Mailing List heads-up

    Just got this in my inbox -
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    Superhero city question

    I'm planning on running a Mutants and Masterminds game soonish, and I need a city. I might end up just using a real city, but having it all in handy sourcebook format would be handy. There is, however, a problem - the PCs are going to be the first official, legal superhero group in decades. So...
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    [Hellboy] Character help

    My group just played the first session of a Hellboy campaign. (Great, great, session - more investigation and clue-putting-togetherness than a whole month of Delta Green). Anyway, the GM said we could rework our characters after seeing how they played in the first session. My character's as...
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    Best Adventures Ever -- Any Genre, Any System

    The following message was posted by NPC NPC...NPC or something, who used an overlong username that messed up the board. I'm reposted it without the screwy name.
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