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    Rogues Galleries?

    I have suddenly and inexplicably feel an urge to rummage through a book of NPCs. I have read the following: AD&D 1st ed Rogues Gallery - from what I remember, just long lists of stats Basic D&D - Shady Dragon Inn - stats backed up with a few lines on personality & history AD&D 2nd ed Complete...
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    Temple of Law or Neutrality?

    Gamers in my group have asked for an adventure/dungeon crawl into a temple of lawful alignment. It was a reaction against a proposed foray into yet another evil temple or desecrated shrine. The group are also starting to favour PCs of a chaotic alignment now. I can remember a Temple of Law...
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    Why no bard in Labyrinth Lord core book & LL AEC?

    Does anyone know why the bard was not included in the Labyrinth Lord core rulebook & it's Advanced Edition Companion? Plenty of fan made versions of the bard have been created for LL. All of the classes from the 1st ed AD&D Player's Handbook, ranger, paladin, druid, monk, assassin, monk, hell...
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    Talons of Winter for Elric/Legend?

    I picked up Secrets of the Steppes recently for Elric/Legend. Does anyone know if the Talons of Winter sourcebook was released as well? I kinda remember seeing it advertised as a pre-order, but cannot find it listed by a shop or on ebay. Was it cancelled?
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    Reaper Bones Vampire- UK buyers/kickstarter questions

    I missed the Reaper Bones Kickstarter and I have a few questions for UK buyers, if anyone would be so kind as to satisfy my curiosity. I have bought the Vampire Bones Kickstarter box off a UK seller on ebay for considerably more than it would have cost me to fund the kickstarter at Vampire...
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    Mytherian Heroic Fantasy - Has anyone played it?

    I have checked out this old thread and a few posts on blogs but I can hardly find any information on Mytherian Heroic Fantasy. Has anyone out there played it? Can you tell me what it is like?
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    OSR experience point systems. What do you use?

    What kind of experience point system do you prefer for your OSR games? Do you just award xp points for slaying monsters and gaining treasure, or do you award xp points for a percentage of the value of magical items won or sold, good roleplaying, problem solving etc? DCC has a very simple xp...
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    Adventures with domain play?

    I have got CM1 & 9 Test of the Warlords and Legacy of Blood but I am looking for more adventures that use the domain rules from the BECMI/RC rule-set. Can anyone recommend any modules for this? Are there any adventures for other systems like Pathfinder, ACK or similar games that incorporate...
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    Can anyone recommend an arms, armour & equipment guide (ancient to medieval)?

    Can anyone recommend an arms and armour guide? I am looking for a book that covers arms and armour from ancient to medieval times, that has good illustrations and descriptions. EDIT: I am not just looking for european armour and weapons but am also interested in types used by all cultures in...
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    Wilderness travel/survival guides?

    I am looking for books about survival in various environments, travel across terrain, natural hazards, weather and so on. More along the lines of the mundane and real world, rather than the fantastic. I possess a few rpg supplements like the AD&D Wilderness Survival Guide, Wildscape and a few...
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    Whatever happened to Rogahn & Zelligar from B1: In Search of the Unknown?

    An idle thought. I was just going through some old D&D modules and I just wondered if there was any material released about whatever happened to Rogahn & Zelligar from B1: In Search of the Unknown? I know that Pacesetter Games has a sequel called (B1?) Legacy of the Unknown, which relates to...
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    Domains & schools of magic

    I am looking for books with good lists of domains for cleric/priest spells and schools of magic. I possess Relics & Rituals 1 & 2, various Mongoose books in the Encyclopedia Arcane line, AD&D 1st and 2nd ed books (Tome of Magic etc) in which this sorta thing proliferated. I have seen some lists...
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    DCC- thieves v clerics/critical hit tables

    Playing DCC and enjoying it very much. I am playing a warrior right now but I like the novelty of thieves that have varying skill bonuses linked to the different alignments, including thieves of a lawful alignment! In the game last night someone felt that clerics have the edge over thieves in...
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    Pacemaker Games's SoloSystem. Can anyone tell me about their experiences with it?

    Can anyone tell me what they think of Pacemaker Game's SoloSystem in their OSRIC modules? Is it a good system? Are the modules interesting and worth checking out? I hope someone can tell me of their experiences with it and their opinion on the modules.
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    Strands of Power - list of powers & use with LoA?

    Can anyone supply me with a list of powers in Strands of Power? Are there any that can particularly emulate para/quasi-elemental powers in a fantasy game? Can SoP be useful & add extra content if used together with Legends of Anglerre?
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    Recommended books on Lulu?

    Lulu has a 25% discount right now. I am thinking of getting Strands of Fate, Diaspora and The Wilderness Alphabet. I am also looking for any good fantasy resources, with a focus on juicy random tables and information on world building. In people's experience will there be a higher discount...
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    Rules Cyclopedia vs BECMI sets. Am I missing anything?

    I have the Rules Cyclopedia and the Wrath of the Immortals boxed set. Sadly my old BECMI boxed sets were lost to me a long time ago and I have a very dim memory of their contents. My understanding is that the Rules Cyclopedia incorporates the vast majority of all the material from the BECMI...
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    D&D schools/spheres/domains of magic. Do you use them? What do you think of them?

    My D&D collection consists of 1st, 2nd and 3rd edition books. I have no 4th ed books as yet. I have been going through them, searching for things I can use in my Legends of Anglerre game. What do you think of the different and opposing schools (and sub-schools) of magic like Alteration...
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    Wild Things for AD&D. Can anyone tell me anything about it?

    I am thinking of purchasing the AD&D Wild Things booklet which originally came bundled with the Wilderness Survival Guide. Has anyone got any information on it? Is it just a small collection of short scenarios set in different terrains? I am particularly interested if it has any additional rules...
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    Runequest 2 & Elric of Melnibone. Can anyone recommend any books?

    I own Stormbringer 3rd ed and have some RQ1 Elric material like 'Magic of the Young Kingdoms' and 'Bright Shadows'. I have used these in the past to mine for ideas but have not run a Elric based game yet. I have read most of Moorcock's fiction on Elric. I have just purchased the Runequest 2...
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