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  1. Derek

    [Artesia] What's in the annuals?

    I picked up the three hardcover collections of Artesia at Gen Con last year, and was recently given a copy of the RPG to read through. I know some of the short stories from the annuals are in the collections, but were any left out? Is there any other content that makes tracking down the...
  2. Derek

    [WoW/P&W] How welcome are (very) casual players?

    Hi, folks The friend who got me into WoW to begin with might be going on hiatus shortly, which has led to me dusting off my Draenei Paldin on Kirin Tor. I'm always reading the threads by you Pig and Whistle folks, and the guild sounds great. However, I'm wondering if I'm too casual for P&W...
  3. Derek

    [Warmachine/Hordes] Rage and Rivets Rules?

    Is anybody able to point me at the rules for Rage and Rivets events? I'm hoping to get some Tour of Duty games in at Gen Con, but can't find the guidelines for the event anywhere. A posting to Privateer's forums got me nowhere.
  4. Derek

    [WM] Any Fifth Faction Updates?

    My copy of NQ16 got destroyed in a spill, and the Privateer forums are unsearchable, so here goes: Have their been any updates or further hints on the new faction recently? I thought we had to wait until after Legends, but BattleCollege has a note about it being in Legends. I figure that's...
  5. Derek

    [WoW] Double the Paladins, Double the Fun?

    Hi, folks My wife finally gave in and got her own account, and decided to roll a Blood Elf Paladin to team up with my...Blood Elf Paladin. We both thought it would be fun to try the double teaming. It's unlikely that she'll play anywhere near as often as me, and we aren't concerned with...
  6. Derek

    [Black Industries / Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay] [WFRP] Canadian Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play Day

    Black Industries and Lion Rampant Imports of Canada present the first-ever nation-wide Canadian Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play Day! On Saturday, September 29th Warhammer role-players across Canada will meet and play in a celebration of WFRP. Come join the fun as gamers coast-to-coast face the...
  7. Derek

    Is Batman Chronicles release schedule?

    Batman Chronicles release schedule? I've seen mention in various places of the new Batman Chronicles reprint series, and have to say I'm seriously tempted. However, I can't find any mention of the frequency that the volumes are due to come out. Has anybody seen any mention of this? It's a...
  8. Derek

    Serenity Roleplaying Game?

    Hey, folks. Sorry if this has been covered, but nothing recent came up in a search. The Winter 2005 Games Quarterly catalogue appeared on my desk this afternoon, and the first page I opened it to happened to be a full-page add for a Firefly rpg, based on the upcoming movie. Margaret Weis...
  9. Derek

    D&D on the CBC

    Not sure if this has been posted yet, but CBC radio's "Sounds Like Canada" will be running a piece on D&D's 30th anniversary on today's program, within the hour. radio.cbc.ca for those interested.
  10. Derek

    [CoH] Tailor question

    Forgive me if this has been answered somewhere, but I didn't see it anywhere here, and I ain't going near the official forums... Can you change your body type and size for your alternate costumes? I'm hoping to create an out-of-armour version of my power armoured character eventually, but the...
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