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    Doing a UC Berkeley survey on games, and could use your help

    Hey everyone, I'm doing a small research project at UC Berkeley, and could use your help filling out a quick survey. It's about games. C'mon, you know you want to... https://goo.gl/forms/gN3WOOftgv0gvt6i2 Pass it on to anyone you think would be interested. It takes between 5-10 minutes to...
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    Addressing comments made toward RPGnet

    I'm posting this in response to posts made on another site that bend the truth considerably, which relate to RPGnet's forums. A few days back, Gareth-Michael Skarka "left" the forums again, though his forum account still had recent activity two days after he had stopped posting. Self-imposed...
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    RPGnet Game Day: Oakland, CA, Nov 8th

    Once again, RPGnet is bringing gamers together for an official RPGnet Game Day. This time we're gathering on Saturday, November 8th, in Oakland, CA for a full day of play. Oakland's excellent game store Endgame has volunteered to host this day of gaming. Come meet those RPGnet forum members...
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    You asked for it, you got it

    For a while now, a number of you have been asking for a better place than Tangency for your non-RPG gaming threads. We've finally decided to give it a try and grant that request. So, if you want to discuss Magic: The Gathering, HeroClix, War in the Pacific, Warhammer 40K, Risk, or any other...
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    READ THIS FIRST!! Guidelines for posting

    Welcome to the Game Registry forum! Post a thread here to find new players for your games, or to find new games to join into. Please use the template below when starting your own thread, to insure you convey all necessary information. Failure to follow this format may result in your post being...
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    Reviews displayed on Monday, 6/2

    Yes, we know they came out weird. Shannon will be taking a look at it shortly. My last report from him was that he was narrowing in on the cause, and should have things repaired soon. Thanks for trying to report the glitch, though.
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    Another new mod

    Just so you all know: Marion has just been enabled as a moderator for most sections of the forums, and will shortly be let loose on all areas. Be sure to say hi and start sending bribes. :)
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    RPGnet Forums Rules & Guidelines

    These are the new rules and guidelines for posting on the RPGnet forums. Most of these should come as no surprise to forum members, as the moderators have used these guidelines during the evolution of this document. Please read through the rules and guidelines below. ----- Rules & Guidelines...
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    Deleting threads?

    Depends If someone else has replied to the post already, deleting the first post (which would normally delete the entire thread) is disabled. At that point, only moderators and admin types can delete it. I'd suggest editing the content of the post, if possible.
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