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    Legend of the Five Rings 3rd ed -- Heavy or light ruleswise?

    The new edition of Legend of the Five Rings captured my attention, however, despite there is one interesting review available at RPG.net, I'm still in the dark regarding how heavy it is, ruleswise. Although I played a lot of rules heavy games in the past, I'm tired of learning new complicated...
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    Recommendations for PS2 Strategy games

    I recently brought a PS2 and I'm having lot of fun with racers and adventure games, such as Onimusha and Metal Gear Solid. However, I'm missing a good strategy game. Any recommendation? By the way, I usually favor turn based games over "real time" strategy.
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    Stormbringer's supplements

    I am thinking of using Stormbringer's rules to run a dark fantasy campaingn in a homebrew setting. As such, I am not very interested in scenarios or books detailing the Young Kingdoms. With this in mind, which Chaosium's Stormbringer supplements could be useful? I already have the Bronze...
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