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  1. John

    [Legends of the Wulin] Justice League of Shen Zhou

    The following is a summary of the scenes of my first game of Legends of the Wulin. Included are pictures of the characters drawn by one of the players, Adam Otero. Adam drew the images before he had read the completed character sheets, so they aren't necessarily accurate, but they look pretty...
  2. John

    [Legends of the Wulin] Justice League of Shen Zhou

    The Cartoon Network short Bat Man of Shanghai gave me the inspiration for a martial arts campaign that would use DC comics super heroes as wuxia-style warriors - the Justice League of Shen Zhou (think Elseworlds). I want to use Legends of the Wulin as the system because, as a source book for...
  3. John

    [Supers!/9Qs] The League of Ambivalent Alignment

    This is a session of my solo RPG engine - the 9Qs - with Rory's Story Cubes as the random idea generator and Simon Washbourne's Supers! as the game system. (I originally posted this on my blog, Solo Nexus.) When Emporium City's premier superhero team, the Guardians, began accepting submissions...
  4. John

    [WvH + Dark Fate] The Someone Gem, an actual play report as a free e-book download!

    Excerpted from the World vs. Hero blog: Last summer, when World vs. Hero was released and I launched this blog, the first Spotlight World I wrote about was Dark Fate, an intriguing indie campaign setting created by Marcelo Paschoalin. After posting the review, Marcelo invited me to play WvH by...
  5. John

    NinjaDorg's Ramblings on Solo Aspects of Wrath of Ashardalon

    Great article by NinjaDorg HERE on my blog Solo Nexus for those solo players considering whether purchasing Wrath of Ashardalon is worth their time and money. He made me want to buy the game!
  6. John

    [blog] Solo Nexus, the solo tabletop appreciation blog

    Solo Nexus is a blog dedicated to promoting the pursuit of solo tabletop gaming, including solo role-playing games. In anticipation of November 2011 - our self-declared Solo Tabletop Gaming Appreciation Month - Solo Nexus hopes to present resources, rules, and reports that will encourage new...
  7. John

    Inception as a mini-series

    Interesting article series on how Inception would have been better as a mini-series on a movie critique blog called Walter Peck Was Just Doing His Job. I think I might actually agree with the writer's premise.
  8. John

    [4E] A fantastic siege session

    Over at the Scrolls of the PlatinumWarlock blog, Andy has reported on his weekend game, an incredible siege battle that showcased some awesome DM and player skills. Check it out HERE. It's pretty impressive. Has anyone done something similar? I'd love to see more examples of a game on this...
  9. John

    CONTEST: Build a world, win a book! [WvH]

    The trade paperback of World vs. Hero has just been made available at Lulu.com, and, to mark the occasion, we’re having a contest! Create an original "World Description" that follows the rules on pages 6-10 of World vs. Hero. Those pages can be read in the free preview at the WvH blog or at the...
  10. John

    [WvH+Mythic] STAR FRONTIERS: Hell on Hard Star 9

    STAR FRONTIERS: Hell on Hard Star 9 A solo storytelling adventure using the Star Frontiers setting, the solo rules for World vs. Hero, and the original Mythic Game Master Emulator by Tom Pigeon. The Mythic GME directs the world. I direct the heroes. ************************* Star Frontiers...
  11. John

    [comics] Atlas axed!!!

    THis sucks!
  12. John

    [comics] Are you still buying Marvel as much as you did a year or two ago?

    Just read a great opinion piece on ICv2 written by Kendall Swafford, a comic book retailer. As I watch my own wallet cringe at my Wednesday purchases, Swafford articulates a lot of what I've been thinking. He expresses his opinion on series glut... and the responses of his own customers...
  13. John

    [Eberron] What 4E stuff is too good to leave out?

    A friend's group is embarking soon on their first ever campaign in the original 3.? world of Eberron, and they know nothing about the 4e campaign setting release. I told them to buy the book and mine it for cool material, but they seem adverse to this. My question - what shiny new stuff in the...
  14. John

    WotC wins 100K in lawsuit

    From the article: I'm quite happy at this outcome. More here.
  15. John

    Super Heroic Minimalism

    Cute. Possibly pointless. Still cute. Here.
  16. John

    CSI: Star Frontiers

    An old friend out of the RPG thing for a long while wants to get together to resurrect one of his favorite settings, Star Frontiers. He requested a more mature take on an adventure, one that differed from the electrostunner shoot 'em ups of our youth. So, off the top of my head, I suggested PCs...
  17. John

    Tyra Banks, fantasy novelist

    Oh my:
  18. John

    [4e] Skill Challenges - 1-off or Multi-roll?

    I really like the 4e skill challenges concept, but have yet to see any DMs I know create one of their own that satisfactorily captures a scene that encourages several party members to use a variety of skills needing multiple successes. The DMs all seem to prefer choosing a single skill and...
  19. John

    [4e PHB3] Psion's "Send Thoughts"

    I dig this - I have never played in any RPG with telepathy as a mechanic, so I have a nuts-and-bolts question for DMs with experience in games with psionics: I get the obvious usage of this power player-to-player, but if a player used this on any NPC, would you, the DM, be more likely to...
  20. John

    [4e] Where do your Dragonborn hatch?

    I'm curious about interesting - possibly original - takes on the Dragonborn race outside of what WoTC have published so far about them. Does your campaign have its own unique twist to Arkhosia or the Dragonborn heritage? Have one of your players come up with a Dragonborn background that's all...
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