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  1. captainquirk

    Looking for a Citadel rhino-headed Broo miniature

    Friend of mine is searching for a Broo miniature made by Citadel as part of their licenced Runequest range. It's a Broo with a rhino head which is holding two weapons. (there is another rhino-headed Broo with a single weapon but that's not the one he is seeking). It's as shown in the picture...
  2. captainquirk

    How many people in the UK playing 'Runequest: Roleplaying in Glorantha'?

    Just wondering to what degree the new set of rules has won people over? It's a fine book with great production values. But are people actually playing it? Particularly interested in there are players in London UK.
  3. captainquirk

    West London W5 - Face to face gaming group - Various RPGs - Seeking GMs and Players

    Established gaming group nearby to Ealing Broadway, London W5. Currently playing D&D5e, Runequest in Glorantha, Dungeon Crawl Classics, Dr Who: AITAS, and other RPGs. We have room for players in some existing games, and room to expand so both new GMs and new players are welcome. We meet...
  4. captainquirk

    London W5 United Kingdom – Runequest Glorantha – GM seeking players

    Play Location/Method: Coffee shop in London W5, UK (Ealing Broadway) - face to face gaming. Game/System: RuneQuest Glorantha. Player or GM? I'm a GM/player seeking sufficient players to start this game. Time/Frequency: Thursdays from 6pm to 10pm. Genre: Approximately Bronze Age in the gaming...
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