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  1. Mengtzu

    [Warhammer AoS] Warcry: Sixteen Warbands want glory, one wants bottles

    Age of Sigmar: Warcry is the new skirmish wargame from Games Workshop, set in the chaos wastelands of the Eightpoints, where eight new Chaos factions quest for the glory of the esteem of the Everchosen. And eight more factions with models you already own raid the shattered lands for forgotten...
  2. Mengtzu

    IC [Wrath and Glory x Miserable Secrets] Miserable Heresies

    The Necron warships were not in an interception path for your shuttle, but too close for comfort. The Deathwatch vessel tore into them, heedless as its own escorts disintegrated around it, firing drop pods full of hungry wolves into the Necrons like torpedoes. “A distraction”, Miaoshan had...
  3. Mengtzu

    OOC [Wrath and Glory x Miserable Secrets] Miserable Heresies

    This is the OOC thread for Miserable Heresies, a Wrath and Glory game mashed up with Miserable Secrets' investigation system. I'm the GM, the illustrious The Wyzard, Killfalcon and ANT pogo will be taking the roles of mighty servants of a Master Inquisitor, charged by her to save the suffering...
  4. Mengtzu

    [Wrath and Glory x Miserable Secrets] Miserable Heresies: Investigation system

    Miserable Heresies Wrath and Glory already has an investigation system - why bother porting another? The W&G system looks good for targeted investigation, where you’re solving a particular mystery to the satisfaction of an NPC sponsor. Miserable Secrets more affords a mode of play where...
  5. Mengtzu

    [40K/Wrath and Glory] Miserable Heresies: Secret-rich Planet Generation

    Between Kill Team and Wrath & Glory I’ve been particularly hyped for 40K and I’m getting increasingly tempted to run a higher Tier Inquisition game in the latter. But I’m still in love with Miserable Secrets, the game that’s given me unprecedented success in actually running investigation based...
  6. Mengtzu

    [Miserable Secrets] Barrow Wights, the Good Folk

    The Miserable Secrets core mentions the Good Folk - which seem to be some sort of human remnants warped into fae creatures powered by radiation and memory, wielding technology lost to time and darkness. Like the Fair Folk were really, really into Fallout. However they don't yet have stats, and...
  7. Mengtzu

    [Miserable Secrets][Town Creation] Threeclover Garden - a pile of Miserable Secrets

    I’m running Miserable Secrets again this week, and since the game just hit public release I thought it might be apt to document my prep. The key to a good Miserable Secrets session is being able to feed out, well, miserable secrets as the players investigate their way towards a dramatic climax...
  8. Mengtzu

    💀 Necro [Out now!][Miserable Secrets] Brooding gothic post-apocalyptic tactical investigation <3

    Rose Bailey just dropped this month's Patreon game and it's looking awesome. "Miserable Secrets" not only refers to the loving notes of homage to Castlevania in the setting but the central aim of play, where as outsiders you ferret out the dark secrets of a town, like Dogs in the Vineyard with...
  9. Mengtzu

    [5e] What's the state of the art for buffing classes?

    I've been invited to play in a 5E game at work, and since the group are nice people I want to know better, I'm joining the game rather than launching into a diatribe about my *preferred* editions on the company Slack ^_^ I'm looking for a class that will turn their (so far leaning mostly...
  10. Mengtzu

    Android offline games (rpg?)

    I'm going to be travelling a lot in the next six weeks, I have a brand new gameless Android phone, and I won't be able to rely on internet connectivity. Any suggestions for games? I like RPGs, Japanese in particular, but given as soon as the wifi kicks in I'll go back to Granblue Fantasy...
  11. Mengtzu

    [Buffy/Angel] CineUni in 2017 - houserule or different system?

    I'm rewatching Buffy/Angel, and you know what that means - uncontrollable urge to roleplay the damn thing :) I have a lingering fondness for CineUnisystem, since Drama Points were a noble attempt to address an important problem, and the character creation is pretty satisfying. I think a lot of...
  12. Mengtzu

    Modatar Request - Persona 5

    My glorious KLK avatar has served me well, but it's time for a change. Anyone keen to throw together a modatar with the protagonist from Persona 5, preferably with mask and a splash of red? Much obliged!
  13. Mengtzu

    Persona 5 is great and you should play it

    - Relentlessly stylish - Great music - Much improved dungeons - Uses the hell out of Tokyo as a setting - Morgana best non-human Persona character But the protagonist is desperately in need of a haircut I *finally* finished it after months and months (my Japanese is not nearly good enough to...
  14. Mengtzu

    Please welcome your new Administrators, hkgirl91 and The Wyzard!

    The current Admin team, while repositories of irreplaceable wisdom and sagacious judgement (and also me), have grown increasingly time-poor. Troubled at our diminishing capacity to actually apply our peerless abilities to the business of administration (and my abilities, such as they are), we...
  15. Mengtzu

    Exalted 2.5 tutorial back up

    A few people alerted me to my Exalted 2.5 interactive tutorial being down, which surprised me as I thought 3E would have entirely obsoleted it! Glad it's still seeing some use. I've rehosted it at http://mengtzu.github.io/exalted/ for the benefit of current and future 2.5 games.
  16. Mengtzu

    Infraction for HeWhoSpeaksOfDarkness: 17) Permanent Ban

    Post: Could I have a little clarification. User: HeWhoSpeaksOfDarkness Infraction: 17) Permanent Ban Points: 1000 Administrative Note: Message to User: Original Post:
  17. Mengtzu

    Modatar Request

    My pre-April-Fools Satsuki avatar did sterling service, but I'd like to join the recent trend for a splash of red in a monochrome modatar. Does anyone have a moment to do up a Ryuuko Matoi with her signature red lock as the only colour? Thanks in advance!
  18. Mengtzu

    Seven Methods of Administration

    The wisdom of Super Administrator John Sumbitch was imposed upon me; I did not ask, he did not offer. "The RPGnet Dynasty is in decline" said he. "All hail ShannonA, but his orders have no efficacy." "Virtue flows from the administrators." I replied "Perhaps it will prevail." "A weak forum...
  19. Mengtzu

    [FFG Star Wars] Narrating Advantage and Triumph for Force Sensitives as Force Powers?

    It's no secret that being a Force user in FFG Star Wars - particularly if you have Jedi in mind - is super expensive in terms of XP. Each power is a significant investment in its own right, and getting enough Force Rating to make good use of them is a journey in its own right, doubly so if you...
  20. Mengtzu

    [Xenoblade Chronicles X] General Discussion: Lin Lee Koo's Tourist Information and Nopon Recipe Thread

    This game is really good if: - You like exploration - You think Fallout is too small and doesn't have enough addiction mechanisms - MMO*ish* combat while being a party based single player RPG sounds like a good time to you - Where every character switches melee and ranged at will yay! - You...
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