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    D&D-esque fantasy books with illusionist protagonists?

    The DragonLance novel Weasel's Luck has an illusionist as a villain: it's actually one of the best RPG tie-in novels that I've read.
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    Books We Are Reading 2019 [merged]

    A Talent for War, by Jack McDevitt. This ought not to work, but it does. It's an adventure novel about modern-day characters pursuing a historical mystery that might lead them to a find of massive cultural significance...except that the "modern-day" is a made-up space-faring future, and the...
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    Ok, I've read half the Book of the New Sun...

    If you are interested enough: the guys on the Alzabo Soup podcast do a great job of explaining what is going on under the surface in their read-through of the book.
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    Books We Are Reading 2019 [merged]

    Neurotribes, by Steve Silberman A history of autism: our changing understanding, and the changing lives of people on the spectrum, going from the initial discoveries until the present day. This is history written by a skilled journalist, who is very clear about the story that he wants to tell...
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    RIP Gene Wolfe

    If you are sufficiently interested, the Alzabo Soup podcast is really good: they are currently working through book 4, so they have already covered most of BotNS.
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    Books We Are Reading 2019 [merged]

    Just finished the second and third books of The Riddle Master's Game trilogy by Patricia A McKillip (Heir of Sea and Fire, and Harpist in the Wind). I wish that I had read this series in my teens: it's a thoughtful and compassionate story about teenage characters navigating the awkward process...
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    Poorly aged cyberpunk

    Yeah, it's a game mechanic that is spray-painted to sort-of fit in, the same way that SAN in Call of Cthulhu is probably more about having a Hit Point mechanic than faithfully recreating the fiction. In Neuromancer and Hardwired the real theme is dehumanisation, as people accept being modified...
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    🎨 Creative Build me your Predecessor Civilizations

    2) Long ago, the People used rune-carved boats to sail past the sunset to a new world: a vast ocean scattered with islands. Many great things were done then, but at last the magician-priests grew discontented, and overthrew the chiefs. Under the rule of the magician-priests many submitted (or...
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    Most readable tie-in novels?

    In addition to Kim Newman writing as Jack Yeovil, GW had SF author Brian Stableford, writing as Brian Craig. I've only read the Tales of Orfeo series, which is actually three separate novels with a framing narrative: the minstrel Orfeo becomes a prisoner of a Caliph, who he entertains with a...
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    Books We Are Reading 2019 [merged]

    Perhaps try some modern-day urban fantasy? I've noticed that I stopped having any enthusiam for multi-volume fantasy epics quite a few years ago because they felt like work, with the massive page counts, large casts of characters, and reams of world-building lore. So all of the fantasy fiction...
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    🎨 Creative 1001 Imperial Outrages! Down with the tyrants!

    21. In an effort to suppress troublesome national identities in occupied territory, the Empire decrees that the official names of certain cities and states will be changed. Maps and history books that use the original names are destroyed, and it is made a criminal offense to say the old names...
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    🎨 Creative [Riff[ Knights of Cyrkos: Transhuman Arthurianish Interstellar Adventure

    Following the idea of a Soul stat, perhaps the honour code of the Knights acts as a kind of personality stabiliser. A Knight who sticks to the code can swap bodies without issues, but breaking the code causes an internal conflict that manifests as adaption problems when they switch to the next...
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    🎨 Creative [Sword and Sorcery] 101 Things to find in a Lost Civilization's City

    17. A series of bas-relief carvings that depict some key events in the life of the city. A scholar might glean some clues about the history and religion of the inhabitants that will be surprisingly useful when navigating the tombs and temples. 18. A magnificant statue, clearly of some great...
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    Books We Are Reading 2018

    The Riddle-Master of Hed, by Patricia A. McKillip. Stunningly good: I read it straight-through, and immediately bought the rest of the series. It's a 1970s fantasy trilogy, with everything that implies, but the story flows perfectly and all of the familiar elements are just brilliantly executed...
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    Books We Are Reading 2018

    Just finished The Face in the Frost, by John Bellairs. This has been on my wishlist because it's in Appendix N, but the movie release of The House with a Clock in Its Walls prompted me to move it up the queue. My only experience of Bellairs was reading that book and a sequel a couple of times as...
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    The Dark is Rising

    I got an omnibus edition as a child (late Eighties), so only read them in order. I'd guess that the series was a recognised classic by then, at least in the UK.
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    Kill Six Billion Demons 2: a few demons more.

    At first glance, I wondered if it was a factory, but the smoke or dust is coming from lower down, rather than from the towers. Whatever it is, it seems to be deliberately isolated by being on an island with a single bridge, and the wall that has been constructed also screens it from the city (or...
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    Books We Are Reading 2018

    He comes across as one of the best kinds of old university professor: very sharp, still passionate, but not angry, and with a dry sense of humour. Innocent Fraud was apparently his last book, and it's kind of a summing up as well as call to action.
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    🎨 Creative An Empire of Bridges and Stone

    The ships are made from the hide and bones of dragons. I can't remember why: it's been a long time since I read these.
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    🎨 Creative An Empire of Bridges and Stone

    My first thought was The Shattered World, by Michael Reaves, which had some cool ideas: the ships that travel between the realm-islands in that book are made out of dragons.
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