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  1. Dromio

    [Recruitment] City of Necromancers: 4e Paragon Planar game (using PbtA oldschool emulator)

    Good questions, I love this stuff! I'll do my best. "Primal" to this character means raw, unfiltered, uncivilized nature. Not Central Park nature, or Pebble Beach nature, more like Antarctic nature, or rainforest or desert nature. This fits with the "nature" orientation of the Seeker. And...
  2. Dromio

    [Recruitment] City of Necromancers: 4e Paragon Planar game (using PbtA oldschool emulator)

    That's quite the setting! What really interests me here is the chance to play in a setting and at a level that I don't normally get to play at. I think the not-much-combat angle would be very effective, especially in that setting, and PbtA would be a relatively new experience for me. I'd be...
  3. Dromio

    Handling 13th Icons in a virgin territory

    I've played where no one started with Icon relationships and those relationships were developed over the first couple levels. It worked fine. It kind of let us get established a little bit in the world before "committing" to relationships. In your second situation that might be more...
  4. Dromio

    [Interest/Discussion] Running the 4e D&D Setting with PbtA (Freebooters on the Frontier)

    I miss Dragon and Dungeon. That is a compelling setting! I love the idea of the whole thing being a ruse, and the city simply retreating from common (or uncommon) knowledge. There's so much there! And by operating on a planar scale they don't expose their existence to those local countries...
  5. Dromio

    Lancer RPG - awesome looking Mech game, free beta

    I'm a bit confused about the Kickstarter. The 2$ level on the Campaign page says you get "Any future digital stretch goals, Any future social stretch goals, Long Rim Mechs". But in the main text of the campaign it says "Everyone who backs this campaign at the PDF tier (25$) or higher will have...
  6. Dromio

    Thirteenth Age Monster Creation

    No idea. The Land makes me think of Thomas Covenant. :) You've got a lot of really great ideas @JohnBiles !
  7. Dromio

    [COH] The City of Heroes Legacy Megathread [read redtext in post #2,263]

    I was thinking about just going for level 25-30 IO's and being done with the process until I hit 50. A level 25 IO is the same as an SO, and you can't outlevel it, right? I ask that sincerely; I don't remember messing much with IO's back in the day, probably because I had tons of INF. :)
  8. Dromio

    Critical Role Campaign 2 - D&D, nerdy-ass voice actors and Wild(mount) Times

    The Dimension 20 stuff is pretty dang good; the DM is super. In both the original season and Bloodkeep the first episode is extended introductory scenes with each character; so the posted Bloodkeep episode is not a lot of Matt. From episode 2 on though I would think it'll be more group play in...
  9. Dromio

    What does Arabian Nights mean to you in gaming?

    I've always loved the idea of desert adventures, there are lots of great things here! Savage Worlds' Hellfrost setting has a bunch of "Land of Fire" books. http://beyondthebundle.com/2016-03-08/land-of-fire/ has a pretty good summary.
  10. Dromio

    [Interest/Discussion] Running the 4e D&D Setting with PbtA (Freebooters on the Frontier)

    Are there slums in Astrazalian? Dark reflections of a city of light? An underworld? I think the choices sound cool. In game it'd be interesting to find out what happens with the choices NOT picked. Would there be PvP or will the group (at least mostly) be one the same side? I'm much more...
  11. Dromio

    [Let's Read] 13th Age Bestiary

    I believe it's still in the pipeline. He's got a book coming called Dark Alleys & Twisted Paths that I think is still in playtesting/layout. The golems are part of the Conjuration School for Wizards in that book. EDIT: I meant to add that the Midgard Bestiary for 13th Age also has some neat...
  12. Dromio

    [Let's Read] 13th Age Bestiary

    There's something about Golems in general that I've always liked, and the 13th Age versions are some of my favorites. At one point I think Martin (the author of Dark Pacts and Ancient Secrets) was working on a Golem mage, which I thought would be VERY cool.
  13. Dromio

    [Interest/Discussion] Running the 4e D&D Setting with PbtA (Freebooters on the Frontier)

    I think it sounds fine; like Lysus said it helps for me to think about where my character might fit in to the "Astrazalian heroes, planar travelers who are in the city at the time of the mission assignation, mundane dwellers visiting the city soon after its arrival, and/or crew on the...
  14. Dromio

    IC Hero Wars

    Kauri steps forward again, swinging at the scorpion broo. Freakity frackin' chaotic escalation dice stealers! 1d20+5: 17 [1d20=12] 1d6+3: 9 [1d6=6] I'm hoping a 17 will hit, and do 9 damage. Shield of Arran is still active on Kauri. With a natural even roll (12) and the escalation die at 2...
  15. Dromio

    [Post-Apocalypse] Soft-prep Game

    Savage Worlds' Broken Earth has some rules around that kind of thing. Building up your post apoc community etc.
  16. Dromio

    Using Fantasy Grounds for Face-to-Face?

    I've used it for Face to Face. It's a good way to display maps and move counters around, if you can lay a display flat. Honestly though I really liked it for the combat tracker and character sheet references. All the spells, weapons, etc. are just right there; no digging around in books or...
  17. Dromio

    River of London tv series in the works.

    That was my thought too. I think it could work very well.
  18. Dromio

    [Interest/Discussion] Running the 4e D&D Setting with PbtA (Freebooters on the Frontier)

    I like your spreadsheet, it really is a good jumping off point, except the Wiki keeps enticing me with non-spreadsheet ideas. :) Maybe a Mul Swift Strider Seeker? Spiritbond would be required, but would be my choice anyway, and spirits could be a cool thing to build around, both for myself...
  19. Dromio

    [Interest/Discussion] Running the 4e D&D Setting with PbtA (Freebooters on the Frontier)

    No worries here, that was just an initial look. The wiki says that Lifeseeker is from Dragon 364. I'm half tempted to see if I have that one just for fun, it's been a LONG time since I paged through some of those old Dragons/Dungeons. What you're saying makes very good sense, it could...
  20. Dromio

    [Interest/Discussion] Running the 4e D&D Setting with PbtA (Freebooters on the Frontier)

    This sounds like a TON of fun to me! A great opportunity to play at higher levels and in wider spaces. I've got some familiarity with both parts of the proposal: 4E and PbtA (BitD and MotW). I appreciate more of an exploration angle; going places that we've all speculated about, but rarely...
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