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    Icons in Dungeon World

    I'm looking at adapting Eyes of the Stone Thief to Dungeon World. To that end, I want to include the Icons of 13th Age. So I came up with this move, and I'm looking for critiques. When you create your character pick three of the Icons from 13th Age, then assign three +1 bonuses to those icons...
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    [Dungeon World] Juntu's Floating Ice Hell: Limiting the playbooks at a convention game?

    At the end of the month, I'm going to be running the Dungeon World adventure Juntu's Floating Ice Hell as a 3-4 hour convention one shot. In the interest of time, and fitting to the set up, I'm on the verge of rejecting the PbtA tradition of full character creation at the start of a convention...
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    A suggestion to people who do not like Dungeon World

    Dungeon World is something of a controversial game, in large part because of something it inherits from Apocalypse World: The idea that trouble is constantly coming for adventurers, that they are cursed to live in interesting times, and that solving one problem just lets you clearly see the two...
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    [Help Me Find This] 40k dancehall

    So in the new year my player's want to run another game of Black Crusade. We pitched it around a little, and something I remembered that went over really well was a thread from here (I think?) about a planet that had outlawed music, and that there were now criminal and increasingly heretical...
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    [Dungeon World] Flags and the Immolator

    In my game of Dungeon World, we've decided to use the flags variant instead of Bonds. In this variant, instead of having a particular relationship with each individual character in the party, each character has a character interaction defined on their sheet. (For example "Force me to talk about...
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    Westmarches Dungeon World?

    I'm looking at running a Westmarches style open table game for a stable of about 9 people. Does anyone know if Dungeon World can be a good fit for this? Can anyone recommend a game of similar complexity for this?
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    [Immersion+] What about GMs?

    I would like to hear from the big fans of immersion-motivated RPG play on a question that just occurred to me. While running a game, is the game's coordinator (DM, GM, other) capable of the same experience of focused and ongoing immersion as a player would be at the same table, while also...
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    [OMage] Robots

    If a mage wanted to make a robot, golem, or potato homunculus, which spheres would this require, and is there a rote?
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    [GURPS] 4e Tech Level Penalties

    Hi, I was just wondering, does anyone know if there is an advantage to expand the number of Tech Levels I can use a skill at, or decrease the penalty, outside of just taking the skill again at a lower TL?
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    What to do with mind control?

    In an upcoming game of mine, an antagonist NPC has made a deal with the devil. He's a mousy, pushover pharmacist in the 1870s in Kansas. Think the bank teller with the glasses from the Twilight Zone. So the devil comes to him, and offers him a bag of powder. If he sprinkles it into his clients...
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    [Bankuei's Three Questions] Could I get some example answers?

    In preparation for a Werewolf: The Wild West campaign I'm about to run, I wanted to answer the Three Questions from the end of Bankuei's Same Page Tool. The Three Questions are: The question of protagonists I've got answered, and we're on our way to character creation. But I'm struggling with...
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    [Fate] Mage Extras

    So in a few weeks I'm going to be running a game of Mage the Ascension using Fate Core. I already plan on using the Dresden Files City Creation Sheet for city/ Node creation, and I have the following idea to bring in Spheres to differentiate mages mechanically: You have a Sphere Pyramid. Its...
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    Should I punish my players for being good people?

    I'm running a Black Crusade game where one of the game principles is "the setting moves". When the players decided not to investigate the guy with a Necron Tardis, two planets got overrun by Necrons. Setting up a ritual to summon some backup meant that all the warriors in the final chamber were...
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    [L5R] Dark Moto Motivations

    In my L5R game, I had a Maho-tsuki and a Dark Moto collaborating, with the spellcaster hiring the Moto as a mercenary. Then the party killed the spellcaster, and stole the bag she had said out loud contained the Moto's payment. A bag I had not bothered to fill. Because I have no idea what you...
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    [AW] Running Oneshots

    The MC advice in AW games I've read: the stuff about no plans and how fronts take time to cook up and the advice concerning the first session being slow make it sound like it would be very difficult to use it for one-shot games. Has anyone tried though? What, if anything, did you do differently?
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    [PARANOIA] Secret Society Names

    So, I understand the jokes behind the Phreaks, FCCP, and Death Leopard, even if they aren't that funny. But could someone please tell me what's up with corpore metal, pro tech, and the romantics. Beyond that, can we brainstorm some (somewhat) better puns for names?
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