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  1. talam

    [5e] Why does the brown bear only have a +5 to hit?

    I have both the PHB and the MM. I've looked online at the errata to see if there was any corrections on it. It never struck me as something easily missed, so I turn to the forums to find out why the brown bear only has a +5 to hit. It's got a +4 str bonus and since it's CR 1, it's supposed to...
  2. talam

    [Blue Rose] Heroes of Aldis and Shadows of Kern: who are they?

    So with the latest update of the Blue Rose RPG, I was wondering if the people who backed the Hero of Aldis and Shadow of Kern tiers would be willing to share the details on the character ideas they submitted. I mean, I could wait patiently, but I haven't met an RP'er yet who doesn't like...
  3. talam

    For the Optimisers: what is your approach to practical optimization?

    Disclaimer: if you dislike optimization, this is not the thread for you. This is a thread to talk about optimization by people who optimize. Okay, so with that taken care of, a little bit of context: my friends and I are getting together to play a Mutants and Masterminds game and with the game...
  4. talam

    Request for post edit[Done]

    Specifically this one right here: http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?748789-Heroes-of-the-Storm-Anyone-playing&p=18764853#post18764853 If you could put "Edit: Beta Key has been claimed" as a separate line at the end, that would be very appreciated. Thank you for your assistance.
  5. talam

    Post Edit Request[granted]

    So I'm an idiot. I already requested a mod to make an edit to this thread: forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?745905-L5R-4e-Blessings-of-the-Dragons but I messed up. It's supposed to be [Actual Play Format Change Starts in the Fourth Session Post] instead of [Actual Play Format Change Starts in...
  6. talam

    [L5R 4e] Blessings of the Dragons

    [Actual Play Format Change Starts in Fourth Session Post] This is an actual play for a Legends of the Five Rings game, something you probably are already aware of. The game runs every two weeks over IRC on Tuesdays and I'll attempt to update this thread after every session on a reasonably...
  7. talam

    [5e] Suggested Battlemasters Maneuvers?

    I'm playing a Fighter in the Hoard of the Dragon Queen campaign book, and I'll be choosing the Battlemaster archetype when I hit lvl 3. I was wondering if people had any recommendations for which maneuvers would work really well. So far, I'm looking at Feint and Menacing Strike, and that's...
  8. talam

    Advice on running a game online?

    Okay, so my need to play in particular game has gotten to the point that I'm thinking up with weird ways to entice people to run one for me. My one idea so far is to maybe go for a rotational GM scheme and do the game over something like Skype. The idea is every player is also a GM. Every...
  9. talam

    [Legend of the Wulin]Looking for Kung Fu Guide

    Awhile back, there was a thread or at least some posts discussing the various external and internal styles, comparing them with each other and seeing which ones mix and matched well. My google-fu sucks and I can't find it worth a damn. Does anyone know where I can find it, or can someone...
  10. talam

    [Exalted] - Need help building Lunar Character

    So I'm in Exalted game, and I'll be playing a Lunar Exalt with Essence 4 and 250 xp to spend. He's going to be a Full Moon who pretends to act like arm-candy, and looks like he might be a social manipulative type right up until my character feels the need to rip heads off. He essentially...
  11. talam

    IC Dresden Files - Los Angeles

    First Adventure - [Title forthcoming] It was called The House. It was on Queens, but it was never called The House on Queens. When you thought of haunted houses, it was enough to say The House to know which one. No one knew why it was haunted. Everyone had reasons, and this being LA, very...
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