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  1. mrlost

    What do we know about the new Eberron book Rising from the Last War

    https://www.amazon.com/dp/0786966890/ Do we know what it reprints from Wayfare’s guide to Eberron? I see that product description includes the Artificer class. Any ideas if it will be identical to the last iteration of the UA: Artificer. Personally I’m super stoked for an adventure in the...
  2. mrlost

    I need to prep a tarokka (tarot) fortune telling for my next session

    What I what to the fortune telling to reveal is that the PC is the heir to a fallen noble house, that the ancestor responsible for their fall still lives as a vampire, and the inheritance lies in the crypt under Castle Ravenloft. I feel like I should also hint at a romantic entanglement, and the...
  3. mrlost

    Gygax had the deity Zagyg. Who is the NPC with the reverse of your name in your game?

    So in all my d&d games, as a tip of the hat to Gygax I tend to have an NPC called A. I. Crag because my surname is Garcia. Lately this Crag character has been showing up as a dwarf artificer of indeterminate gender. Do you DMs have such a tongue in cheek NPC and if so, tell me about them.
  4. mrlost

    🎨 Creative Has anyone used the new franchise rules in the Acquisitions Inc D&D book? Look at this thief/harlot guild I made

    Sample PC owned rank 1 franchise organization The Trull Bridge Street Temple is the front for a franchise of a secretive harlot and thief guild that venerates Tiamat, the draconic goddess of Destruction, Greed, and Lust. The “temple,” is actually a horse drawn carriage that is usually parked on...
  5. mrlost

    🎨 Creative (4e) PEACH This ritual tome I made for my Ravenloft game

    I have decided that the PCs mentor, Dr. Van Richten would have entrusted his students with an enchanted copy of his most famous tome: a +2 Van Richten's Guide to Vampires; Level 8 (rare) Included in this terrifying tome are a number of rituals for combating vampires. Implement (Tome)...
  6. mrlost

     (Star Trek Adventures; DS9) Trying to put together a one shot

    So after running a couple of one shots using both some Andorian pregens I made, as well as the TOS crew. One of my gaming groups has expressed interest in doing a DS9 one shot. However unfortunately for me, I can't find any already made for DS9. I was hoping maybe one exists for the STA...
  7. mrlost

    [ST:A] Need a scenario for Deep Space 9

    So I agreed to run another one shot of Star Trek Adventures, and I originally had an idea to run a Voyager adventure set during the Year of Hell two parter but the prospective players would prefer me to run a DS9 scenario. I went ahead and bought the official DS9 crew that Nathan Dowdell wrote...
  8. mrlost

    Is the Star Trek Voyager crew statted somewhere?

    Looking to run a one shot of Star Trek adventures, last year I did a TOS one with Kirk, Spock, etc. Modiphius has official write ups of TOS, TNG, and DS9 crew
  9. mrlost

    Looking for threads about a D&D 4e Castlevania game that someone ran 7 or so years back.

    I'm preparing to run a 4e D&D game again. I want to find either the poster that ran the game as well as all I can about the encounters that the guy ran. I want the combats that I run to be the best that I can run. The most tactically interesting. I'm mostly only going to run boss fights when I...
  10. mrlost

    (5e) What do we know about the new adventure? Balders Gate: Descent into Avernus?

    So I have read that its a level 1-13 adventure, its set in the Forgotten Realms guessing from the title and involves adventuring on the first layer of the nine Hells. Not sure why its a Forgotten Realms adventure. Seems like a good opportunity to reintroduce material for Planescape. EDIT Also...
  11. mrlost

    (UA3) Looking for resources to help run a one shot of Raiders of the Lost Mart

    So I ran Raiders of the Lost Mart as a one shot last year at a small local con (hurrah for Hyphen Con!) anyway, what I really needed was like a map of the store with all the ridiculous departments like the rental car area next to house wares, and a lawn & garden department of to one side near...
  12. mrlost

     (5e) Help me with the wording of this racial trait, I want to make elemental spells more important

    So I have been thinking of running another 5e Birthright inspired campaign, set in the Kozlovny region of the Vos. Anyway my last campaign established some setting changes to that area and I have been thinking that I want to make elemental spells more of a minigame by adding elemental...
  13. mrlost

    Can someone please put together a female french Artificer from Mage the Sorcerer's Crusade?

    I need one to serve as an NPC, and potentially a guest PC for a player in my 18th century Vampire 5e game. One of the players had requested some sort of Son of Ether type mage as his new touchstone, which I think the Artificers would have fit the bill, I suppose it hardly matters. One of my...
  14. mrlost

    Playing 5e makes me miss 4e hard

    I really miss the team structure of 4e where you really needed more than just DPS/strikers to be effective in combat. There was a synergy between defenders/leaders/strikers that I feel is missing from 5e and the options for leaders and defenders are all so weak. I’ve also begun to miss combat...
  15. mrlost

    5e customizing the Martial Adept feat

    Something that I was thinking about today, what if the Martial Adept feat let you pick up a maneuver from a different fighter archetype than the Battle Master? What if you could get one use of one the arcane archer Arcane Shot options? I think that would be fairly balanced and interesting. What...
  16. mrlost

    (5e) I feel so lost

    It feels so satisfying to complete my characters story arc, but now I am left unsure of my place in the party and I was so surprised to reach the conclusion of the trouble that I pitched to my DM as part of my characters concept that I wonder if I should even keep playing her or simply retire...
  17. mrlost

    What are the best/most balanced mutations for use in D&D?

    I’m thinking of running another post apocalyptic fantasy game in 5e, these tend to be my favorite flavor of D&D. I want to include mutations but I’m not sure on what rule set to use for them. What are my options? I have the 4e Gamma World and one of the expansions for same. Third party...
  18. mrlost

    Looking for a method to structure collaboratively creating a neighborhood with my players

    Hi. I was thinking that there should be a good way to collaboratively design a neighborhood or other local with a group of friends. Maybe with a deck of player cards or something, then I wondered “Hmm, I wonder if someone hasn’t done the work for me here,” so I ask you is this a thing that you...
  19. mrlost

    (5e) Tell me about Blood Hunters, which archetype is the most fun, etc

    A friend of mine introduced me to the Witcher/Bloodborne hunter inspired class and I let him play one in a D&D campaign last year. He had fun, and I found the class fun but I haven't really seen all the different archetype/subclasses in play. I'm tempted to try pitching a Blood Hunter character...
  20. mrlost

    (CoD/WoD) Looking for rules to represent environmental hazards, quicksand etc

    So last night, I ran my V5 game again. The players took a short trip across the English channel at night, in March of 1700 AD and ended up shipwrecked after an encounter with a Barbary Coast affiliated Lasombra pirate enemy that one of the players took as a flaw who attacked their ship and...
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