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    [OSR] Monstrous Races?

    I'm contemplating an OSR campaign and I'm thinking about alternate races. One reason is that it gives me more opportunities as the GM to customize the world. If I want to build a setting without, say, halflings, it's easy to tell players, "Don't make a halfling." But what if I want my setting to...
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    {When Science Fiction Meets Religion} A question about Islam in Space.

    What if space travel involved spending extended periods of time in hyperspace, which is functionally a different universe and therefore Earth and everything on it is not in a direction you can point or face?
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    Literal Setting Building

    Back in the day, I knew a couple of grognards who claimed that they had been running the same campaign for the last 10-20 years. But they weren't talking about keeping the same group at the same table every week for that long. They had the same trials and troubles that every gamer has. Their...
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    Literal Setting Building

    There is a certain value in being able to say "Hey miners! You mine for me now!" And the PCs would be able to provide monster-protection services, since killing monsters is something that PCs do very well. Plus, the act of organizing something enhances the power of Law to keep out Chaos and...
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    Literal Setting Building

    I think that there are people, created at the moment the world was born , that are essentially functional adults, but the Chaos effect means that they're disorganized and it's up to the PCs to organize them. (Otherwise, you wind up with the PCs having to take up farming, or sexually harassing...
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    Literal Setting Building

    Not what I'm thinking of. The idea is that the party is dropped into a new world, on Day 1 of its history, with only the gear on their backs. There were times I was tempted to go completely "Naked & Afraid," forcing the party to forage and hunt and sleep in dark holes until they get enough...
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    Literal Setting Building

    It's probably the most ambitiously lazy idea ever, but I've been thinking about running a game where the party is responsible for literally building the setting. They arrive on a completely blank map and their job is to explore it, tame it, and build anything they need. Eventually, they build up...
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    New Game: Dipping a toe, or All In?

    For myself, I will usually start by buying the core book. If I like what I read of the core game, I will buy supplements if they are available. If a core book requires the use of supplements, like if a sci-fi game has a specific aliens race as a major element, but they're a big mystery or you...
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    What's your favorite system for Name-level play? (domain management/hirelings)

    It doesn't rely on character-level abilities, so you're not going to convert characters or anything. Battles are resolved with a couple of rolls. If you want the PC's involved, give them a mission either doing something that their Company can't do or something that grants bonus dice to the...
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    UFO/Alien Abduction RPGs?

    It was kind of a big thing in the 90's. The Dark Matter campaign setting for TSR's Alternity game was the other big one. The Black Ops setting for GURPS was a high action take on the phenomena, with character's being highly trained badasses taking on malevolent aliens and a few other types of...
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    X-Files meets X-COM: How would you run it?

    For the most part, I'm inclined to say that it would be better to make those two ideas one single-threaded campaign. Let the investigators carry big guns for when things get hairy or run a military-style, mission-based campaign as the "cleanup crew" for alien incidents. On the other hand, I'm...
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    Starfinder: what do y’all think of it?

    I've actually been looking for a cool sci-fi/fantasy crossover game and this looked like it might be the one. The setting overall is very cool. I really like how they explored what the future of a fantasy world might look like. I did have some issues with it, though: 1) The fact that items...
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    Which Comes First? The Premise or the PCs?

    My feeling is that the basic campaign pitch should boil down to "The PCs are all X who do Y (and maybe also Z)." In this format, the archetypal D&D campaign pitch is "The PCs are all fantasy adventurers who kill monsters and take their stuff." Details and variations abound, but I'm not likely to...
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    What's the system like for Ironclaw?

    I played 1e back in the day, and I'll probably pick up the Bundle to get 2e. Your character's stats are Body, Speed, Mind, and Will, then you also have Race and Career. Each is rated by dice, d4 through d12. Race and Career are attached to specific skills and are always rolled with those...
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    Why is it so difficult to get people to play anything besides D&D?

    I think the "generic brand name" thing is definitely an issue. Even though I'm something of a gaming hipster and D&D proper is too mainstream for me, I will still tell people that I spend my off time playing Dungeons & Dragons. Another point of resistance might be the idea that all you're really...
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    [Recommend a System] Everybody Wants To Rule The World

    I'll try to pick up those Numenera books. The gang building system in Blades in the Dark is interesting, but I don't think it does what I'm looking for. I'm looking for a way for players to generate content that I can then unleash on the next set of players. It looks like filling out the sheet...
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    [Recommend a System] Everybody Wants To Rule The World

    It's a fine starting point, but I'm looking for support for world-building as an in-character activity; Support for characters building a legacy that can be handed off to the next generation of PCs. I do have SWN and Other Dust. My main question is if there was something that wasn't OSR (or...
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    [Recommend a System] Everybody Wants To Rule The World

    Kingdom Building for Pathfinder is in Ultimate Campaign, which is an item on my list. I also have the Reign Enchiridion, which has the ORE Company Rules. I like that system a lot, but something that can interact with a map and encourage the players to mark places, borders and trade routes would...
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    [Recommend a System] Everybody Wants To Rule The World

    I'm not strictly stuck on fantasy, or necessarily planet-based versions of this. If there's a sci-fi system that has good support for a "Free Trader" becoming a master of a trading fleet or interstellar empire, that is also something I would consider.
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    [Recommend a System] Everybody Wants To Rule The World

    I've wanted to run a game where the party not only explores, but builds up the map through the process of play. Not a "god game" or "world construction" game like Microscope. Sort of like OSR with strong support for stronghold-level play. In fact, I already have a pile of OSR stuff that I could...
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