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  1. Thanaeon

    Journeys in Middle-Earth: upcoming FFG Gloomhaven in ME

    Looks like Fantasy Flight Games have decided to create their version of Gloomhaven and are setting it in Middle-Earth: Product page It's looking quite interesting. App support, as they tend to do with their collaborative games these days, which should reduce maintenance hassles. Good production...
  2. Thanaeon

    The Orville - for people not that into comedy?

    Okay, I hear great things about The Orville, and have been interested in giving it a try. Now it turns out that it's available in a streaming service that I have otherwise zero interest in. Is it likely to be worth a month's subscription (I used up my free month for this service way back when)...
  3. Thanaeon

    Fusion school of design - why no difficulty?

    Okay, there's this new school of RPG design that I find really interesting, exemplified by games like the various Powered by the Apocalypse games, Blades in the Dark and Ironsworn. There's a lot I really like about them - the elegance of the core mechanics, the flexibility of the rules, the...
  4. Thanaeon

    Pillars of Eternity 2 or Tyranny?

    Okay, here's the deal: I've got a hankering for some CRPG gaming, of the traditional kind rather than 3rd or 1st person variety. The primary options at this point for me are Tyranny and Pillars of Eternity 2. I've put in 7 hours of Tyranny. It seemed pretty good, though some other game took my...
  5. Thanaeon

    What's the difference between fantasy and mythology?

    We all know that the word "fantasy" by default evokes a fairly specific set of core tropes whereas mythology is a much broader topic. And obviously, mythology can be characterised as fantasy that people used to - and sometimes still do - genuinely believe in, in significant numbers. But I also...
  6. Thanaeon

    Phishing ad on site

    I'm not sure if this is the correct subforum, but it seems like the best fit for this. For some time now, every now and then when I open up an RPG.net forum page, I get a pop-up asking for user name and password. It claims to be from something called "http://the-toast.net" but it seems to me...
  7. Thanaeon

    Arkham Horror novels, any good?

    There are some Arkham/Eldritch/Etc. Horror universe related novels at sale at places like Drivethrufiction. I was wondering, has anyone read some of them, and are they any good?
  8. Thanaeon

    [Game design musing] Powerplay with mortal avatar

    My wandering mind just had an idea that I don't recall having seen in many games, if at any, and I thought I'd throw it up in here to see what you think of it. So, you have a game that's about growing in power by taking over things - maybe land, maybe organisations (organised crime style)...
  9. Thanaeon

    [Space exploration] The Long Journey Home

    So, once upon a time there were these adventurous, multi-faceted space exploration adventure action games like Star Control 2, Starflight and the like. It's largely a dead genre now, though I do wish... Hold on, I'm getting an emergency broadcast from a bunch of humans who just completed the...
  10. Thanaeon

    It's my birthday, give me first contact scenarios

    So, I'm a big scifi nut, especially of the space scifi kind. I generally lean towards the slightly more plausible end of the space opera (think The Expanse, Mass Effect, Babylon 5, Peter F. Hamilton's stuff as opposed to Star Trek or Star Wars) kind as my preference, but this is not a fixed...
  11. Thanaeon

    [Heavy metal] Is this about what I think it is?

    Okay, so there's this Finnish metal band Battle Beast that does some pretty good basic metal. (Though with a female singer.) They put out a new single today, apparently. And, well... https://youtu.be/8lKYdrL-AAw I get the feeling that this song is a pretty specific reference to, you know...
  12. Thanaeon

    Sexual attraction in a video game world (Rimworld)

    There was this article on Rock, Paper, Shotgun that I found fascinating and I think might be right up RPG.net's alley. Short version? The game simulates sexual attractions in a scifi colony, and does so in a way that's... Pretty detailed in some ways, surprisingly (considering the depth of...
  13. Thanaeon

    [General system musing] Violence, not combat, mechanics?

    In one of my innumerable musings today, I started thinking about how violence in real life, especially when once is not mentally prepared for it ahead of time, tends to be more about hesitation, demonstration and bluster rather than the sort of action movie zero to killing that most games...
  14. Thanaeon

    [Interest] An open play-by-post?

    So, I had this idea today of running an "open" play-by-post game on this forum to playtest my (heavily Blades in the Dark -inspired in mechanics) fantasy RPG. Basically, what I have in mind is a game with one or a few protagonists that can be controlled by anyone who drops by the thread rather...
  15. Thanaeon

    New school of game design?

    Okay, for many, many years I felt that the RPG industry had left me behind, with very few games whose mechanics appealed to me being published in favour of the story game becoming ever more popular, exemplified by Fate being everywhere. Recently, though, within the last half a year or so, a...
  16. Thanaeon

    D&D 5e stuff removed from DrivethruRPG?

    There used to be a healthy selection of 3rd party D&D 5e supplements on DrivethruRPG. Now, when I use the D&D 5e tag, there's a scant handful left, only seven items total, one of which is free. Anyone know what's up with that?
  17. Thanaeon

    RPG NPC theme tune requests

    Hey, I'm starting a D&D5e campaign and I'd like to find appropriate theme musics for three particular NPCs. To that end, I'd like to request help by Other Media. I'd like something fantasy-themed - so preferably little or no electronic sounds and more natural instruments are better - and no or...
  18. Thanaeon

    [One of the best games ever] King of Dragon Pass on Steam

    So, for those of you for whom the name "King of Dragon Pass" causes your pulse to get a bit faster, it's now available on Steam. It's the updated Android version with slightly decreased micromanagement (no more manual assignment of crafters, removal of pigs as a separate kind of livestock) and...
  19. Thanaeon

    Mad Max: Fury Road, the unspoilery discussion

    So, it looks like everybody and their dog loves this movie, even people who didn't expect to. Without spoilers, could someone explain why that is? What makes it so different from the umpteen other big-budget action movies we get each year? My personal point of view, for the record, is someone...
  20. Thanaeon

    Exanima, the The Riddle of Steel of video games

    So, there's this new action game (action CRPG, once it's advanced more) out on Steam Early Access called Exanima. It's quite unlike any other game I've ever played and, IMO, mostly in a good way. Like the thread title says, it's a fighting game that aims at realism by using a physics-based...
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