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    Does Strength deserve to be an attribute?

    My gaming background features a lot of D&D/d20, but also some Traveller, Shadowrun and WoD, and in my experience, Strength ends up being a dump stat for a large chunk of characters. Sure, some people want to play the Strength character, but if an attribute is a dump stat for so many character...
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    Alita: Battle Angel - Comparison of Movie/Anime/Manga (SPOILERS)

    I was going to ask this in the other thread, but having to put everything in spoiler tags is proving to be painful. I was curious what people thought of the various changes made to the source material. What was an improvement and what was not? IMHO, a lot of the changes were good, but a few...
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    Looking for an RPG that doesn't use a battle map, but isn't Theater of the Mind, either

    Ever since 3e came out, I've been hooked on using battlemaps. They add a tactical richness to the game that I love. I recently played in a 5e campaign that was theater of the mind, and the game kept breaking down because the GM would have to keep re-explaining where everyone is. Now I'm...
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    What makes reading a certain book enjoyable?

    I recently bought a copy Once and Future King by T.H.White and after 100 hundred pages I just had to put it down. I've read gushing reviews of it (including here), but I found it so boring. Page 100, and the main conflict of the book (if any) hasn't appeared. I normally give a novel about 40...
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    [13th Age] How does 13th Age handle the 'cleric problem'

    I was under the impression that parties in 13th Age don't need a cleric, but I'm playing in a game now and dammit, WE NEED A CLERIC.
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    An alterative to damage-based killing: maneuvers and finishers

    I've seen that in most role-playing games, there is some sort of mechanism to make damage cumulative, and then characters are able to resist several hits before going down. But in most fiction - and I suspect the real world as well - a single hit can down someone, and does in fact do so...
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    Critique my Contest/Skill Challenge System!!!

    Background: this is for my FATE-based-but-crunchier game. Fate has simple contests and then more complex challenges with multiple rolls. This is my version of that, with some influence from the 4e skill challenge system. In a simple challenge, two forces interact, and the high roller wins. If...
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    A Wound-Based Damage System

    I'm currently working on the damage system for my RPG. It's a light-ish system that uses Fate style aspects, but on top of an effects based system like HERO System (though much easier). Basic mechanic is Special Ability (Attack, Defend, Resist, Move, etc) + Attribute (Strength, Dexterity...
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    Another Mechanic: Focused vs Expansive attacks

    For my game, I'm trying to distinguish between what I call focused and expansive attacks. Focused attacks are attacks that strike at a single part of the target, and hope to do greater damage by hitting a more sensitive spot. Expansive attacks hit the whole target at once. Focused attacks let...
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    Good System for Planescape

    So we've been playing Planescape and love the setting, but our DM hasn't been fond of the system we've been using (4e) citing it's complexity. So we're looking to change systems. We're already playing 13thAge and don't want to double up, and we're currently looking at 5e. What other systems can...
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    [13th Age] The Occultist

    So I've just started playing this and it's pretty fun, but I'm trying to figure out how to best use my character. Has anyone else played this class? Did you find your character to be really fragile? Did you end up using Moment of Karma all the time?
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    Shadowrun Fifth Edition

    So I finally allowed my love of the Shadowrun setting to overrule my distaste for the game system and I picked up the rule book. I now want to pick up some more books, and I'm looking at ordering some. The problem: finding the books online. Battlecorps says that the core book (out for a year) is...
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    13th Age Pre-made adventures?

    I'd like to GM 13th Age, but I'm extremely lazy. I'm looking for some pre-made adventures. I noticed that the 13th Age site has some, can anyone tell me how complete they are? Or are they just 'seeds' for people to work with? Are there any third party adventures available?
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    [Strands of Fate] Converting Shadowrun

    After a few years, I've decided to try my hand again at GM'ing, and I've decided I want to GM Shadowrun. But I'm lazy, so I want to use a system that's a tiny bit easier. I've looked at the various Fate incarnations and Strands seems to offer a good balance of crunch and...
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    Mage: The Ascension help needed: Force/Matter rotes?

    So I'm playing Mage: the Ascension (whatever the last revision was called before Awakened). Wow, the flavor is so much better in the old version. Anyways, I'm playing a character styled after the Mad Scientist archetype, like Doc Brown, Professor Farnsworth and Rotwang from Metropolis rolled...
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    [4e] Trying to make a fighter

    So I'm trying to make a fighter (level 8) and I've run into a problem: when I search the net for advice, a lot of it is based off of stuff that's been nerfed or otherwise errated away. So I'm trying to make a level 8 fighter that can do obscene amounts of damage. I was going to go Slayer, but I...
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    [4e+] An idea for generic powers based on combat role

    So I love 4e. But it still has a few issues, and one in particular bugs me: because each class has it's own list of class powers, there are very few options at each level, particularly if you have a specific build in mind. For example, imagine a level 13 sorcerer with an acid motif taking their...
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    [4e] What makes a controller?

    What exactly must a character be capable of to be considered a controller? is it: -the ability to move enemies against their will -the ability to affect multiple targets at range -the ability to inflict serious conditions on enemies -the ability to create difficult or impassible terrain (walls)...
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    [4e] Pulling punches and non-lethal damage

    In my last game, the DM dumped us into the middle of riot. Being (sort of) good, we didn't want to hurt anyone, but then I pointed out that whenever you knock someone down to 0 hit points, you can choose whether to kill them or to simply knock them unconscious, so it was perfectly alright for us...
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    [4e] Questions about pllaying the monk...

    So I just had my first session playing a monk (Human, Iron Soul, Level 3). We fought kobolds. Lots of kobolds. It was good fun, but I spent a lot of the final combat sitting around, mostly because the kobolds were armed with these grenades of goo that immobilized the target, even on a miss. So...
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