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  1. hippokrene

    [Film/Review/Spoilers] Peele’s ‘Us’

    I dislike horror. There are excellent horror films and I can appreciate the genre, but it often gets a hard pass from me. That’s likely why, despite thinking Get Out was a great film, I wasn’t aware of Us until yesterday. It popped up in Amazon’s ‘since you liked...’ recommendations. My first...
  2. hippokrene

    IC Storm Panthers (4e)

    Through dangers uncounted and hardships unnumbered, you’ve guarded the caravan safely to its destination. You began in Al-Shara, a southern city on the coast, and traveled roughly northeast for two weeks until you reached the newly ‘liberated’ city of Ozenfre. Your cargo was simple but vital: a...
  3. hippokrene

    OOC Storm Panthers (4e)

    Wiki IC Thread Welcome to the OOC thread for Storm Panthers, my laissez-faire D&D 4e adventure. I’m drawing several elements from the awesome-sauce that is 4th edition but the ‘game engine’ is very rules light. Basic gameplay loop GM: Describe a situation PC: Describe an action, and roll a...
  4. hippokrene

    [Interest/Recruitment] Laissez-faire D&D 4e

    I’m interested in a classless, semi-freeform game of Dungeons and Dragons, inspired by the Points of Light setting and the use of power sets in 4th edition. Most actions will be determined with a single d20 roll (no rolling attack and damage separately); I’ll be getting rid of initiative...
  5. hippokrene

    Animated Dungeon Maps

    I swear, some of you are just trying to make the rest of us look bad. If my players get a map scrawled a winkled bit of notebook paper, it's because I decided to put extra work into the encounter. This dude uses a TV screen as his board and so has animation and sound for his map.
  6. hippokrene

    Where to Put RP Art?

    I'm getting back into drawing and a lot of my stuff is inspired by RP settings. I was thinking of sharing with the board, but the old Creative forum is gone and it feels off to stick it in RP general, especially as it would include DnD art. Suggestions?
  7. hippokrene

    💯 {Staff Pick} [Mirth Permitted] Why is John Sumbitch still a Member of this Forum?

    I know it's rude to call out a specific poster by name, but I feel I need to draw attention to what is an obvious expression of moderator and admin bias. John Sumbitch has managed to get infraction after infraction over the years. He and Mary Sumbitch are one of the few posters to get perma'ed...
  8. hippokrene

    Whatever Happened to Steven Universe?

    Did they ever finish the show? To this day, I feel the need to constantly avoid any discussion or article about it because it leaned so heavily on dramatic reveals that spoilers were inevitable. Also, the release schedule was annoying. I see that it finished its fifth season. Is it safe to...
  9. hippokrene

    Sunless Skies!

    It's finally out of early access and the reviews are mostly positive. I'm picking it up tomorrow so I can lose myself to madness. Anyone joining me?
  10. hippokrene

     Please Explain to Me: Captain America

    Hello, I've just arrived on your fabled shores and am going through your comics literature. Someone suggested to me that I check out this 'Captain America,' so I'm coming to you for an overview of his character. 1. Who is this Captain America and why is he important? 2. What makes him...
  11. hippokrene

    When You Are Half-Way Through a Murder Mystery and your Bigot Sense Starts Tingling...

    On one hand, it's written in an engaging manner, the characters are interesting, and I'm enjoying the mystery. On the other hand, I strongly suspect that one of the characters is a mentally ill, queer transwoman. Only the author seems to be obscuring the fact that she's a transwoman. And the...
  12. hippokrene

    I've Discovered a Love of HOPA (Hidden Object Puzzle Adventures)

    My wishlist is up to 104 items, but my funds are below my ankles, so I sorted my list by price and picked the cheapest thing. It was a hidden-object-game called Grim Legends 3: The Dark City. I have no idea how that got on my wishlist. Some of the games there added five or six years ago. I've...
  13. hippokrene

    It's Getting a Bit Dark in Here

    I hesitated to post this. I appreciate the hard work the mods do to make this board a pleasant place and hate to add more stress to them. But Tangency is getting rather dark again. The political threads continue to multiply and the general attitude in them is one of apocalyptic doom or...
  14. hippokrene

    [Movie] Wonder Woman '84

    Scheduled release date!: November 2019 Starring: Gal Godot, Chris Pine, Kristen Wiig (as the Cheetah), and Pedro Pascal. Gal Gadot shared the first image of the costume from Wonder Woman 2: It... looks exactly like the costume from Wonder Woman. But the background is very bright and...
  15. hippokrene

    💢 Attention The new tags for Trouble Tickets

    On a completely subjective level, I find the color of the [completed] tag oddly satisfying. It's pretty. Also, I think the new tags are a good idea. Edit: Oh, the blue for Be Mindful is nice too, but should users have access to the tagging system in TT?
  16. hippokrene

    IC [5e] Moon by Witchlight

    Dawn rises on the city of Burwich, the largest city in Mordvinia province. The weather is cool and misty, as is to be expected in mid-autumn, and laborers hustle off to work while their betters roll through in lavishly appointed carriages. Ernest T. Pembrook, Esq, the gnome solicitor, has...
  17. hippokrene

    OOC [5e] Moon by Witchlight

    Lady Amelie Ravencourt of Mordvinia requests the aid of bold adventurers and heroes to help clear the most foule and dangerous threats within the Carnback Bog, Windershin Forest, and the City of Rhastencrest. Those interested must present a Note of Repute from a chartered Adventurer's Guild to...
  18. hippokrene

    [TV] Supergirl/The Flash - That doesn't seem like lawful imprisonment

    My mother has been on a superhero kick and is watching back to back episodes of the Flash and Supergirl. This is the pattern I'm familiar with from comics: - Bad guy appears - Hero fights bad guy - Hero captures bad guy and hands them over to the police There are exceptions, the Green...
  19. hippokrene

    How do you feel about the use of Travellers/Roma?

    I'm reading up on the Ravenloft setting and it has a group of people it calls Gypsys (earlier editions) and Vistani (current editions). They're your usual Roma stereotypes: covered wagons, fortune tellers, traveling vagabonds/rogues, exotic clothing and dancing. On one hand, they're colorful...
  20. hippokrene

    [DnD 5e][Recruit] Moon by Witchlight

    Edit: And I went to sleep and my game filled up. Recruiting is now closed. Lady Amelie Ravencourt of Mordvinia requests the aid of bold adventurers and heroes to help clear the most foule and dangerous threats within the Carnback Bog, Windershin Forest, and the City of Rhastencrest. Those...
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