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    [PATHFINDER] reign of winter (hardmode): Maptools and mic(Looking at either Wed. 8:30p Est to 11p or Thur 9p to 2a Est)

    So I've been wanting to run a home(ish) game for a while and had in mind to do a Kaiju focused one. But that task is daunting and requires quite a bit of time to get right. So I'm scratching the itch in the meantime with an adventure path that's about as wild as running like hell from the...
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    No October Article

    This month has been something of a challenge since I have to put a lot of thought into this next column and I honestly want it to be worth reading. So I figure I'd like to start a small discussion on people feelings towards mechanical morality systems. Why you love them, why you hate them, why...
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    The Basement Orc Episode 2.

    http://thebasementorc.blip.tv/ Finally got to the second video. As promised those links to said games. http://www.lordkat.com/dungeons-dragons - A small group of minor internet personalities gather to kill steal each other and persecute the elves. http://www.escapistmagazine.com/video... -...
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    An experiment in bad video review for tabletop rpgs: The Basement Orc

    So a few months ago I was inspired to start a video series in an effort to promote my hobby and educate others into the more obscure aspects of tabletop games. I had a concept and a rough script but had no chance to record after my fiance became sick. When she became pregnant and started to...
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    [Interest Check and possible recruitment]GURPS Discworld vs. Rogue Trader.

    What to do what to do. I want to start a PBP but I'm not sure which to do. A Gurps Discworld game that explores the possibilities of costumed superheroes in Ankh Morpork. OR RogueTrader, equally hilarious but more Douglas Adams than Terry Pratchett.
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    Atlanta, Pathfinder game seeking to fill seat.

    Recently one of my players dropped from my pathfinder game and I'm needing a new one to fill his seat. The game is based on Norse mythology and doesn't use the normal pathfinder setting. Currently the group consists of a leprechaun druid, a norse oracle and a norse fighter. The palyer that...
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    [WoW RPG]One last gasp before the end.

    So the license has been pulled from white wolf, the forums and website are gone for good and we're left with little to no explanation as to why. That's old news. What people probably didn't know at the time is at the time me, one of the writers for the game and a few other talented people got...
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    more previews (accurate this time) of what's to come.

    This is just a small preview of the coming articles once the Running evil series concludes this month. March: "It's a Crapsack World" April:SURPRISE ARTICLE May: Dr. Doom or: how I learned to stop worrying and love the planet smasher June: "Mirror Mirror" July:"10 Colorful Henchmen to Decorate...
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    Two art pieces needed for contest entry.

    So for those unaware there's a game design contest going on in the game design forum that I'm taking part of. I won last year and owe a good part of my success to the superb artist I was very lucky to get. This year I won't be able to use him again because his style sadly won't match the...
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    [Beyond Gods]Introductory Fiction shenanigans

    So before I sit down to get to writing Beyond Gods proper, I decided to write a bit of introductory fiction to get the brain cells rolling and give players an idea of what the game is all about, not unlike the fictions featured in nearly all White Wolf books. It's a bit tough to get the idea...
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    Stupid Star Ocean3

    I hate you. That's a dick move you're pulling making me play Final Fantasy Tactics the first half of the game without the awesome story and turn based combat. Cliff you are the greatest gay guy in the history of gaming, keep it up. Albel get over yourself and put on a shirt that fits...
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    Getting Pathfinder group together in Atl. GA.

    Hello, I am a GM in Lil burn who has moved into the area not long ago. I am looking to start a game on Saturday evenings at the Gaming Pit on Highway 29 in Lilburn. The game is Pathfinder (D&D 3.5 streamlined essentially) if you do not have a book don’t worry I have access to one. The game...
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    Getting PAthfinder group together in Atl. GA.

    So, I've decided to run a viking themed Pathfinder game on Saturdays at the Gaming Pit in Lilburn GA. If anyone is in the area and interested or has questions I can be reached at tarkxt@gmail.com or PMed here.
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    101 Terrible ideas of how gamin companies can revive the industry, and fail.

    1. Scratch and sniff nicotine pictures on every page. Every piece of art is like a hundred packs of cigarettes. 2. Make all the art pornographic. All of it. 3. Copy every idea that WoTC puts out but change it just small enough that it avoids lawsuits. Hey, it works for the brazilian film...
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    Detailed or Mysterious history?

    Soo it's been a week or two since I've worked on Gnome. Looking back at the history I've written for it I've since found it lacking. So I got to think whether or not less is more. Maybe I should keep the history as vague as possible only writing and hinting at enough to give them a sense of...
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    [Courier]Another insomnia and drug induced Tark game.

    So a spontaneous idea came to mind for a very quick and very easy game that emulates Johnny Mnemonic. The games minimum is 3 players. One player takes on the role of the courier with 100hp there own deck of courier things, and a character sheet made by the player. The courier has one win...
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    [Beyond Gods] A game where not everyones a diety and Texas Hold'ems a resolution mec

    So while contemplating game chef I got hit with a lightning bolt and started to think about higher beings. Not necessarily gods (though they can be) but entities of extreme power who work on levels of omnipotence. Who form coalitions to protect themselves from the predation of their fellow...
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    Looking for Artists, Layout People, and others who know better then I do.

    So I'm working on a game for the Gamechef "competition". Since I have a lot more time aand freedom I have the ability to obtain and make use of more resources then I normally have available. While people aren't going to be paid I will happilly cram banners and URLs to peoples sites on my own...
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    [Serif Page Plus10]How do I get a 2 column layout?

    I ran into this problem with Apprentice. Anyone know how to do it? Or cna direct me to a place with such questions?
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    [Interest Check]Left4Dead tabletop fan project

    I've been on a Left4Dead binge lately and a thought occured to me. Why not take the ideas and thoughts that went into Left4Dead and make a nice quick little tabletop? To accomplish this it would need to be a self contained, fast paced, number. Here's what it would require. ~It would need to...
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