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  1. Brad J. Murray

    Probability Sticky

    Might call for an analytical solution rather than a Monte Carlo. Consider https://eric22222.wordpress.com/2009/03/22/a-mathematical-analysis-of-exploding-dice/ for the d6 case and extrapolate.
  2. Brad J. Murray

    Scaffold check Party controls single giant Jaeger

    I'm interested in your use of the word "scaffold" here since I recently wrote about the technique and thought I coined the word (in this context, obviously). I'd love to track its progress in the wild. :D
  3. Brad J. Murray

    [Sci-Fi, Mostly] New Worlds to Steal?

    Beregon alpha and beta are mutually orbiting planetoids. They have pressure but limited air and resources sufficient to create and sustain habitation. They are primarily inhabited by industry, work forces, and prisons. The configuration of these two worlds is not explained by astrophysics: they...
  4. Brad J. Murray

    What is the least playable RPG?

    Yeah I think this is the only game I ever bought that never made it to the table because I couldn't. Space Opera I played a ton of.
  5. Brad J. Murray

    In which I try to give FATE another chance by posting a WIR thread on Diaspora

    Well, obviously I’ve thought about this a lot and am also able to bring to bear my experiences writing Elysium Flare (a Fate derivation) and our two Soft Horizon Games (a custom system). With the formalization of Fate as “Fate Core” and “Fate Accelerate Edition” I wind up pinned between several...
  6. Brad J. Murray

    In which I try to give FATE another chance by posting a WIR thread on Diaspora

    For what it’s worth, the next edition won’t be Fate. And way back in the day I wrote a blurb justifying the use of Optima!
  7. Brad J. Murray

    Alternatives to DriveThruRPG

    Itch is great for digital delivery. Better storefront and they take a much smaller cut. And there are integrated forums. Also, the tipping culture there is miles beyond DTRPG customers.
  8. Brad J. Murray

    What’s Your Ideal Sci-Fi RPG

    Patrons get first crack at finished rules but I’ll shout about open playtesting on Twitter, the blog, and everywhere else that will have me. Author playstorming takes place on the VSCA discord and conversation there is welcome! The blog (link below) has all the links.
  9. Brad J. Murray

    What’s Your Ideal Sci-Fi RPG

    Pretty sure I love you.
  10. Brad J. Murray

    What’s Your Ideal Sci-Fi RPG

    Sometime this year we might be able to offer a playtest package for a second edition!
  11. Brad J. Murray

    What’s Your Ideal Sci-Fi RPG

    If I was to interpret "ideal" as "gets to the heart of what science fiction is for and about" I'd have to say Shock: Social Science Fiction nails it.
  12. Brad J. Murray

    What’s Your Ideal Sci-Fi RPG

    I usually wind up making a new one whenever my specific interests change. I couldn't possibly point to an ideal -- sf is such an incredibly broad category. It's like saying "fantasy" without implying just Tolkein.
  13. Brad J. Murray

    Any dn-dn Systems?

    Yes, it's a novel (folded, really) distribution that's fun to play with and also has the visual appeal of 6 unique kinds of zero (since they are all doubles of a particular number) which we use to provide oracular cues. So for example, a zero Technology is by definition "no space travel", but...
  14. Brad J. Murray

    List of SRDs/OGL games

    Diaspora, of course. And, though not OGL, Soft Horizon.
  15. Brad J. Murray


    We usually finish in one.
  16. Brad J. Murray

    Multi-stage desgins in science fiction?

    It's not explicit in the rules, but we've certainly run mid tech Diaspora games in which the re-usable interface vehicle (ground to orbit and back) built its own solid fuel first stage with mining automation.
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