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  1. Kirayoshi

    (Trailer) Yesterday. Anyone see this?

    This looks to be an interesting idea, with a solid pedigree (Director Danny Boyle, writer Richard Curtis). Does it count as plagiarism if the original artists never existed?
  2. Kirayoshi

    Prompted by the trailer for HTTYD 3: Magic-free Fantasy

    The new trailer for How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World dropped recently, and it got me to thinking. HTTYD has become one of my favorite animated franchises in recent years, with its distinct combination of well-rounded lead characters, detailed world-building and stories that combine...
  3. Kirayoshi

    Every song from Disney's Animated Canon (almost) ranked from worst to best

    I found this article on consequenceofsound.net and thought it would be good meat for discussion on the forums. Ranking: Every Disney Song From Worst To Best Caveats up front: - It's rather time-consuming, as not all but most of the songs come with working embedded YouTube files. - It only...
  4. Kirayoshi

    Holy 70s Nostalgia! Electra Woman and Dyna Girl are back!

    So this, evidently, is a thing that is happening. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FtkPbA3J510 I have some strange childhood memories of Sid and Marty Krofft (seriously, who needs drugs when you have H. R. Pufnstuf?) but this looks like an interesting take on the theme: amatuer superheroes...
  5. Kirayoshi

    Holy 70s Nostalgia! Electro Woman and Dyna Girl are back!

    Sorry, this got posted twice. Glitch on my part while correcting a spelling error. Mods, please remove. Thanks.
  6. Kirayoshi

    Peter Jackson and Doctor Who? It may be happening.

    According to rumor, Peter Jackson has expressed interest in directing an episode of Doctor Who, and the BBC has expressed interest in letting him. Thus far, it hasn't gotten past the 'expressed interest' stage. That may have changed. This video has appeared on YouTube...
  7. Kirayoshi

    "We Are The Only Love Gods!"

    Just out now; Joss Whedon's "Much Ado About Nothing" trailer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F6QV0UAifXQ You ever find something on a restaurant menu that contains two ingredients that you're convinced would never go together? And then you try a sample and it's one of the best things you ever...
  8. Kirayoshi

    Michael Moorcock--Where to Start?

    So I had a 50% off coupon for Borders, and I ended up buying a new Doctor Who novel, "The Coming of the Terraphiles", written by Michael Moorcock. My previous exposure to Moorcock was mainly from the DC/Vertigo Michael Moorcock's Multiverse TPB(which I bought mainly for the Walt Simonson art)...
  9. Kirayoshi

    (Music) Since When is This a Christmas Song?

    Okay, let me set the scene here. Every year I put together a CD of favorite Christmas songs as gifts for family and friends, and this year I got a pretty respectable haul; Ok Go's cover of the Kinks' "Father Christmas", "Come Thou Font of Every Blessing" by Sufjan Stevens, "Star of Wonder" by...
  10. Kirayoshi

    The Ultimate Form of Gozer the Destructor is Upon Us!

    And it's...caffeinated! Stay Puft Quality Marshmallows. Now available. I wonder if you have to cross the streams to make s'mores out of them.
  11. Kirayoshi

    ISTTKO...Christmas Music

    I've been trying to find a version of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer that I heard the other day. It was released several years ago, has a sort of swing-rock tempo, and at one point the line "You'll go down in history" is replaced by "Play your saxophone for me". Can anyone tell me who recorded...
  12. Kirayoshi

    And Another Thing? Really?

    So there I was at my local Barnes and Noble, checking out what new books I may wish to purchase with my next paycheck(leaning heavily toward Unseen Academicals, the new Discworld book), when I noticed a display of new trade paperback editions of the Hitchhikers Guide novels. Well and good, I...
  13. Kirayoshi

    Hollywood SF exhibit in Spokane, WA

    Anyone heading to Spokane, Washington between now and September 5? If so, check this out: Out of This World: Extraordinary Costumes of Film and Television The traveling exhibit features costumes and props from famous(and infamous) science-fiction and fantasy movies and TV. Among the...
  14. Kirayoshi

    I want to talk about live theater

    I haven't seen this as a subject in a thread before, so forgive me if a thread like this exists. Once in a great while I like to watch a live play. In recent years I've seen and enjoyed performances of Phantom of the Opera, The Reduced Shakespeare Company and The Capital Steps. Last week I...
  15. Kirayoshi

    [Discworld] American debut of Color of Magic

    Was watching NCIS on ION Television(what can I say? I like Abby), and found some good news. The Sky One miniseries The Color of Magic will debut on ION, Sunday March 22. More details here. You're welcome.
  16. Kirayoshi

    Have yourself a YouTube little Christmas.

    Merry Christmas one and all. Just for kicks, I thought I'd link some vintage Christmas cartoons that don't get a lot of TV play, if any at all, from those nice people at YouTube. So, for your perusal; One Ham's Family. Tex Avery for MGM. Funny take on the Three Little Pigs with the wolf...
  17. Kirayoshi

    [Appaloosa]So, whaddya think? (J. Harper, you out there?)

    I'm thinking of seeing this new Ed Harris/Viggo Mortenson western Appaloosa. Has anyone seen it yet? If you're out there, J. Harper, I'm especially interested in your opinion, seeing as how it's based on a novel by one of your favorite writers, Robert Parker(writer of the Spencer novels).
  18. Kirayoshi

    Time article: New Miyazaki movie

    I did a Google search of the forum and didn't find anything so I guess I'm first to report. I found an article on Time.com about a new anime by the Man, the Myth, the Legend, Hayao Miyazaki. Ponyo On the Cliff By the Sea will be released by Disney next year in the States.
  19. Kirayoshi

    Favorite Secret Identity Reveal(possible spoilers)

    Just as the title says, what was your favorite scene where the hero or villain revealed his/her secret identity to someone else? Could be to an individual, a group or the general public at large. My favorites: Spider-Man/Human Torch #6; Peter Parker, MJ and Johnny Storm are present when some...
  20. Kirayoshi

    [Late to the Party] Hairspray

    This weekend I finally watched the movie musical "Hairspray". I guess that makes me late to the party. And a rockin' party it was! I had a sustained smile on my face from beginning to end, with some solid laughs throughout! Unlike most modern 'feel-good' movies, I actually ended up feeling...
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