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    not sure if this goes here: the possibility of a new dark age

    One thing that has crossed my mind in the past is that in a collapse scenario, roads will likely still be usable long after cars are not. Fossil fuels will run out pretty quick, the infrastructure to create biodiesel or solar-electric cars seems.... advanced. I like to imagine this will be quite...
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    Village/Peasant Life in Medieval Europe (specifically France/Germany)

    Though the book has a much broader focus, David Graeber's Debt - the First 5000 Years has some fascinating chapters of the economies of medieval European villages.
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    [Netflix] Wu Assassins aka Holy Neo-90s Schlock, Batman!

    And you had me at Lewis Tan. I'm hype. Thanks for bringing this onto my radar!
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    Combining an Inverse Death Spiral with Targeted Injuries

    .... I also just now noticed my embarrassing typo in the title. >_<
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    Combining an Inverse Death Spiral with Targeted Injuries

    First off, I am an absolutely huge fan of Tenra Bansho Zero's style of injuries, and I've made it both a core aspect of my homebrew, and something that I houserule onto nearly every game I run. As character's take wounds, they gain bonuses to all of their rolls. Thus, as combat goes on, the...
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    Whatare your thoughts on "simultaneous" combat?

    So, I can answer for my homebrew at least. One of the guiding principles for action sequences is "whenever you do something, your opposition does something too." Sometimes that falls into a more traditional parry-and-riposte rhythm, but ideally it falls into simultaneous combat with opposed...
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    Roleplaying established characters

    I'm currently running a Kingdom Hearts-inspired game of Anima Prime in which all of the players are playing as established Disney characters. They absolutely love it. I think a key part of play as established characters is playing as them outside of their normal context; it frees you up from the...
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    🎨 Creative A realistic science fiction future without guns

    I support you, not only because of my own feelings towards gun culture, but also because gunfights are one of the least interesting types of combat to have. Part of the question is: "what is the dominant combat paradigm you want to have?" If you want a futuristic world of melee combat, then the...
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    Whatare your thoughts on "simultaneous" combat?

    I use this whenever possible for my steampunk wuxia RPG. Like a lot of people have mentioned, it creates a much more organic experience, and I find it's easier to implement strange tactics. Maybe two people are just trying to stab each other with swords; maybe your trying to poison an assassin...
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    Humans as Social Glue?

    I would go so far as to argue that it's not rooted in human nature, but instead rooted in deeply entrenched Anglo-Saxon notions of race and policies of the British empire to categorize peoples according to a 'hierarchy of the races', each with their own intrinsic attribute (ie, the "warlike"...
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    Advice for Running Legends of the Wulin?

    My current games are wrapping up, and I'm hoping to make my next campaign a Legends of the Wulin game. I'm about to be moving to China to study martial arts for a year, and if I'm able to get a tabletop group together at my school, then Legends of the Wulin is too fitting not to do. I've never...
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    Humans as Social Glue?

    As has been mentioned above, this shows up in a lot of TV scifi - Star Trek, B5, etc. My worry with making "diversity'" the core aspect of humanity is that it turn plays into the monoculturalization of alien races; humans have hundreds of languages and dozens of religions, but the Klingon and...
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    🎨 Creative 101 Deadly Assassins

    I thought I'd give a whirl at starting a 101 thread. Give me your various flavors of professional killers, either individuals or groups. 1) The Faceless Man The Faceless Man isn't invisible, per se; he is just so incredibly plain, so supernaturally forgettable, that any details of his...
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    Akira RPG? (Brainstorming)

    In terms of play, I think playing as Espers is probably going to be more fun than not playing as Espers, and I'd make that my baseline. And as with any text-to-RPG adaptation, you have to figure out what your relationship with the core text is; are Tetsuo and Kaneda et al still present? Or is...
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    My Conan game is headed to Fantasy Africa - Give me inspiration

    As a follow-up: one trope that seems to show up a lot in African (and particularly West African) traditions is the blacksmith-sorcerer. There was a pervasive cultural link between ironworking and black magic, and smiths in West Africa were treated with a level of fear and suspicion roughly...
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    My Conan game is headed to Fantasy Africa - Give me inspiration

    For source material, the Epic of Sundiata for sure. And Malian epics in general. For non-Malian sources, Thomas Mofolo's novel Chaka is a semi-mythologized accounting of the rise and fall of Shaka Zulu.
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    The Boys - new superhero show from Amazon

    Boy oh boy, I have to disagree with this one pretty strongly. I realize that fightwork is an aesthetic and highly subjective, but the fights in The Boys are some of the worst victims of jump cuts and over-editing I've encountered in the modern era.
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    The Boys - new superhero show from Amazon

    I'm watching it right now, currently on episode 4. It feels like it has a bad case of Not Nearly So Clever As It Imagines Itself To Be. It aims to deconstruct superhero comics, and we've got a woman getting fridged in the first five minutes. The sexual violence is gross. The lead actor never...
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    Four-stat D&D

    As has been noted on this forum, D&D runs into a "hegemony of dexterity" problem. One of the solutions - which I'm a fan of - is to roll strength and constitution into one "body" stat. For those of you unfamiliar with this issue, let's review: Strength covers: -One skill -Melee attack rolls...
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    What is the most "heretical" house rule you've ever instituted?

    I reaaaaallly like this idea. I've occasionally mused on the idea of doing time travel mechanics that would allow players to "save game" and go back to previous points.
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