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     Tabletop Scotland 2019, Perth UK, 24-25th August

    In 2018 over 1,000 different people came to play board games, card games and RPGs and on the 24th & 25th August 2019 we're expecting more! RPG wise in 2018 we had 14 tables on average in each of the 5 slots with the majority of those being D&D Adventurers League. For 2019 we've expanded the...
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    Scotland, UK - Tabletop Scotland 1st & 2nd September in Perth

    Hi there, I'm part of a team organising a Board, Card and Roleplaying convention in Perth, Scotland on the 1st & 2nd of September. We have over 20 exhibitors coming - http://tabletopscotland.co.uk/exhibitors/ - including our sponsors Geeknson, DMB Games, Gaming Enhancements & Hexagony. We...
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    UK, Scotland - Kingdom Of Adventure

    Hi there, Just thought I'd post to advertise that my shop in Kirkcaldy has a dedicated gaming room with space for 5 RPG groups at once. We regularly have 2-3 games on a Monday night and run the D&D Encounters on Wednesdays and repeat the sessions on Sundays for those unable to make the...
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    Paid - Art - Image Comics - Cover Art

    Not sure if any of the artists that frequent here will know about this or not but figured I'd post it anyway. http://www.wizarduniverse.com/051308warheroesccannouncement.html Image Comics have a competition running just now to find a variant artist for issue 4 of Mark Millar's War Heroes...
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    [UK] Edinburgh RPG Community - Regular Updates

    Hi all. Just thought I'd start doing a regular post to let people know what we have in store for our gamers on a week to week basis. Before I list the games for this weekend I'd like to formally announce the launch of the ORC Shared D&D Campaign. The game kicks off on Worldwide D&D Day on...
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    [UK] Edinburgh RPG Community

    Hi there. If you live in Edinburgh or are within easy commute of Edinburgh then I wanted to make you aware of the Open Roleplaying Community (ORC). We've been running for over 4 years and have a mixed group of gamers (roughly 30 regulars) who come along every Saturday to play games a chat...
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    UK - Looking for a RPG Club in Scotland?

    I've been collating a list of them and thought it might be worth posting it here. http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/scottishgaming/ A Yahoo Group for Scottish Gaming. http://www.gugs.org.uk/ is the Glasgow Uni group http://g3online.tripod.com/ G3 Glasgow Gaming Group...
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    Conpulsion 2006 [Edinburgh, UK] 25th & 26th March

    Hello there. Just curious if anyone is planning on coming along to Conpulsion? http://www.conpulsion.org/ for more information. Indie games will be represented as part of an Indie Games Track where lots of games are given 1 hour slots to be shown off. Cheers, Dave
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    Star Wars d20/WEG Fanzine

    Ok before I say I'm looking for submissions - I'm not. At least not yet. Understanding that the legality of publishing Star Wars material is dubious and that the Lucas Legal Machine (LLM from now on) is not something to be messed with. I am curious whether anyone out there has tried to or...
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