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    Austin, TX Looking for players for Feng Shui.

    I'm looking for players for the Feng Shui rpg. There is already a group playing Shadowfist CCG on Sundays at Dragon's Lair. I would like to GM a game running weekly on Saturdays or Sundays meeting at Dragon's Lair.
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    Texas Tangency Meet 2011

    Any Txpack members interested in meeting in Austin?
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    Texas Tangency Meet (Summer or Fall Edition)

    Howdy fellow Texans! At our last Texas Tangency Meet, some people mentioned having another Meet six months in the future. One person, Tait Ransom, said he couldn't make it to an August date. Personally, I'm flexible on whichever dates are chosen for the next Tangency Meet but I realize not...
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    Anyone seen the new Aeon Flux DVD set?

    I'm interested in buying the set but I've read some reviews mentioning that the dialogue has been changed for the new edition. Has anyone seen the new edition? Are the changes drastic and did they affect your enjoyment of the DVDs? Thanks.
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    Texas Tangency Meet(Winter Edition)

    There was some talk of a possible Texas Tangency Meet sometime this winter at the last Meet. Is anyone interested in doing this?
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    How many pdf rpgs do you have copies of?

    I have a few copies of rpgs that I got for free from rpgnow and drivethrurpg but I've never paid for any. Do you have some pdf rpgs? Did you pay for them or just download the freebies?
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    The Army of Darkness rpg is literally on the slow boat from China.

    According to George at Eden Studios, the Army of Darkness rpg's hardcover release date could be delayed by two factors. 1) The proofs recently received from the printer were botched. 2) The books are being shipped from China by boat and could be delayed by customs. I guess getting the pdf isn't...
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    Anyone playing Heroscape?

    I picked up this game about a month ago and have enjoyed playing it. Other than Matt Drake's review, I haven't seen a lot of buzz around here about the game. I was just wondering if there were others who enjoy playing Heroscape as much as I do.
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    Does Obi Wan Kenobi deserve his own theme for kicking Anakin's ass?

    We all know about the Imperial March associated with Darth Vader. Should Obi Wan Kenobi have a special theme in Episode III? What would the name of such a piece be?
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    Has anyone played Exalted using just the core rules?

    Given the discussions on this board about the many varieties of Exalted play, I was wondering if anyone has simply used the core rules to play? I own a copy of the core rules but never invested in all the sourcebooks. I assume it is possible to play the game with the basic rules but I've never...
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    The 2004 edition of Axis and Allies rocks!

    Longtime fans of A&A should check out the newest edition. Avalon Hill took rules and pieces from Axis and Allies Europe and Pacific and incorporated them into this game. Also, there are optional rules like U.S. marines, German Wolfpacks, Japanese Kamikazes that were not the original game. I'll...
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    Best Roleplaying Advice in an RPG.

    What good tidbits of roleplaying advice for GMs have you found in your rpgs? My favorite is one of "Andrew's Maxim's" from Fading Suns, "err on the side of fun."
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    Is the "new" Axis and Allies worth getting?

    I've seen a newer version of Axis and Allies in stores. The one with destroyers and artillery. Is the new version an improvement over the classic version? Thanks.
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    Which Atlas Games game should I buy: Unknown Armies or Feng Shui?

    I'm leaning toward Unknown Armies but I would appreciate some of your thoughts. Please don't say "buy both." I just have enough money for one now. Thanks.
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    Anyone own the Complete Guide to Beholders?

    I can understand a Complete Guide to Fey because there are many different types of faeries but BEHOLDERS? I used to think the AD&D supplements were fairly specialized. D20 trumps everything.
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    Battlestar Galactica question.

    I recently watched part of an episode where Richard Hatch's guest character was nominated for the Vice Presidency. Did he get it? Thanks.
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    Dream Pod 9's Mecha Compendium is remarkably good.

    I saw this book at my FLGS for $40. It contains mecha rules, construction guidelines, and several mecha related settings including the past or fantasy(i.e. Escaflowne type stuff), modern mecha and future mechs. Dream Pod 9 does use its own Gear Kreig, Jovian Chronicles, and Heavy Gear stuff but...
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    Avalon Hill's new box sizes.

    When Avalon Hill took over Milton-Bradley's games they reduced the box sizes. Now Risk Godwar and 2210 are even smaller. I guess it's easier to carry them. Has anyone else noticed this?
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    Reading percentile dice.

    I got a new dice set today with two ten sided dice. One has 0-9 numbers and the other has 10-90. How do I read these correctly? Thanks for any help you can offer.
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