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    The Orville: Blood of Patriots

    A couple of thoughts: Yaphit got a medal, but did Ty get one? The Heroic Junior Spaceman Award, or something? When the Krill ship came back, what did Mercer say to them? "You can have your prisoner back, but he kind of stole a shuttle and blew himself up. Here's the coordinates, you can go...
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    DCCW Hero Swap

    The Flash goes to National City. He can run around the city stopping anti-alien violence, he's a human, and what can the DEO do with his identity? All his friends and relatives are on Earth-1. Green Arrow (Oliver) goes to Central City. They like heroes there, and Cicada's power-draining...
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    Can You Identify These?

    A couple of old things I'm trying to identify: A science fiction novel with a similar concept to The Matrix; people are stored as minds in little capsules, or less commonly as physical bodies, while they experience virtual worlds, which they can shift between or alter by wishing. The two main...
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    [Doctor Who and politics] Here's the plan...

    At the moment of Donald Trump's inauguration, everyone in the world says one word: Hillary. Then a glowing, rejuvenated Hillary Clinton rises up and defeats Trump. And then we can destroy the paradox and cause the whole awful year 2016 to rewind.
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    In a somewhat ancient era One thousand A.D. -- There was a serf named Joel, Not too different from you or me. He worked in a castle both days and nights, Just another serf with no legal rights; He did a good job as a household slave, But his masters didn't like him So they sealed him in a cave...
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    [Freedom Force] Help with Pulp Fiction mod

    I'm playing the Pulp Fiction mod for the 2nd Freedom Force game, and I'm stuck in one of the scenarios. It's the one with Dr. Cyclops on the top of the building, trying to stop a priestess from making a sacrifice. I took out all of the priestess' henchmen, I knocked the priestess down to 1 hp...
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    Where can I order Mutants & Masterminds?

    Does anyone know anywhere that has the revised 2nd printing of Mutants & Masterminds in stock for immediate shipment? Not "we've got some more coming in in a week that may be the 2nd printing or the 1st", but somewhere I can order it, get priority shipping, and KNOW I'll have it two days later.
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    Then and now (Columbo, Prescription Murder)

    I was watching the original Columbo TV-movie, Prescription Murder, on the DVD set, and it was unintentionally amusing when I considered what would happen to the killer's plan in the present day. The killer kills his wife at home, and sets things up to look like a robbery. He then has his...
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    Early Edition + Vice Presidential candidate

    Last night I happened to catch an old episode of Early Edition (the show in which a guy gets a Chicago newspaper from tomorrow). It was the episode where he's visited by a guy from New York, who has the same thing with a New York newspaper from tomorrow. Combining that with the New York Post...
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    Any good one-player card games?

    Can anyone suggest any good card-based games for one player? Something with a science fiction or fantasy or other interesting theme, rather than just a regular-deck solitaire. I'm looking for something good for taking on vacation, a game I can play for an hour or two on long flights or in a...
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