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    [Glorantha] Tell me about it like I'm a 3-year-old

    I still think that Glorantha needs a quick start or a beginners guide to get new players involved. |AA
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    [Glorantha] Inspirational Art Thread

    This IS Glorantha! :cool: |AA
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    [HeroQuest] Marvel Heroes

    Any chance for some non-spuerhero characters? |AA
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    Heroquest - who played it?

    Not for the new set of rules - you have to fork out for the Moon Designs books for scenarios.
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    [HeroQuest] Book of Glorious Joy!

    Isn't this just the D&D Medieval West for Glorantha? :mad: |AA
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    [Sell/Unsell me on] Glorantha as a setting

    Trouble is currently that there is a movenment towards 'One True Way' with the current publications. If you play it another way you are doing it wrong! :mad: I know that the Mongoose RuneQuest stuff for Glorantha was slammed for being wrong. |AA
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    Glorantha question

    We tended to trade to Balazzar and back just for the great increase in prices in the wilderness. :D Everytime we hit a Lunar patrol more arms and armour to sell. |AA
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    Glorantha First Age campaigns

    I prefer my Glorantha gritty like in the ol'RuneQuest II days! :) Third age all the way! |AA
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    All being well I should be down from Long Eaton. :D |AA
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    [uk] continuum 2010 -still hopefull

    Is there any news on this? :confused: The website is down.
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    [uk] continuum 2010 -still hopefull

    I am hoping to go! :) |AA
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    [UK] Con-Quest

    Well I had a fantastic time! :D I am glad I made short trip from Long Eaton. Well done to the organisers - Better than Dragonmeet! :cool: |AA
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    [Britpack] Who is going to Con-Quest?

    Well I had a fantastic time! :D I am glad I made short trip from Long Eaton. Well done to the organisers - Better than Dragonmeet! :cool: |AA
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    [Britpack] Who is going to Con-Quest?

    There is also an info thread here. |AA
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    [Britpack] Who is going to Con-Quest?

    With only a few weeks to go I was wondering who is going to Con-Quest? It looks like a new convention according to the flyer I have seen. Looks like it is modeled on Dragonmeet. It is just down the road from me, a short hop on the bus to Derby. |AA
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    Now that sounds GREAT! |AA
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    Dragonmeet and Dragonmeet SW - What're they like?

    Or you could just here on RPGnet in Gamer Gatherings. [UK] Up and Coming Conventions
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    Heroquest 2

    The thing is you could just set the difficulty based on the facts of the location if you so desired. In certain genres and settings it would be very neccessary to do so. |AA
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    Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes now available!!!

    Got my copy for Xmas! Far better than Thunder Rebels or Storm Tribe. Good work! :D |AA
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    Heroquest v.2: A Gloranthan Reboot?

    The picture isn't working. :mad: |AA
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