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    Road Trip Campaign justifications

    KISS: the characters are, quite literally, on a road trip. A three week vacation to soak up some of that wide open America in the part of the country you're playing in. The B&B being haunted is just another crazy vacation story.
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    Strangest House Rule

    The game Micro Dungeon (of "roll for shoes" fame) has no damage mechanic. So the houseful "every time your character gets hurt you have to take a shot" seemed quite reasonable at the time. Our DM for that game hung up their screen, and never ran a game again.
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    Making "exploration" interesting

    In my experience, the easiest exploration game play is Metroidvania style environment alteration. So for example "These three rooms have lakes of acid running through them, making combat encounters more challenging and making this room impassable, but if you can open the sluice gate in room 43...
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    Changing Vampire the Masquerade to a different system

    Powered by the Dark is a Monsterhearts conversion specifically for WoD Another I've worked on, but not actually played, is using Don't Rest Your Head: Exhaustion Dice are now Hunger Dice. Madness Dice are now Beast Dice. Your Physical Talent is now a General Discipline, and your Madness Talent...
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    Zweihänder and how do people play in "grimdark" settings?

    One might observe that certain Pratchett stories have been Grim, and some have been Dark, but I can't think of one that's both.
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    [Warhammer 40k] Size and Scale in 40k or “How big is that thing again?”

    It only works in Black Crusade, but any space ship is warp capable if you install a daemon engine.
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    [nwod/cofd] What are Mage and Werewolf "about" as metaphor?

    I think this has to do with the slant of the game: the pure are all the failure states of seizing power (for god and country and the superior species). In much the same way that in AW the Chopper and the Hardholder are people in power, but the game is set up to punish them for using that power.
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    [nwod/cofd] What are Mage and Werewolf "about" as metaphor?

    I don't know much about New Mage, but here's one take on the other three. N. Werewolf: you are in power. Your power is not legitimate, you are not chosen by the people you are in power over, or really of them. You've taken up this power because the people in your view are incapable of managing...
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    [Dread] (the Jenga one) Looking for tips and advice

    Its technically possible for a group of people who are really good at jenga to go three or four hours without knocking over the tower (I've seen it) prepare your response ahead of time to a game where nobody died the whole way through, unlike my con gm who was caught quite flatfooted by our...
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    Expected levels of engagement and interest

    Here's something to bring up, in terms of experience and expectation: I've played in more than one game with continuous high engagement, and something they had in common was that they were all exhausting. Playing for more than a couple hours felt like operating on pure adrenaline, and when the...
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     [UA] Can a nonhuman join the Invisible Clergy?

    Obviously it is the case that in some earlier Clergy all of the Archetypes were dogs, and this is the source of their connection with man. But what could have caused so drastic a change?
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    Vampire the Masquerade 5th edition: Is the content blasphemous from a Christian perspective?

    Now see, I'd always seen In Nomine as about a particular kind of paganism that's common if not well known in the US, by way of Planescape's metaphysics.
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    Vampire the Masquerade 5th edition: Is the content blasphemous from a Christian perspective?

    If a person chose to re-contextualize the existing Vampire lore in a more Christ-respecting way, it would probably have to go like this: The fundamental Vampire experience is that of sinners whose moral failures manifest physically in their bodies. Many of these failures appear to be boons (with...
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    [Worldbuilding] Justifying psionic powers in science fiction

    So the trope of psionics is rooted in sci-fi that predates the failure of 20th century parapsychology to find real magic, and assumes that in the future we will have repeatable findings. So, the following dodge: due to the vagaries of fashion, the kind of person who becomes a parapsychologist...
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    Old RPGs Missing New Players b/c Doubling Down on Bad/Complex Rules?

    The answer is, basically, that in order to get people to play HERO, you have to get people to play HERO: Once you have people sufficiently married to the concept that they are "people who play D&D" you can get them to play any edition that you want. Darksun, Birthright, Red Box, 5th, 4th, 3rd...
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    Are D&D and it's derivatives at a new high water mark, or will they continue to climb even higher?

    So firstly, the kind of advice that I feel the DMG is lacking (It has been some time since I read the 5e DMG, so perhaps it is in there and I missed it, but I'm quite sure it wasn't in the 3.5 DMG. I seem to recall it being in the 4e DMG, but it's been about 10 years since I played 4e) is really...
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    Vampire 5e [+]

    I'm really glad that you've had that experience. Things around here are not quite the same. For example, our province government has failed this year for the fourth or fifth time to pass a law that would recognize hate crimes of a violent nature, to not even mention hate speech. It's a...
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    Are D&D and it's derivatives at a new high water mark, or will they continue to climb even higher?

    Better materials to support people in becoming DMs, without feeling bored, overwhelmed, or intimidated by the prospect. You get more DMs, the DMing impulse will bring you more players.
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    Low Level Dragon Encounter

    A fire, earthquake, or another dragon occurs just as the confrontation begins: The party must now race the dragon to pluck their objective and run while the dragon scoops up as much of the horde as it can, including them if they don't hurry.
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    Please Explain 13th Age Icons

    Yeah, the "an old man in the inn said there's gold in that dungeon" of 13th Age is "two or more icons are precariously balanced in power in some region, a balance that will be disrupted one way or another now that your free agent characters have entered the area".
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