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    [Legends of Tomorrow 1x01] Pilot - Part 1

    I think I'm going to love this show. It was a fun ride. Heatwave is hilarious. Whichever writer thought to have HIM put on Captain and Teneille deserves a raise. That was some random and wacky shit to pull.
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    (12/3/2015) Change to Rules Regarding Gun Control in Mass Shooting Threads

    I like the ruling and am VERY happy with the yellow banner to let me know about things.
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    The thread of positive fantasy novels

    He will be stoked to hear his book recommended like that. DLathrop, this author is local to us. He did a reading and signing at Boswell back in September.
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    The thread of positive fantasy novels

    Myth Adventures Phules Company Both series are by Robert Asprin.
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    [The Flash 2x06] Enter Zoom

    That's an interesting theory. It also fits the general build of Zoom. I will stake this out as my favorite theory until another looks shinier. :)
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    [The Flash 2x06] Enter Zoom

    That was me as well. I have no clue who Zoom will really turn out to be.
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    The Martian [Here be spoilers...]

    I bought and read the book last week and saw the movie this afternoon. I am still amazed at how much I enjoyed both. I get why they cut out some of the peril from the film, but I was still hoping for at least a little of the storm he had to deal with at the end.
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    Highest and Lowest postcounts of the permabanned

    I want to say yes, it happened once, but I can't think of a name to put to it.
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    Levar Burton to revive Reading Rainbow through Kickstarter

    I read that article. The first thing I wondered after reading it was when exactly did Lavar Burton break her heart or stand her up from prom? Her anger seemed very personal.
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    Levar Burton to revive Reading Rainbow through Kickstarter

    I was just a little too old for the show. My little brother watched it some, but I never did.
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    Levar Burton to revive Reading Rainbow through Kickstarter

    I'm stunned at how many backers there are at $1000 and over.
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    [Game of Thrones] Casting Rumors for S5. Major spoilers from the end of book 3, book 4 and book 5.

    Idris Elba would be great in that role, but I think he's actually a little too obvious of a choice. I think I'd like to see him show up as someone involved in Arya's training.
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    [Minecraft N00b] Questions

    Bumping this so I can find it later tonight.
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    Identify this anti-Roleplaying novel

    Was the roleplaying game themed with Celtic/Irish stuff? If so, it was Hobgoblin.
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    [Spoilers] Arrow - S2 E23 - Unthinkable

    I can't wait for Season 3. I kind of like how the back story has been steadily progressing with the present.
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    I was a teenage grognard [necro]

    Re: I was a teenage grognard I started with Luftwaffe from Avalon Hill. It looked like the 3M bookcase games my dad had that were so cool, so it shouldn't be hard to figure out, right? :) I moved on to RPGs, but I keep coming back to wargames. This weekend I'm playing Labyrinth: The War on...
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    What's your favourite one-season-and-cancelled show?

    That's it. Common Law. It was a fun buddy cop show. The whole marriage counselling schtick was fun.
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    What's your favourite one-season-and-cancelled show?

    Ark II (cheesy and I'm sure I remember it far more fondly than it deserves) Almost Human The buddy cop show the droid from Almost Human and the guy playing Galaga in The Avenegers starred in Drive Life Enlisted
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    [The Grand Budapest Hotel] Was I The Only One Who Saw This?

    I've enjoyed all of the Wes Anderson films I've seen so far. I can't wait to see this one. Unfortunately his films I usually have to watch alone as no one else I know enjoys them.
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    [Lord of the Rings LCG] Best buy for multiplayer?

    I think it would be good to start with the large box expansions and then grab the smaller ones as you go about buying. That seems to have worked well for me with the LCGs. Lord of the Rings is, I think, the best for multi-player if the other players aren't into deckbuilding and you're supplying...
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