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  1. Hollow Spectacular

    What would you use to play modern-day dungeon crawling?

    I've been rereading Roadside Picnic recently, which got me thinking. There's a loose genre that could be reasonably described as mundane people exploring anomalous and impossible spaces and being changed physically, psychologically and emotionally by them. People might enter the spaces to study...
  2. Hollow Spectacular

    IC Doctor Who: Doom of the TARDIS

    OOC Thread Wiki Prologue It appears on the edges of things. In the emptiness of a suburban children’s playground at 4am. On a mountaintop on the farthest moon of an arid planet. Between two decks of a sleeping spacecraft crawling through the void. On a corner of ragged grass on an empty...
  3. Hollow Spectacular

    OOC Doctor Who: Doom of the TARDIS

    Here we go! Up a bit later than I intended - life got a bit in the way. Our players are: Squidheadjax as: Lysa the Thief thenorm42 as: Ace PsyOp as: Lieutenant Rupert Montgomery Damian May as: Bartek Daxian may also be joining. I've made a wiki page, which is extremely bare bones at the...
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