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    Venture Brothers: The New Season

    The trailer is here :D
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    (comics) Thor - The Mighty Avenger

    This looks pretty interesting to me.
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    More Thor

    A little behind the scenes action courtesy of Ain't It Cool and Entertainment Tonight. Looks like plot is going to involve SHIELD nabbing Mjolnir and Thor having to break in to get it back with the help of spunky Jane Foster and some other folk :D The Space God stuff looks cool.
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    Local Boy with cancer gets to be superhero for a day

    Electron Boy gets a call from Spider-Man to go save the Seattle Sounders from the evil Dr. Dark, thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. It probably also helps that Seattle is like the geek capitol of the world. ;)
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    The Wolfman

    I saw this at a preview last night and it was even better than I had expected. The Rick Baker design is made of awesome on the screen and the monster does some crazy brutal werewolf attacking. Not only does it pay hommage to the original Wolfman, there are also nods to the Werewolf of London...
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    [LTTP/Britpack] No Heroics

    Four off-duty British superheroes in a pub; and it is actually as good as it sounds. A little like the Tick, but with more drinking and dick jokes.
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    LTTP Spaced

    Watched it, watched it again, and basically had myself a Spaced marathion this weekend. Like a lot of Americans, I first heard of Wright & Pegg because of Shaun of the Dead. I had never seen Spaced and had no idea how wonderful Simon Pegg + Jessica Hynes née Stevenson are together (both acting...
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    [Movies] Let The Right One In

    I can't possibly be the first one to post about this, but I don't really see it anywhere else. It's a film from Sweden about a young boy and the vampire girl next door that looks incredible and is getting a ridiculous amount of positive press. trailer Ken Hite has his review of it over on...
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    [Supernatural] Rising Lazarus (with Spoilers)

    Good episode to start off Season Four. So, what are people's theories on Castiel? Is he really an angel? Is he pulling a Prophecy move and starting his own war regardless of the wishes of God? Is heaven just itching to start Armageddon? If so, is God pulling the shots, or is it like the...
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    Help me remember this book

    well not me personally, but my friend Nathan who had this recommended to him by someone he thought was me but I have no idea what book he is talking about Any ideas?
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    [Britpack] Primeval

    I'm sold on the concept alone, our cast versus dinosaurs with dodos and weird future megafauna descended from rodents thrown in for extra fun. That being said, I have yet to hear if it is actually any good or not. What do you lot think about the show?
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    What if they kept making Indiana Jones movies?

    The first three movies were set around the Thirties, so they were homages to the Republic Serials of the Thirties. This last one is set in the Fifties, so it's more of a Fifties B-Movie. Science! and Atomic Horror and what not. The kind of thing with 50' tall women and giant mutant ants and...
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    Sell me on Unhallowed Metropolis

    It's close to Yuletide, the new game buying season, and Unhallowed Metropolis got my attention. All I really know is that it's a Victorian zombie kind of thing, which is a big sale right there, but I want to hear more about the setting and the system before I ask the Yule Fool or Hanukkah Harry...
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    30 Days of Night (Movie)--some spoilers

    I saw 30 Days of Night at a preview last night (at a very paranoid theater where they confiscated cell phones to prevent anyone from recording the film). It was pretty good in an Action Flick With Vampires kind of way instead of an Actually Scary Horror Movie (With Vampires). There was something...
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    How come nobody had ever told me about the awesomeness of this show before? I've only just seen the first episode of BBC's Jekyll, but that was some of the best characterization and ploting I have seen in a TV show in quite some time. Does the rest of the series live up to the potential of that...
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    WWII Superteam (Indy comic question)

    There was an indy comic coming out a few years ago about a WWII team that was a pastiche of other WWII teams, only more sarcastically realistic. They were employees of teh government, and all I remember is that there was a Sub-Mariner kind of guy who was green and the government kept him...
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    [Necro] Thor: Champion Smack Talker

    This is old, but still fills me with joy (especially as I look forward to the Thor/Iron Man reunion coming up in issue #3) http://daveslongbox.blogspot.com/2006/04/thor-smack-talker.html
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    Ken Hite's Chicago RPG Tour

    This may have been posted already and I missed it, but I thought this sounded pretty cool.... http://www.boingboing.net/2005/09/30/guided_rpg_hikes.html
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    Cleveland in Pop Culture/Fiction

    I am trying to come up with Cleveland references in pop culture and fiction, and I am only coming up with two.. Drew Carey and Superman. I can come up with more Ohio references.. Klinger in Toledo, WKRP in Cincinatti, but the only Cleveland ones I can think of are Drew Carey and Superman. What...
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    [Smallville] Unsafe

    Chloe Sullivan lost her virginity to Jimmy Olsen!?! :eek: How old would that make him, or is this maybe an Uncle Jimmy who the future cub reporter would be named after? :confused: Oh there was this other stuff with Clark and Alicia getting married, and Alicia's wildly spinning moral...
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