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  1. Beri

    I just ragequit an online RPG. Feels good!

    Man, I just had the worst session of D&D I've ever had. I honestly thought the railroading GM was just a strawman myth, until now. In short: we all wake up, bound, on a boat. We refuse to go quietly and break free, but it turns out we're right outside of the place we were going. At the dock, a...
  2. Beri

    Older D&D books at my local bookstore

    I just moved, and the new town has one of those used bookstores that's been accumulating a collection for decades. I asked about an 'Art of Dragon' book, and then the owner started pulling out magazines and old D&D supplements from every corner of the shelves. Let me know if any of this seems...
  3. Beri

    Roles, class groupings, and party balance from 1E to 4E

    I did a lengthy post on Reddit I'm kind of proud of. I went back through all the PHBs and most of the DMGs from 1E to 4E, looking to see what they said about party balance and class groupings. I was responding to a 4E/Pathfinder discussion, where some of the posters were using Roles as an...
  4. Beri

    [Exalted] Items worth keeping from 2nd Edition

    I've been collecting Exalted for some time. I have a complete 1st Edition set, and a near-complete 2nd Edition set (just missing Alchemicals). I'm getting ready to move, and I'm thinking of selling the 2nd Edition collection. I played the hell out of 1st Edition, but my interest kind of died...
  5. Beri

    *Kickstarter* Custom Game Storage Chests by Lyris Laser Studio [Ends Dec 7, 10pm PST]

    This one is for the board gaming crowd: we've got a few days left on our Kickstarter campaign to produce custom-fit, laser-cut storage boxes for games like The Red Dragon Inn, Dominion, Icehouse Pyramids, CCGs, and more! For the last week, I've also proposed designs for The Settlers of Catan...
  6. Beri

    Lair Assault: How do I get it?

    I'm interested in running a Lair Assault for my local group, but I can't figure out exactly what it is. Were these only ever available as an in-store demo? Were the materials ever published or released?
  7. Beri

    Looking for artist: Line art to decorate laser-cut wooden pieces

    I run Lyris Laser Studio, a laser-cutting shop focused on board game and RPG accessories. Here's the Kickstarter we recently did: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/berialpha/lyris-laser-studios-custom-cut-board-game-accessor Currently, my designs decorated with cheap clip art and traced...
  8. Beri

    Kickstarter: Custom laser-cut game accessories

    I've started a project to launch Lyris Laser Studio, offering high-quality, custom-cut game accessories! I like to make items that make games faster, more organized, or easier to teach. I've put together the right combination of materials and methods to offer items that are durable, colorful...
  9. Beri

    Some questions for Yu-Gi-Oh players

    I need to bounce some questions off an experienced Duel Master. If you've got the heart of the cards, send me a PM!
  10. Beri

    [Rant] I'm explaining the game, stop trying to help.

    Start rant: When I'm introducing the game to a new player, I have a system. I know what they need to know to start playing, what they'll learn as they start playing, and what order they will be able to process things in. If you jump in and start adding your explanations or advice, you're just...
  11. Beri

    Looking for a video game community.

    I'm trying to find a community that I can join online to get some online play in. I've been trying to get my friends to rally and play some online games lately, and we'll maybe get a muddled hour of Borderlands every 2-3 weeks. I want something more regular, but I just don't know what websites...
  12. Beri

    Multiple-session board games

    What board games would you recommend for multi-session play? The kind of stuff where you can play for a few hours one day, but you're building something greater. The new Risk Legacy seems interesting. Descent: Road to Legend had a lot of potential in its campaign mode, but the actual gameplay...
  13. Beri

    A game where you build something together.

    A friend and I were talking, and there's a particular gameplay itch we'd like to scratch. We're looking for a game which is at least 4-person coop, where you can play it in short stints, but build something permanent from game to game. Think of something like Civilization, but much faster, as...
  14. Beri

    Hi, I'm Max Damage

    I tried out a house rule that seemed highly-recommended on RPG.net in my 4e D&D game today: everyone does maximum damage with every hit. It worked...not so hot. Pro: Not rolling damage is great. Phenomenal, actually. Taking one extra step out of attack resolution saves a lot of time. Combat was...
  15. Beri

    [Exalted Errated] How is it now?

    I've been away from Exalted for a few years, and now I'm looking at the Scroll of Errata. I'm impressed, this thing is sizeable. How does the system run nowadays? Are there any notable improvements, or just clarifications? If you had to place this somewhere between 2e and a future 3e, where...
  16. Beri

    Need more system ideas.

    This happens every year or so...I'm looking for a new game again. I've only been playing two RPGs lately, Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition, and Fiasco. I think those two represent my feelings on games pretty well. I'm really sensitive to game design and balance issues, and I can see the...
  17. Beri

    Google+ Games: Edgeworld

    The game I work on, Edgeworld, just went live as one of the first 15 games on Google+. I'm pretty excited. And also pretty scared about the increased ticket volume. Check out Edgeworld and Dragons of Atlantis if your Google+ account has access yet. Spend lots of money and make my producers...
  18. Beri

    [Eye of Judgement] Trade with me, finish my set

    EoJ is pretty much gone, but I have a dream. Six of each common and uncommon. Three of each rare. And forget the Ultra-Rares. Will anyone trade with me? I need 2x 202 (Aluhjan Spellshield), 1x 213 (Fire Witch's Familiar), and 1x 252 (Novogus War Mammoth) Help me finish up with this game so I...
  19. Beri

    Handling in-character debates with characters

    I always get flustered when I'm running conversations with NPCs, especially when they're arguments. I'll make a statement of ideology, and all of the sudden the characters are jumping down my throat, mocking my NPC, pointing out how his statements are inconsistent, or just simply talking over...
  20. Beri

    [Rant] Grousing for GP

    I had an uncomfortable situation at my game today. A guild owner asked the group to investigate some strange noises, and offered a generous amount of GP in payment. Way too much. After dealing with the noises - which left a hole blown in the room of the guild (not the players' fault) they went...
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