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    Misattributed Articles

    Hi, I noticed that the short lived column I wrote for you guys back in 2003 "Ways to Play" is credited to "Cedric Chinn" and not my actual name, "Chris Chinn". Link: https://www.rpg.net/columns/list-column.phtml?colname=waystoplay Can you please correct this? Thanks!
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    Bay Area, CA - Indie RPGs - GM looking for Players

    I'm looking to run/play a variety of Indie RPGs. My schedule is pretty open right now, so it's a good time to get some gaming in. Games on deck I'm willing to run/play: - Tenra Bansho Zero - Burning Wheel - Riddle of Steel - Mouse Guard - Apocalypse World - Hero Quest - Inspectres - Lacuna -...
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    Oakland Endgame- Open Game Night Thurs

    Open RPG Game Night Thursdays 6:30 Endgame 921 Washington 510-465-3637 Think of it like a boardgame night- except with rpgs. Show up ready to play or run something, try new games, meet some new folks. The goal is to get enough folks coming to where you can get 3 or 4 groups of folks willing...
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    [Actual Play] Burning Wheel GenCon SoCal

    Hi, Last night I got to play BW with the author Luke Crane, Old Scratch, and another fellow con-goer. We played a version of The Sword, a con Demo that Luke has been running for some time. Except this time he added a twist... Whereas the normal scenario simply has the adventurers find the...
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    FindPlay- find gamers near you

    A free service to meet other gamers near you. Free, no ads, no spam, just a website by someone who loves gaming and wants to help others enjoy the hobby as well. FindPlay is just starting out, so hurry up and grow the network! http://findplay.anvilwerks.com/ Chris
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    [Actual Play] Iron Heroes

    Hi, I just had a Char Gen session and ran through a simple, but fun combat run to show off the system, it was a blast! I decided to take the classic action movie scene, where the heroes are on the run from some mooks they've angered, and it breaks out into a fight in the streets, ala Jackie...
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    [Capes] Naruto!

    I finished reading Capes last night, and realized that this would be the perfect game to run a Naruto campaign with. Naruto (as statted in Capes) Powers- Super Endurance 4, Shadow Copies 3, Monster Inside 2, Summon Giant Frog 1 Styles- "Don't hurt my friends!" 4, Disguised as someone/thing...
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    Iron Heroes- Amara's Quest

    The great Conjunction of a Thousand years is upon us, and the Temple of Amara has begun sending its priestesses upon a mission to make prayers and offerings at each of Amara's temples, shrines and holy sites, though most have fallen into disuse and ruin over the centuries. Brave heroes, strong...
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    Bay Area- Iron Heroes

    The great Conjunction of a Thousand years is upon us, and the Temple of Amara has begun sending its priestesses upon a mission to make prayers and offerings at each of Amara's temples, shrines and holy sites, though most have fallen into disuse and ruin over the centuries. Brave heroes, strong...
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    Sorcerer... of the 5 Rings

    This is an idea I've had floating around for a while, but... haven't had a chance to play yet. I'm currently running L5R 3E, and running into a variety of frustrations, which only makes me more eager to run L5R with Sorcerer instead. Humanity Humanity is has a dual definition- Duty &...
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    L5R- NPCs for the City of Lies

    Hi folks, Because people liked my last NPC list, heres a new list of NPCs for the City of Lies. We're running an all Scorpion campaign, as each player is playing someone with reason to seen Bayushi Gendo removed from office or dead. The game is set before the Unicorn arrive, so no Unicorn...
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    [My Life with Master] The Clockwork Nightmare

    Hi, I'm prepping for a short 2-3 session thing with MLWM... Clockwork Sorrows A Nightmare Fairytale for My Life with Master Prologue 5 years ago, the Great Faire and Expo of Progress and Science waited with baited breath for the Master Valencia's newest creation. It stood as tall as two...
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    [Actual Play] L5R 3E- The Rising Wind Festival

    Summary: Once a year, the Rising Wind festival is held near the Lion/Crane border, under the pretext that it is a celebration of the youth and a place for them to display their various talents, in actuality it is a control mechanism by the Emperor to help prevent warfare between the Crane and...
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    Bay Area, CA, L5R3E

    I've got two players, I'm looking for one or two more for a short story arc, on weekends, to be followed by a longer story arc.
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    Bay Area gamers, WFRP, Burning Wheel, CoC...

    Looking for gamers interested in doing some short runs with: Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (I've got both editions) Call of Chthulu Burning Wheel (yeah, I've got both editions of this as well) I'm thinking short runs, with 3-6 session storylines, nothing major or heavy to commit to, just...
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    Bay Area, D&D/D20 books for sale

    I'm selling my D&D books, here's what I've got: D&D Set ($30, you either take the whole set, or not at all) Player's Handbook (3.0) DM's Guide (3.0) Monster Manual 1 (3.0) Sword & Fist (3.0) Tome & Blood (3.0) Defenders of the Faith (3.0) Song & Silence (3.0) Masters of the Wild (3.0) Mongoose...
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    Thread pulled?

    Hi, Am I correct in assuming that the "Most gamers are white?" thread got pulled due to excessive flameage since I last checked? If so, I was wondering if it is going to appear as a locked archived thread for the few of us who might want to reference it(or at least read what happened since I...
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    Bay Area, 3.5 game seeks 2 more players

    Looking for 2 more players for a 3.5 game on Sunday afternoons(1-4 pm) over in downtown Oakland, near BART. First session begins this Sunday, so hurry up if you want to jump in from the get go. Interested? Please contact yeloson at earthlink dot net. Thanks, Chris
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    Bay Area CA, Legends of Middle Earth and/or Heroquest

    Hi folks, Anyone interested in trying out either Legends of Middle Earth or HeroQuest? Legends you can check out here: http://www.1km1kt.net/rpg/Legends_of_Middle_Earth_Free_RPG.php It's an easy, light set of rules, with some really interesting twists akin to Riddle of Steel's Spiritual...
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    The Riddle of the 5 Rings

    Hi folks, Inspired by Paka's Riddle of Blood thread, I thought I'd share the conversion ideas I got to run Riddle of Steel with Legend of the 5 Rings. Though I'm still trying to gather enough players to run this, other folks might want to make use of my notes. 1. Priorities First, in order...
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