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  1. Tom B

    Genesys question

    I've been looking over the rules and was wondering something. You only have an attribute range of up to 5, same for skills. 20 XP per session is recommended, and it only costs 5 times the next still level (sometimes +5). It seems like you could be topping out your skills pretty rapidly. The...
  2. Tom B

    The Dark Eye RPG - opinions?

    I understand this has been popular in Europe for a while, and there's an English version available now. I'm just curious as to what people think of it? What does it do well, or not? What are its strengths and weaknesses? I'm browsing fantasy systems lately, and this one seems to have a lot of...
  3. Tom B

    HarnMaster 2nd Character Sheets?

    I'm looking around for some 2nd edition HarnMaster character sheets. Form-fillable PDF or Excel with calculations built in would be nice. I've found a couple of generators and worksheets...but they're over a decade old and don't work that well. Anyone come across anything along these lines?
  4. Tom B

    Blades in the Dark variants?

    I dislike PbtA for reasons that shouldn't matter here...but the variation used for Blades in the Dark seems to address most of those issues. I've looked at Blades in the Dark, Scum and Villainy, and like what I see. However. I don't tend to run campaigns where the PCs are criminals. S&V is a bit...
  5. Tom B

    Halloween scenarios?

    I'm currently running Shadows of Esteren, and haven't had a chance to work up a good Halloween scenario this year (they unexpectedly went to the remote castle they had visited earlier...my prepared scenario involved more in-town type happenings.) Remote haunted castle visited voluntarily is...
  6. Tom B

    Skyrealms of Jorune - other systems?

    Just curious. I have the 2nd and 3rd editions (of varying playability), and for a while, I eagerly sought out all the various translations to other mechanics. I haven't done this in a while and was curious as to the current state of Jorune. Are there any alternative-mechanic versions worth...
  7. Tom B

    Firefly - Happy 15th

    From the company that did the VFX... https://vimeo.com/273367734 (hm...is there any way to get a video from Vimeo to show up...?) https://vimeo.com/273367734
  8. Tom B

    Recommendations for SF RPG with good ship-to-ship combat system?

    When running a SF campaign, I tend to be pretty fast and loose with ship-to-ship combat. I take appropriate rolls from the PCs based on their skills, roll for the enemy ship, adjust for types of ships, etc., and resolve the combat fairly quickly. It's not the centerpiece of the game, and it's...
  9. Tom B

    Superman movie preference (Reeve)

    I thought I'd mine the minds of OM. Vudu is having a sale for Superman movies, and I've been meaning to pick up the original 1978 Christopher Reeve Superman. But. They have three versions available: 1. Original theatrical release. 2. Special edition, editing and additional scenes 3. Extended...
  10. Tom B

    [Shadows of Esteren] religions and undead

    I've been going through the books, but thought I'd see if someone more experienced with the system knows more... I'm trying to find out two things: 1.) Are there any religions other than the Demorthen and the Temple of the One God? There's discussion of how the Temple is relatively new and in...
  11. Tom B

    Shadows of Esteren - play aids?

    While my group frets over their fate in my Shadows Over Sol campaign, I'm taking a break to run Shadows of Esteren, which several of the group expressed interest in playing. (We're bringing in a new player, and the current state of Shadows Over Sol would make it very difficult to introduce a new...
  12. Tom B

    TPK - oops? or opportunity?

    That's new. After over 35 years GMing, my first TPK. Worse, they volunteered. True, they're young (oh, so very young...the oldest is about 24, the others are 20-21 or so), they are inexperienced at RPGs and don't know a lot of the 'common knowledge' items most gamers learn after awhile. Still...
  13. Tom B

    Stranger from the Depths by Gerry Turner

    I'm assuming some of you (especially the older ones) remember this Scholastic book from grade school. I've been buying the occasional book that I remember from that time period as I come across them, but one thing has always bugged me. I've yet to come across a version of this that isn't "edited...
  14. Tom B

    [Powers] series

    Has anyone seen this series? I'm curious because VUDU is currently selling both seasons for $14.99 each and I'm debating picking them up. I know the platform was pretty limited (Sony or something?) but I've seen little discussion of it. Love the comic, and liked what I saw of the first episode...
  15. Tom B

    SF gaming for new gamers: (Was: Shadows of Esteren)

    In the process of looking for a group in my area, I've found a few people (3) who were looking for a GM. They were originally looking to play D&D, but at least one of them is totally new to gaming. I agreed to GM, but I told them that I really wouldn't be the best person to run D&D. I'm really...
  16. Tom B

    Quatermass reboot on BBC America...any news?

    This was announced last year, but I haven't heard much recently. Does anyone have any new information?
  17. Tom B

    Game Recommendations for Samsung Occulus VR?

    Sigh. I get a VR setup with my new phone and the first thing I do is come to RPGnet. Well, while I'm here, any game/app recommendations? I left a similar post in TO for non-game apps. I'm not normally that into games, but something well-done for a 3D environment could be interesting to check...
  18. Tom B

    Any wet-navy examples in SF?

    Someone asked this in a Facebook discussion, and I'm drawing a blank. I seem to recall something...but I can't name it. He's looking for examples of wet navies in an interstellar SF setting. Not Honor Harrington that just uses naval tactics, but actual in-the-water navies. Anything?
  19. Tom B

    Neal Asher's Polity series...suggested reading order?

    I have a personal preference for reading series in chronological order instead of publication order. However, sometimes this isn't the best approach. What do you recommend for Neal Asher's Polity books? I can see they're a set of semi-related series in the same setting, but the publication...
  20. Tom B

    Best Lovecraft edition?

    I'm curious. I'd like to get a nice collection of Lovecraft's work, preferably in hardback unless there's a better. Now, I'm aware that the Variorium set is supposed to be the best...however, I find the footnotes on publishing and textual changes to be distracting. I just want to be able to...
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