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    [Britpack] Who is going to Con-Quest?

    With only a few weeks to go I was wondering who is going to Con-Quest? It looks like a new convention according to the flyer I have seen. Looks like it is modeled on Dragonmeet. It is just down the road from me, a short hop on the bus to Derby. |AA
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    [HQ] New Publications for HeroQuest

    Here are the new publications for HeroQuest/Glorantha.
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    Shelf Inches - Size Matters?

    So who's got the biggest in inches! :eek: So how many shelf inches of RPG products have you got? For the grognards like me box sets count but RPG fiction or novels doesn't! :D |AA
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    Who is going to Dragonmeet 2006?

    So Dragonmeet 2006. Who's going?
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    [Northern Con UK] Furnace - who's going?

    Furnace is taking place on 28th/29th Oct '06 in ten days time. Venue looks nice according to the photos and quite a few games running. Who's going to it? Will it be worth it? I am not sure if I am going to it yet but for £20 it sounds like it might be okay. |AA
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    Game Setting Intro books. What do they need in them?

    Lots of games have unique settings and worlds in them. Many have been around for so long that there is tomes and tomes written about them. Glorantha has been around now for forty years and has had many game systems used for adventuring there. So what kind of introduction do 'newbies' [either...
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    Which version of BRP / RuneQuest do you use?

    Which version of BRP / CoC / RuneQuest do you use? With the new version of RuneQuest out I thought I would ask which version you are using or planning to use at the moment. Do not select for favourate system but the one you are actually using or going to use. For 'Multiples' pick your most...
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    Who is going to Continuum?

    So who is going to Continuum? Details are here: http://www.continuum.uk.net/ They will be releasing the new Mongoose RuneQuest there as well as a few other games. I am still in two minds of going. Mongoose have moved the date back for the release of RuneQuest so there might not actually be a...
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    Dumb dice rolls?

    Why are you rolling the dice if you do not like the result? So the big hero PC has been cut down by the lucky trollkin that rolled a critical on his spear attack while the PC rolled a fumble. If you didn't want the to give the NPC a chance why roll on the result? Or is it just me? ;)
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    [RuneQuest / BRP] Which setting do you use RuneQuest or BRP for?

    Which setting do you use RuneQuest or BRP for?
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    [HQ] Issaries Fan Publication Policy

    Issaries have now released their Fan Publication Policy at: http://www.glorantha.com/tribes/fan_policy.html We have been waiting for this since June 2004 and all publications such as 'Tradetalk', 'Unspoken Word', 'Kalikos Society', and alot of Convention support books such as 'Ye Book of...
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    Fan Publication Policies

    What are the Fan Publication Policies of the many different games companies? Which allow their fans to produce fanzines and multiple websites? Which don't allow anything? What controls do they place on actual published works? Do they guard their settings and mega plots? Should the fans of...
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