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  1. Broken Twin

    On the topic of dwarf women and beards

    I prefer dwarven women bearded. SotDL has bearded dwarves as a matter of course (not played for comedy). One of the starting adventures has a dwarf couple running the inn, and they are both described and depicted in the artwork as having groomed facial hair.
  2. Broken Twin

    [Let's Read] Fantasy Craft

    Fantasy Craft has long been the crunchy D20 system I've longed to play, but am sadly aware I likely never will. The only crunchy system my groups are willing to tolerate anymore is Pathfinder. Still, I love following these Let's Reads, so I'll keep enjoying the read-along.
  3. Broken Twin

    Mythic Egypt

    Though I've rarely gotten to actually play GURPS, their source books have always been amazing treasure troves of ideas regardless of what system you're actually running. I haven't read GURPS Egypt (although I now want it), but I'm still comfortable saying it would probably be a solid resource...
  4. Broken Twin

    Do We Really Need Half-Elves and Half-Orcs?

    I just enjoy the headcanon that the reason there are so many half-* people running around is the same reason humans are the most dominate humanoid species in most settings. The human unique ability is that they can produce viable offspring with absolutely anything. Seriously though, I tend to...
  5. Broken Twin

    [Shadow of the Demon Lord] Animal People Ancestry?

    There's a LOT of ancestry options in Shadow of the Demon Lord at this point. Not overly sure if there's a straight up cat person one though. I'd agree with the above posters that reskinning a ancestry with similar mechanics might be your best bet. I don't have DLC2 yet, so I can't comment on the...
  6. Broken Twin

    Hi! You guys must be the party. - Discussion

    I like to have the players establish connections with various NPCs and factions within the game, so when a new PC needs to be introduced, they use an already existing connection with another PC to establish why they're able to be trusted by the group. They usually get dropped in with the...
  7. Broken Twin

    Know your limits... what game mechanic limitations do you like or even insist upon?

    I hate hit point bloat, so I tend to favour systems that keep that to a minimal, or introduce house rules to modify the game to that effect. Stat caps at character generation are a positive for me. I dislike when a PC starts with an attribute at its maxed possible value, and massive differences...
  8. Broken Twin

    At what point did you decide that you never want to play D&D ever again?

    I've little interest in playing D&D (any edition), but there are d20 fantasy RPGs that I'm still interested in. Things like Shadow of the Demon Lord, Fantasy Craft, 13th Age, and some OSR games solve my various problems with different editions of D&D. And I don't consider them D&D because...
  9. Broken Twin

    Interesting takes on the Seven Deadly Sins?

    Zaleramancer: I really like that interpretation of demons. They don't embody the sins, they guide and empower. Athough I've always wondered what exactly they get out of it, beyond having cosmic level daddy issues.
  10. Broken Twin

    Some thoughts on Savage Worlds after two years of GM-ing it.

    Might just wait for Savage Worlds Black. Have plenty of other systems that could use some attention in the meantime. Probably importing the card-based initiative into my other games though. So much fun putting tension back into the game.
  11. Broken Twin

    Some thoughts on Savage Worlds after two years of GM-ing it.

    Good to know about Flash Gordon, may have to mine it for upgrades. I've heard talk that there may be a new edition of Savage Worlds in the works. Savage Worlds Black, or something along those lines. Anybody heard of anything about that? And because I didn't say it before, favorite things about...
  12. Broken Twin

    Some thoughts on Savage Worlds after two years of GM-ing it.

    If Strength drove the Fighting skill it would be an issue, but as it stands it hasn't been a problem for my Fantasy group. Brawn handles weapon damage, one skill, and Toughness; Agility handles a good portion of the skills, including all the weapon skills; Smarts handles knowledge checks and a...
  13. Broken Twin

    Some thoughts on Savage Worlds after two years of GM-ing it.

    While I do love Savage Worlds, there's a couple of sore spots with it that have prevented me from using it as my go-to system. The default skill system is... bleh. I'm not a fan of knowledge skills (I just give characters with appropriate backgrounds a bonus to their smarts check), and I ended...
  14. Broken Twin

    Searching: RPGs with Mechs in it

    How crunchy of a ruleset are you looking for? LANCER is a lighter game currently in beta right now. https://www.reddit.com/r/LancerRPG/ Seriously though, are you looking for Real Robot/Super Robot, light/heavy crunch, a game with mechs in it or a game with mechs as its focus?
  15. Broken Twin

    Little things that turn you off settings?

    That's not how I understood the history of Godbound's default setting at all. It does use Heaven and Hell, but whether capital G God exists, or the people of the setting just assume he did, is completely open. Hell was originally just a processing center for souls in the reincarnation loop, and...
  16. Broken Twin

    Little things that turn you off settings?

    Games Powered by the Apocalypse aren't the only systems to use it, either. Burning Wheel and its related games also use failure to advance, if memory serves.
  17. Broken Twin

    Little things that turn you off settings?

    I'm really starting to enjoy settings with only one or two sophont species a lot more than the kitchen sink styles that have dozens of different ones running around. For one, I find it jarring to believe that they've existed alongside each other for thousands of years without either blending...
  18. Broken Twin

    Little things that turn you off settings?

    Technological stasis is my biggest beef with most settings. And the argument that magic replaces technology doesn't make sense when the understanding of magic never evolves either.
  19. Broken Twin

    [TITLJ] My experience in gaming as a 40-something gay male

    For most of my (relatively short) gaming career, LGBT themes were entirely absent. As I've gotten older (late 20's, older. Ha!), I've seen them popping up in various modules, and it's a good feeling. I've had the benefit of playing in a fairly accepting group, but even then, LGBT characters are...
  20. Broken Twin

    [Help me find that game!] Like Dresden Files, with more crunch, but not WoD.. does it exist?

    Thanks for the breakdown. I think I will add Witchcraft to my list of games to try.
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