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  1. Bomberg

    [Forbidden Lands] Quality of English Translation

    Can any of the Scandinavian RPG.netters judge the quality of the English translation? I'm asking because the German licensee changed plans after the crowdfunding is over to switch to in-house translation. And I can't imagine that Uhrwerk Verlag has many people on board with decent Swedish...
  2. Bomberg

    Fifth Edition Fantasy - how Good are these, Man?

    I have had mixed experiences with Goodman Games' adventures so far. The 3e ones were hmmh to brilliant, the (early) 4e one I had was just bad, and now they are offering the Fifth Edition Fantasy line. Are they worth the price of admission? What can I expect, what type of adventures are these...
  3. Bomberg

    [Software] Audio Recording with Bookmarks

    When GMing, I mostly use a published adventure as foundation, reading it completely before the show and making lots of spontaneous alterations at the table. Now, I'm pretty bad - you might call me lazy, indeed - when it comes to scribbling down notes and editing them afterwards. This leaves me...
  4. Bomberg

    Carl Sargent Dead

    Former roleplaying writer and later parapsychologist Carl Sargent has did. His contributions to WFRP and (A)D&D stopped in the mid-nineties, but I fondly remember books like Power Behind the Throne and Night Below.
  5. Bomberg

    [Earthdawn] Any good adventures/campaigns available?

    I might run some Earthdawn for my group in the not-too-distant future and am looking for good pre-made stuff. I dimly recall there being several full-sized adventures for ED1 in the 902 and several anthologies ("Adventures in ..."), with unconnected shorter ones. Now, 25 years and several...
  6. Bomberg

    Shops Worth Visiting in Scotland?

    This year's Holidays brings us to Scotland, i.e. Galloway, Loch Awe, and Inverness. As I'm starved for decent shops on my home turf, my question to rpg.net community is: where should I go to? Whicxh shop should I visit?
  7. Bomberg

    [5e, ToA] Why the PCs?

    I received my copy of tomb of Annihilation yesterday, started reading it, and immediately stumbled about the setup. With this Death Curse in place, shouldn't there be legions of adventurers, hroes, and villains busy finding the source and eliminating it? Take the Harpers, who know the cause and...
  8. Bomberg

    [D&D5] Low-level adventure for Two Players?

    I'm about to start a new group using 5e, wich is my first time with this edition. Two of the players are (moderately) experienced roleplayers who haven't played any version of D&D before. I'd like to run them through a low-level adventure to get a taste of what D&D is like. The regular...
  9. Bomberg

    [5E] Lost Mines of Phandelver with full-blown characters

    I intend to run the Starter Set adventure for characters created according to the PHB. Will the monsters in the adventure work in this setup or are there important differences to the Starter Set creatures compared to the Monster Manual ones? The whole affair is just a test run for 5E and a new...
  10. Bomberg

    [Dragonlance] Specialty Priests

    I know I'm not alone thinking the 2e specialty priests to be the best priests in D&D history. :cool: This raises the question whether and where specialty priests for the Dragonlance campaign Setting have been published? Also, is there perhaps a web site with this information?
  11. Bomberg

    [Creation's Edge Games] Opinions and Experiences with Mini-Dungeons

    I stumbled across Creation's Edge Games' Mini-Dungeon series, and am wondering how interesting and useful they might be. I assume them to be short dungeons each, but do they offer more than just a map and some Monsters? Also, they seem to be organized as series with increasing Level ranges. Are...
  12. Bomberg

    Gaming Shops in Bulgaria

    I'll spend this year's summer holiday in Sofia (4 days) and near Burgas (2 weeks). Does anyone know of any shop I'd should pay a visit? Without any decent shop in my German hometown I'm not too discriminating... :(
  13. Bomberg

    Oh My Frog (God)!

    Frog God Games is offering some of their thick books at an discount, among others: Razor Coast Rappan Athuk Northlands Saga Complete Th Slumbering Tsar Saga I might get me one of those books, but which one? I do own the first Necromancer Games version of Rappan Athuk, but nothing of the other...
  14. Bomberg

    [5e] PHB - German Edition

    Did anyone already have a look at the German edition of the PHB? Amazon seems to have it in stock and I'm very tempted to order one, but for €50 I'd like to have some advance warning about the quality of the translation, if warranted. So: does any of the usual character races sport...
  15. Bomberg

    [DCC] Funnel of Choice

    Three years ago Sailors on the Starless Sea was applauded as the best funnel for the game. Simple question: does it still hold the title or are there competitors? I've been asked to run a DCC funnel for my son, who already suffered four deaths in Portal under the Stars, and his roleplayer...
  16. Bomberg

    [S&W] Initiative and Order of Battle

    Swords & Wizardry's (and maybe OD&D's) concept of the order of battle is different from most (all) other systems in the D&D multiverse in that each phase is completed by both parties, instead of the winner of Initiative doing everything before the losers perform their actions for their complete...
  17. Bomberg

    Can't Edit my Posts

    I wanted to edit a post (this) of mine, but can't find any button/command like the one described in the FAQ. The page's footer says that I'm entitled to edit my posts, and I'm definitely logged in. Probably being very dumb here, but looking for help
  18. Bomberg

    [DSA5/TDE] Grundregelwerk/Basic Rules

    Ulisses' announcement to translate led to a rather active thread (see here). This led me to not only get the new rulebook to feed my rpg-buying compulsion as soon as possible and read it with an eye to possibly run it in the future, but also to see how this game might in the interneational...
  19. Bomberg

    [MRQII] What's "Discorporation"?

    Reading through my PDF copy of MRQII core rules, I stumble across the term "Discorporation" in the section on a shaman's fetch. The same term only turns up once more undewr Sickness and Curse Spirits, but nowhere else. Was Discorporation intended to be a skill which didn't survive editing? How...
  20. Bomberg

    [4e] New Monster Math Perplexes Me

    I have pretty much stopped buying stuff after PHB3, so all my printed material shows the old math. I've seen the updated table for the values (HP, Attack Bonus, and so on). Now sitting in the office and feeling bored I just did some research looking for differences. For this I compared the...
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