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  1. Beri

    [fail] [Hollywood bleach] live-action GITS casting news

    I don't know about this Johannsen person, but I'd totally watch Black Widow cosplay as Motoko Kusanagi for two hours.
  2. Beri

    60fps vs 30fps - is there a change coming?

    There's more to video gaming than headclicking, Griffinhart. 60 FPS is very important for clicking on heads. The PVP FPS community has made that abundantly clear. And if your primary goal when playing video games is to click on heads, then yeah, crank up the FPS. It's when the headclicking...
  3. Beri

    [trailer] Hatred - Trigger Warning

    I'm daydreaming of a virus that forcefully mods realism into the game. You get crippled from the first bullet that hits you, and the rest of the 'game' is sitting paralyzed in a jail cell, spoon-fed by a prison nurse. Who happens to be a minority.
  4. Beri

    Tell me of Carcassonne?

    Yeah, Inns & Cathedrals is "Carcassonne: More of It." If you're enjoying the basic gameplay, you really can't go wrong there.
  5. Beri

    60fps vs 30fps - is there a change coming?

    Just like other 'proofs', all this video shows me is that the game is just fine at 30, and remains playable all the way down to 10.
  6. Beri

    [Alien: Isolation] Game Over, Man!

    In a universe with Xenomorphs, "kill all living things and swan-dive into a planet" is a pretty reasonable emergency response.
  7. Beri

    60fps vs 30fps - is there a change coming?

    Is 60 FPS optimal for playing, then? I don't see a lot of people clamoring for 120 FPS. Seems to me that the 'more frames = better' wouldn't be satisfied with compromising at 60.
  8. Beri

    60fps vs 30fps - is there a change coming?

    Interestingly, these sites just showed me that the difference between 30 and 60, to me, is even less than I had thought. I mean, side by side, sure, I can tell which one is smoother, but I certainly think claims of 'unplayable' at 30fps are exaggerated.
  9. Beri

    60fps vs 30fps - is there a change coming?

    More frames are good, but I think the current argumentation about it is just the usual urge to grasp on to anything quantifiable. We latch on to things like processor speed, memory size, number of weapons, number of levels, without really just looking at the game as a whole and asking ourselves...
  10. Beri

    [Shadowrun Returns] Deadman Switch; Does the difficulty ramp up? (slight spoiler, I guess)

    At least they nerfed shotguns. Used to be that you'd just mosey around, kneecapping people until they lost their turn.
  11. Beri

    [Alien: Isolation] Game Over, Man!

    Players don't want good AI. We say we do, but during playtesting, when using enemies who are even remotely tactically aware, players will consistently complain that it's cheap. Sadly, for all our Call of Duty fantasies, we're generally pretty lousy at reading a changing combat situation...
  12. Beri

    Assasins Creed 'Parity'

    I think there's space for them to spin it, in terms of artistic vision: that they want to produce one version of AC:Unity that can be a shared experience for everyone, rather than one with a higher resolution, one with better lighting, one with a smoother frame rate, etc. I'm not saying this...
  13. Beri

    [Smash Bros] Who do you want to see come out in DLC?

    Howard and/or Nester.
  14. Beri

    [Smash Bros] Who do you want to see come out in DLC?

    I think you got that with the Mii Fighter feature.
  15. Beri

    [Alien: Isolation] Game Over, Man!

    It's important to learn that a game can be good, and yet still not be something you want to play. Alien: Isolation sounds extremely well-done. And I extremely don't even want to be in the same room as it!
  16. Beri

    [Smash Bros] Who do you want to see come out in DLC?

    That'd be a good compromise to the Final Fantasy requests - he's a distinctly Squaresoft character while still being in the Mario mythos.
  17. Beri

    [Smash Bros] Who do you want to see come out in DLC?

    Yeah, honestly I want to start by restoring all the characters who have been removed. It's the principle of the thing, mostly - I don't want Smash Bros. to be a carefully curated collection of Nintendo's finest. I want it to be absurd, overflowing, always adding things and never taking them...
  18. Beri

    Batman's new sidekick uses guns? Really?

    Also, just about every weapon is potentially non-lethal in the hands of a highly-trained martial artist. A gun is a device which propels a piece of material accurately and at high speed. There's some possibility for it to be more of a tool than a weapon.
  19. Beri

    Is the WiiU a "weak" system?

    Well, one of those is actually a word, at least.
  20. Beri

    Ideas On How To Be A Better Player

    Respect that the GM has spent probably an hour or two thinking about your session and planning things out. Try to spend 15 minutes thinking about the upcoming session as a player, and how you might make it awesome.
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